List of New Features and Functions in 3.0

Add This

Add the following text to each audio page: "The live audio in this post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States license."


Categories, Import / Export, Embedding, Editable,

Use Meebo or some other service

Option to be notified for the nodes you comment on.  Something like:

Become a Fan
Option to become a fan of programs and hosts / DJs - this data will be displayed on the corresponding pages for the programs, hosts, and fans

Allow author to select any programs to associate a blog post with

Short line that describes where you are in the site, such as "Programs > Public Affairs"

Email Handling
Change email addresses, like done in

FCK Editor
Image upload doesn't restrict sizes, but resizes them for you, regardless of your permissions (currently this is only available to admins)

Featured Content
Create dynamic ways to feature content, including a slideshow that overlays the title of the content

Create an expanded footer that displays an expanded site map, among other items

Have a symbol go with hyperlinks outside the site:

Landing Page (portals)
System to create other types of pages that function similar to a homepage, with many different types of displayed content.  Could use

Move admin menu to bottom and user menu to top

Fix conflict error when a page format is set to full HTML or unfiltered the orginal author no longer has access to it because they don't have a high enough level of user role permission.  Example, when -MARC

More spacing between columns

Program Page
Display genres as links 
Contact form
Email listserves
Audio instantly viewable and playable

Program Schedule
Upcoming episodes display in a varity of formats

Rate This
Feature for users to rate the content (audio) on site

Reviews by hosts of shows
- Concerts
- Literature
- Cinema
- Visual Art
- Music

Modications and addtions to the station schedule.  See here.

Expanded audio search options.  See here.

Making a Spanish version of the site. See here.

Ability to track our MP3 stream users

Create a store with admin forms that Andrew can fill out to offer mugs, tshirts, and other items

Teaser / Read More
Have teaser display the "read more" link closer to the end of the text, possibly using

Form that Ani and other staff can fill out to post upcoming trainings, similar to the underwriting form for Justin, to be displayed automatically on the Volunteer section of the website - MARC will check in with Ani and send info to Roger, view in new Calendar

User Profile
- Avatar
- Wall
- Bio
- Favorite programs
- "Host of" programs
- Recent blogs
- Recent comments
- Recent reviews
- And more here

Twitter Feed

URL Permalinks
Creating more recognizable and SEO URLs for pages, such as

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