Reverend Dr. Leroy Haines of the Albina Ministerial Alliance about the recent Portland police killing of Aaron Campbell

It Takes A Village
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Mon, 02/15/2010

 License To Kill

Shaheed Haamid interviews Reverend Dr. Leroy Haines of the Albina Ministerial Alliance about the recent Portland police killing of Aaron Campbell and the community response to that action.



you dont care

so did anyone at at the ministry( or do you like many young blacks have hate for police and dont see them as human) do anything for the 4 Lakewood police that was shot in cold blood from a black man that in prison prior to this told his wife he wasnt going to go back to prison without a fight...he mentioned getting a gun and vowing revenge on any cop that got in his way...what about thes 4 cops families?

Horrified by BOTH

I was horrified by the killings of the Lakewood police officers, and I was horrified by the killing of Aaron Campbell.  I don't have hatred of the police, but I am sick and tired of this city tolerating unarmed people of color being shot by Portland police.  Aaron was shot in the BACK.  Documents show that the other officer who was texting and talking with Aaron had made great progress in defusing the situation.  But no one told the officer with the rifle, and tragedy ensued.  This community needs to stand up for what is right.

you don't understand

Whether we care or not---and I think we do (we tend to be against all forms of suffering)----our mandate here in listener-sponsored radio is to represent the voice of the voiceless, and under-reported stories.  Corporate owned media outlets give enough coverage to "pro-cop" stories that those stories don't fit our bill.  If pro-cop stories were under-reported in corporate news, then we would certainly take those stories on.

Corporate owned media is engineered to touch on/tap into a very limited set of "civic" emotions.  Civic emotions are, for example, love (for "your own kind/your own country") and fear (of others and their ideas/culture).  Civic emotions are used to divide "us" into........"us and them."  This explains why corporate medias issue so many "pro-police" makes some people think the police are "on their side."

But we feel the best way to be on someone's side is to, for one, not shoot them in the back, and for another, to provide the "medium" for real people to speak their minds.  Being that there are a lot more people than there are politicians and police---we ought to have a lot more KBOO's, don't you think?

But if there were a lot more KBOO's, then perhaps you would "understand," as I alluded to in the beginning.  So, all I can say is please, keep listening to KBOO, but listen to us in the context that we are not trying to feed you propaganda; we are of the people, by the people, and for the people; and, if all things were equal and half of all media outlets were like KBOO.............then chances are that you would not only want to stop police violence before it gets to the point that people retaliate and kill four cops.....but you would also understand that the purpose of corporate media is to benefit the corporate owners and CEO's, not the people. 

They are the ones who "don't care."  The least of their aims is to not allow you to see the forest through the trees. 

Happy trails, fellow forest-dweller................



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