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Abe and Joe discuss President Obama's inexplicable reluctance to abandon Bush-era detention and surv



ability to discuss both sides of the issue

we spoke earlier today on the air.  i mentioned how i was disappointed with the whole tenor of the Global Climate Change debate.  specifically, i mentioned the term "a reversal of dogmatism."  several examples of dogmatism were given.

people who are ego invested in their own personal belief system are resistant to hearing opposing voices.  hence, they put the utmost effort into dis-allowing the speech of the ones they dis-agree with.  as radio talk show hosts, i'm sure you know what i am talking about.

now to the specifics of the data and the arguments of those who question Global Climate Change (GCC):

  - recent evidence shows an actual cooling trend over the past decade, contradicting the claims made by the IPCC, amongst others.  the below links are a sample of the evidence presented: 

  1.     (Over the Summer, a Spread of Thicker Arctic Ice)

  2.      (Ice choking Northwest Passage)

  3.      (the graph shows a bottoming out of arctice ice coverage followed by an upward trend)

  4.      (Latest Global Average Tropospheric Temperatures failing to show the predicted GCC temperature increase)

  - knowledgeable and credentialed person assert a counter theory to GCC.

  1.  ("11-year sunspot cycle and that this variation is causing a significant part of the changes in the global temperature")


so Abe and Joe, there is an ongoing debate amongst knowledgeable and reasonable people - as to the merits of the Global Climate Change theory.  i believe it is a disservice to the radio audience and the ideals of truthfulness to confuse opinions with fact and beliefs with knowledge.  which i am sure you two completely agree with.

close minded people always make mistakes, and we are entering a time where our actions need especially to be done in congruence with reality.  and ignorance occurs across all racial, social, economic and gender lines.


sincerely, a long time listener and caller






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