the end of the show as we know it...

yes, december is the last month of the weekly show we have been doing for approximately 2 1/2 to three years...  all things must come to an end in order for new life to happen; and i have decided to continue doing 'guess who's coming to radio??!!' in another incarnation.

the focus will be the same- dealing with issues regarding people of african descent (better known as black people) in this country.  we will still be dealing with positive and pro-active solutions to the issues we face in our communities.  the difference will be that we will be dealing more in-depth with cultural and public affairs issues.  there will be more in-depth discussions about books and film, alongside the news.  we will take the care to cover things we may not have been able to cover in the weekly incarnation of the program. 

as you may know, doing a weekly show is difficult, if you also have other things going on in your life.  'guess who's coming to radio??!!' was a mix of music and public affairs (and cultural issues) every week...  to prepare for the show every week is a lot of work.  there were also pre-produced segments once in a while.  technically, on average every minute of a segment equals 20 minutes of editing (and the type of editing i do combines both music and speaking).  for instance, the michael jackson memorial show i did took me almost a month to do.  there have been several pre-produced shows i've done; to create a really compelling show for you, many a time i have stayed up until the sun was way up in the sky, getting little sleep, then having to go to work. 

this is all for the love, but simultaneously it takes a toll on the body.  if we are to continue to do compelling radio, the mind and body must be healthy.  i am indeed committed to maintaining independent media which represents a sense of inclusiveness and community; however, i have chosen to focus my energies on another aspect of the format.

ultimately that means 'guess who's coming to radio??!!' will be primarily on the web, for now...  continue to look for updates on the KBOO site, on the 'guess who's coming to radio??!!' page.  i shall also continue to sub for people, when needed, playing music.  and hopefully i'll continue to honor STEVIE and michael on their days. 

thank you so very much for your support, your calls, your letters, e mails over this time.  it has meant so much to me.  i have learned so much from you, and i hope you have learned something from our exchange as well.  if you have any questions you can write me here.

wherever you go, stay safe, stay positive, stay aware, and stay pro-active!!!

much peace to you,



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