Positively Revolting on 04/02/10

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Fri, 04/02/2010 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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What happened to being nice? How important is being nice, even while making social change?

Two weeks ago, during a so-called tea party protest, tea baggers yelled truly vile epithets-- hate speech, at members of the congress. There was even a report of a protester spitting on a congressional aid.

Sara Palin's language choice has also been particularly vitriolic, including a Twitter feed which which noted the Democratic candidates she is trying to help defeat in November-- Along with that list of candidates were the words: "Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!".  According to news reports, that message corresponded with a wave of threats against members of Congress that cropped up in the wake of the passage of health care reform.  And then there is Palin's new advice to stop Suburus with Obama stickers, and ask the drivers "how is that that hopey, changey thing working for you?"

What does it do when Glen Beck and right wing pundits constantly stirring fear, contempt, and revenge?

Truly, it seems that civility is comatose-- passe.

How can we have a pluralistic, multi-cultural society with out civility?

What role does niceness play in our communities and in our lives?  Is it desirable, or even possible, to remain civil while outraged and working to end injustice?

Welcome new co-host Lyn Moelich as she joins Ani in the studio to talk with you about being nice.  Please call in to add your thoughts and questions to the public discourse.  503-231-8187.



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