Confronting Xenophobia on Positively Revolting

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Fri, 04/30/2010

Hosts Ani and Lyn address the rise of xenophobia and racisim, as exemplified in the attitudes of the tea partiers, anti-immigration legislation, and white supremacy gangs in the Northwest.

They speak with Dr. Roberto Rodriguez about Arizona's anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, and his latest article Arizona: This is What Apartheid Looks Like, and Alicia, a local anti-racist activist.

Dr. Roberto Rodriguez is an award winning journalist and Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona.

For more information on Portland area anti-racist organizing, check out Rose City Antifa.


"This is what apartheid looks like"

I don't agree with strong immigration policy either, but I'm sorry, Arizona's new law is not 'apartheid'. On the other hand, Israel is. 'Anti-racists' prime purpose is to obscure this, by exaggerating how bad US immigration policy is, demonizing and pathologizing those who want this policy strengthened as 'racist', and inventing 'white supremacy gangs' to divert us from real issues.

Local Fascists are Real

Please tell us what you mean by "inventing 'white supremacy gangs' to divert us from real issues". You think that someone getting shot for a history of fighting local racist thugs is fiction? There are many people fighting to keep Portland from slipping back to the racist backwater it was during the 1980's. Maybe you think it's fake cause you don't know your local history.


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