Talal Jabari's "Full Signal" - The Dangers of Cell Phone Technology

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Wed, 02/17/2010

 With the world-wide use of cell phones at 3.5 billion, and an ever-growing number of cellular antennas, do we need to re-examine the costs and benefits of this new technology? In his one-hour documentary "Full Signal,"  Talal Jabari  explores the health effects and efforts to regulate cellular technology. Hosts Stephanie Potter and Erik Jorgansen will interview Jabari and Rick Burnett of Respect.pdx, an organization that advocates for respectful and responsible neighborhood wireless.  KBOO listeners are urged to call in.  Talal Jabari will also be at the screening of his film, Full Signal, at 4pm on Sunday, February 21, at the Hollywood Theater in Portland at NE 40th and Sandy.   

Additional reading: "Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health"


radio frequency

 Radio waves and microwaves emitted by transmitting antennas are one form of electromagnetic energy. I was wondering if Stephanie Potter also does not use a microwave? All of this research with the dangers of cell phone frequencies endangering our health seems quite valid but it seems inevitable to escape all of the sources of electromagnetic energy. I was just curious as to whether or not you believed you were receiving radiofrequency damage? Also how dangerous are microwaves in contrast to cell phones? And being that the hosts are in the radio industry I came to think about their exposure to radio frequency. I understand that studies by the FCC and others have concluded that most amateur radio transmitters would not normally expose persons to radio frequency levels in excess of safety limits, but at the same time if you are being exposed to low operating powers of amateur antennas on a daily basis, don’t you think the countless amounts of hours of being exposed to a little frequency will add up and eventually be detrimental to your health? I just feel like our technological era has made it impossible for us to flee from radio frequencies and it is just a waste of energy to worry about all the possible ways we can be exposed.


radio frequency..

Who uses their microwave owen 24/7/365 ?

And the levels of radiation from the microwave decreases very fast when steping away from it...

I am emf sensitive so I feel sick from most masts, but I can use a microwave owen whenever I want just by steping away 10 meters in to another room, levels go very low , much much lower than from a mast 200 meters outside a window.

And comparing pulsed microwaves against amateur radio, tv and FM transmitters just shows how little you know about radiowaves, frequencies and the difference between those systems.

I recommend that You learn more about the body, the cells and how they communicate, and not last different radio techniques before you make statements.


Thank You


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