Health Care Reform, and Citizen Soldier's Study on the Mental Health of our Soldiers

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Tue, 12/22/2009

Hosted by Abe Proctor and Joe Uris

It's an end-of-the-year grab bag as Abe and Joe toss around a number of hot topics, and then hand them off to callers. On the docket are the health care 'reform' bill, a study from Citizen Soldier on the mental health of our soldiers, and a friendly note from a listener.




Oregon Center for Public Policy

Joe said on air that he didn't think donations to OCPP are tax-deductible. Fortunately, this time he was wrong. DONATIONS TO OCPP ARE DEDUCTIBLE!

Coup in Honduras

The legislature and high court, filled with upper-class elites, employed procedural tricks to block Pres. Zelaya's efforts to --and this is important-- hold a vote on whether to convene a constitutional congress to amend or even rewrite the constitution to include legal protections for workers/unions, women, poor people. Zelaya had voiced support for living-wage legislation, perhaps providing the impetus for the elite to have him removed by force.

If the penultimate caller's issues were actually pertinent or true, they would constitute crimes, indictable offenses. Why then did the coup-plotters try to say that Zelaya was plotting to repeal term limits and install himself as dictator-for-life (which would  depend on him being elected again, since they never claimed that he tried to do away with elections), instead of the myriad apparently valid reasons to arrest and detain him for trial? Furthermore, why would Zelaya propose that the referendum be held next January, AFTER the "regularly scheduled election," AFTER the end of his term, AFTER his successor would have been inaugurated?

Of course the answer is crystal clear; the reasons for the upper crust of Honduras to demand that Zelaya disappear have in fact nothing at all to do with the issues raised by the caller, but everything to do with Zelaya's advocacy for the poor and his willingness to use the apparatus of the state to their benefit.


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