9 June 2009 Programming Committee Meeting Minutes


Rabia Yeaman (chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Chris Merrick, Rich Lindsay, Daniel Flessas, Per Fagereng, Jenka Soderberg, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Roger Warner, Bill Resnick, Ivonne Rivero, S.W. Conser

Ivan Green, Trillium Shannon, Judy Fiestal, Jay Thiemeyer, Mimi Villarqui, Chris Andrae, Dmae Roberts, Kevin Card, Ed Kraus, Goudarz Eghtedari

The meeting begins at 7:00 pm.

jamilah made a motion to approve the May minutes.  Jade seconded.  All approved.  Trillium Shannon is the substitute for Kathleen while she is gone. 

Kathleen was going to a meeting on website design.  There was also a decision-making training.  She met with half the programmers, and met with more for descriptions.  She was organizing a collective of people for a focus on Friday talk radio.  Fridays could be looked at as a possibility for people to try out for the talk radio spot.  People with proposals could also be looked at.  This would be a time for 'substitute status'.

Jenka said that the drive met 75% of the goal.  There was also a bequest of $60,000; with this there is a look at budget considerations for next year's drive.  Because of the bequeath we went over budget on the goal.  There was a capital campaign major event which occurred on the 8th of June.  On the 21st of June the 'Touch Of Portland' happened; it was a fundraiser for KBOO, to help with studio upgrades.  She also mentioned that there was leftover money from the field recording grant for the laptop comrex system for the blues festival.  In June, the specials were on 'Israel and the misuse of anti-semitism', and the U.S. Liberty.  In July there was a Village Building Convergence special. 

Chris mentioned that on June 27 there was a live remote for 'No Fest', from noon-10, and that we committed to the entire blues festival, which was on 2-5 July.  Pickathon was on the first week-end in August.  If we could afford it there would be an ISDN hookup for the Blues festival.  We could negotiate with Free Geek.  The (sound) engineering team would do live set-up and audio at sites.  people ideally would be mentored for this, as there is a desire to get more people involved.  Tom Hood was the person heading the Blues Festival.  From the 15th to the 19th of June, Chris and Ani were out of town. 

There was also a discussion of having a management analysis consultation.  This analyzes a business' work and goals.  This person is working pro-bono, looking at the primary, secondary and tertiary work and goals- the roles of paid staff and volunteers. 

Jenka mentioned that the listening session has been moved, as not enough people have signed up.  Chris mentioned that staff have been working on the trainings, incorporating more critical listenings, using the Marilyn Pittman trainings, the legal class.  The Spanish speaking programmers' meeting happened as well.  He was looking at how the schedules were put together.  How does it serve people, and where has it been placed?  There was a plan for someone to appear at the July meeting. 

Kathleen thought of doing pre-emptions for the talk radio strip, but Chris and Jenka advised her against it since it would have been too much, as she was getting ready to leave.  The issue will be re-addressed when she returns.  Linda wanted to know how much the hosts are supporting the rest of the station.  Jenka presented a current grid for genres, and not specific programs.  That could be viewed for advertising purposes, to capture listeners.

The question was asked, how shows fit in terms of scheduling?  Will programs on the air be taken off the air?  The committee has been attemting to finish the schedule due to Kathleen leaving, and meeting with the board.  Jenka's suggestion was to have a music block in the afternoon, moving the Native American programming to the evening.  Also, there was discussion of possibly moving the Friday Spanish programming to Tuesday, as the Friday programming has been an 'orphan'.  Ivonne suggested that Spanish programming be in two chunks of two hours, and possibly from 7am to the pm.  She was worried about the time being reduced for programming. 

Goudarz mentioned that his show was once a month, so it has been hard to get listenership.  He puts the show online as a response to this.  When KBOO was able to put programs online, he ended up putting programs on the site.  Chris Andrae  mentioned that people like listening at a certain time; they find this type of scheduling easier, as there is thematic consistency.  She thought the blocks were good.

Dmae said the grid was 'a long time coming'.  She could figure out what's going on, and how we are measuring the success of these changes.  She mentioned that there has been a shift of listeners calling in.  When we don't know information it can hold us back.  Are we doing marketing and cross-promotion to increase the visibility of the station?  How does this play out into how we are connected to one another?  With the grid, there is the possibility of people supporting one another. 

Chris mentioned of arbitron, that we could get a sense of drive time in the morning.  Arbitron is just a tool, not a deciding factor.  it takes 2-3 membership drives to know that a show has moved.  We also don't have the money to do a mass advertising campaign.  With three drives there is no window to see how we do.  What exactly is a radical change?  There will be a moving around of the schedule to see what shows connect with other shows.  Dmae responded by asking how we measure what is or isn't successful now.  Jenka mentioned that there was the follow-up community survey back in January that has been looked at.  She also mentioned that there is a website re-design happening, and was coming in July. 

Conch (S.W.) was interested in the idea of promotions:  a larger structure to get plugged into larger promotions.  Daniel mentioned that the free music archive is helping with promotions as well.  KBOO has been getting more notoriety.  Dmae added that polls are a good way of getting in touch with listeners.  Judy added that Marc De Giere was doing a web group on the first Thursday in July.  There was also a mention that there were mock-ups on the bulletin board (of the site's design) at the station. 

Judy suggested a Spanish-speaking talk show.

Bill mentioned that the grid permits program improvements and reaching out to the community.  He also said he was uncomfortable with not having 'Voices Of The Middle East','Africa On Fire' and 'Radio Free Ireland' on the air. 

Rabia mentioned that the web presents an opportunity to broadcast information.  Jenka mentioned that part of the capital campaign's goal was to have a web-only second stream. 

Ed asked what the process was for new program proposals.  Jenka responded that with the timeline proposed by the committee, in the context of what is being proposed for the Fall drive, the shows should be on by then.  Linda said she would like to have more training for programmers on the use of technologies. 

This was the last chance for the committee to make reccomendations for the scheduling to Chris, jenka and kathleen.  Monday, July 6 was when it was said there would be a new schedule.  There could be an announcement of a survey during 'Hard Knock Radio'.  There was a suggestion to think of social and economic dynamics, as well as mode of listening.

With talk radio, the only thing open was Friday, for auditions.  Rabia asked if there was a timeline for the new schedule. 

Chris made a motion to end the meeting at 10 pm; Roger seconded. 

(note:  at this point a schedule has been decided).


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