Derrick Jensen Interview

Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen

, author of many books such as; "Endgame," "The Culture of Make Believe," "A Language Older than Words," and his latest books, "Songs of the Dead," and "What We Leave Behind," will be interviewed on the

Mitakuye Oyasin

radio program on Thursday, April 8, 6-7pm.

Derrick is a long time activist and lecturer whose work embodies information about the destruction of the earth by this culture.

We will discuss his latest works and how it relates to the world around us as, I've read, Derrick is excellent at explaining on a personal and greater level how all things are interconnected. How all things are related. How we are all related. How we all relate to each other. What will we leave behind?

Tune into


on April 8th, 6-7pm to hear the interview with Derrick on "Mitakuye Oyasin," and learn how garbage, waste, and many other things we leave behind relate to us and the world around us.

Mitakuye Oyasin is a Native American collective. Mitakuye oyasin is Lakota for "all my relations," or "we are all related." "Mitakuye Oyasin" discusses issues from personal to global from our various indigenous perspectives and how all things are related.


BP Oilspill

Which presidential nominee did BP donate the most money to?...  Obama.  Why aren't you and the rest of the media slamming him like you'd do Bush Jr.?  I also believe that it was the Obama admin. that signed off on lesser safety measures at BP's request.  Again?  Highly biased isn't allowed here at KBOO, right...  ?  Disingeuous.  Hypocrytical.


Eric, thanks for the email.

Speaking for myself I did not vote for Obama or for McCain. I agree with Russell Means that Obama is "George Bush jr.'s" third term. Maybe I need to be more vocal about that. I don't remember any any of us supporting president Obama, I certainly do not.



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