9 Feb 2010 Program Committee Minutes


Feb 9 2010   Program Committee Minutes
7:10 come to order Attendees:
Jenka Soderberg, Rabia Yeaman, Chris Merrick, Ed Kraus, John Mackey (seated tonight), Kathleen Stephenson, Samantha King, Roger Warner, Carmen Martin-Stiles, Bill Resnick
Partial attendees: SW Conser(Conch), Daniel Flessas, Joe Azevedo
Public attendees: Matt Clark(Monday 2pm), Robert Barncord(taking notes), Edith Molina,.Don Jacobson, Shaheed Haamid, Ruth Parra(Tonalli)
Absent: Red Willow (excused), Genevieve (quit)
Board Chair Jenka addresses consensus process at meetings, using printed handouts.
 2-page handout describing possible methods of decision making at meetings.
1-page of Committee policies.
Vote taken on how to indicate strength of agreement on any proposal – method adopted is a show of hands with number of fingers showing degree of approval. Members approve the method with average
Jenka asks for public comment or proposal.
Moving on host wants to continue, feeling satisfied with time slot, could program another hour if needed. 
Matt Clark wants to continue Monday afternoon and Gremlin Time – maybe move radio theater to an earlier time in the day.
Ruth Parra indicates satisfaction with her show – Tonalli, Tue 2:30 – 4pm.
Kathleen Stephenson has been busy doing evaluations and planning for International Womens Day programming and all the usual daytime news/public business and specials. No proposals.
                Ed Kraus questions how the evaluation process is going. Kathleen is positive about the evaluations being useful in helping show hosts to see in detail how they could improve their presentations.
Jenka announces that Arthur Davis was laid off. Chris Merrick will be the acting point of contact for Station Manager, while the station undergoes a process of administrative restructuring.
Chris announces the next pledge drive for May.   Program notes: 
                Open slots – Jamilah Bourdon is gone. Tinman Alley is going to be ending, leaving an open slot. Alternating slots of Afrotainment will be open at the end of Feb.    Saturday evening possible changes discussed. Saturday morning Swing&Country host needs replacement – not known if temporary or permanent.
                Jenka says Haiti fundraiser will be next Thursday (Feb 18), and presents numerous details of the day-long event. It will be done in the same manner as a pledge drive, for one day, all proceeds going to the people of Haiti. Samantha expresses concern about reliability of sending cash to Haiti. 
                Jenka announces new training sessions for host training – Program Excellence –
Jenka establishes process for making a list of who is next to speak during discussions. Asks attendees to raise hand if they have a comment.
Jenka announces annual certification process for all programmers.
Ed Kraus approves of staff communicating to all KBOO peopl e through the website policies of behavior.
FIRST agenda item
Chris gives handout of daytime weekday afternoon suggestions from himself and another from Jenka.
All proposals are for music programming, with changes in times and days.
                Chris handout contains three proposals for daily show shedule changes noon to 4pm slot.
                Chris explains thinking behind his proposals, in detail. Listenership is down. Will changing shows bring listener number up? It is unclear. Consensus tonight on these proposals is crucial.
Tom Hartman has sent info about his syndicated program for consideration by the station……..
Discussion begins. Comments and questions:
 Rabia suggests that keeping music from noon to 4pm is not a real change, it is just reshuffling the same shows. KBOO could contemplate a more radical change in this timeslot (daytime afternoons).
Daniel asks why the suggestions involve moving Espanol to Friday. Chris responds that this is the result of a lot of discussion with all parties involved, and he explains in detail. Jenka agrees.
Conch suggests a different option of moving shows to include World Music on Friday. Then says Tom Hartman could be considered as a show host.
Ed K. says Tom Hartman idea should be addressed at a later time in detail, seriously considering the proposal. Also prefers keeping noon-4 as music.
 Don says Moving On changing to Monday or Tuesdaywould alter the entire nature of the show, to probably not include live music anymore.
Daniel says Moving on could accommodate the change and survive.
Matt says interaction on-air with listeners is a good idea to determine what the audience thinks.   Has ideas about Tom Hartman, or another political comment call-in show host.
Edith says Spanish language shows connect with a large audience, and KBOO shows are the only ones who address community news and public affairs, and the KBOO mission statement includes this policy of outreach to the underserved communities.
John Mackey says Espanol KBOO shows are well known in Portland by his experience. Tom Hartman, once again, sounds good, but should be addressed soon in a special meeting, to get resolution.
Kathleen asks how Friday Espanol would work, in detail. Chris responds, in detail, about why the suggestions are what they are.
Ruth asks about proposed changes to Espanol shows.    Defends current timeslot and format, indicates reluctance to change.
Carmen supports Friday for Espanol.
.Comments done
Jenka asks for straw poll for the 4 sets of proposed changes to indicate general consensus.
General discussion ensues, discussing details of each proposal. 
Option 1 – 3 hands; Option 2 – 0; Option 3 – 6; Option 4 – 1…………………………..
Second show of hands is the same Option 3 gets 6 votes. 
Option 1 supporters asked for comments by Jenka –
Carmen supports keeping her show on Friday; Samantha supports proposals that include open slots; Bill says KBOO tradition is important – Chris explains proposals in detail;
 Jenka says she has confidence that show hosts can accommodate changes successfully; Ed K asks Carmen about how KBOO as a community can help her keep her show successful if it is moved to a different day – Carmen states what the difficulties would be for her;
Chris says lets go with Option 3, it could work. Samantha asks about the monthly open slot on Monday at 2pm. Yes, there will be an opening.
 Jenka mentions Spanish language openings on Sunday.
Rabia asks about website issues for programmers. Technical discussion, no resolution
SECOND agenda item: Host Requirements…………..
Handout of 3 pages for show hosts, including Requirements. 
Jenka says take it home and read it, review it, bring it back to the next meeting.


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