Veteran's Voice on 11/20/09

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Fri, 11/20/2009 - 9:00am - 10:00am

Is the Military Ignoring Its Heroin Problem in Its Ranks?

Hosts Marvin Simmons and Bill Bires of Northwest Vets for peace speak with reporter Shaun McCanna who has written about the use of drugs by the military in Afghanistan.


promotion of alcohol as a possible solution to military drug use

i always appreciate how informative and insightful your show is.  during your discussion today someone made a comment about the possiblity of beer and alcohol as a possible solution to the herion use that your guest has reported on.  i have heard of studies that suggest that the military has long supported the criminalization of marijuana because of its "pacificist" qualities!  perhaps it would be the better solution to war altogether?   anyway, i would conjecture that the military is involved in the international drug trade.

also, i appreciate the fact that you asked about military women's use of herion to self medicate, just as their male counterparts.  it seems like a valid human response to the horrors of war.  there are so many ways that these dedicated people in the military could be employed to support the peace on our shared earth but instead we use them again and again, over and over, and then shove them into the cracks when they land back on the streets of home.  if any kind of service is necessary it should be by draft participation of all citizens and perferably for civil service!

thanks again for your show and the opportunity....







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