Life During Wartime playlist for 02/25/2009

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Life During Wartime
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LDW- 2/25/09

G.G. Allin and the Jabbers- Fuck Up
Void- Who Are You?
Misfits- Attitude
D.I.- Johnny’s got a problem
Grimple- System Fukers
Die Kreuzen- Pain

Black Rainbow – Pinpricks
Antler Joe and the Accidents – Dogshit
Sluts – Anders
Chaos Z – Harte Zeiten
Social Unrest – Rush Hour
Victims – Victims of Society
AWI – Do You?
Psycho – Destruction

This is My Fist- Last of the Ammunition
Abe Froman- What’s Your New Address
Dog Faced Hermans- Fortune
Leatherface- Diddlysquat
Carrie Nations- Sofa King
1905- Control
The Cure- Grinding Halt
Sleepwalkers R.I.P.- Another Boring Lecture

Nightstick Justice – Cut Off
Creepers – Feeling Travis Bickle
Society Dog – Title Role
Total Abuse – Eastern Thoughts
Depression – What a Strange World
Slime – Schweineherbst

Wild Weekend
Defect Defect – Yeah I’m a terrorist
Nix – Tweekers at Plaid Pantry
MDC – John Wayne was a Nazi
X – When our love passed out on the Couch

Brainhandle- Out of Touch
The Young- No Home
The Feederz- Intro
Schlong- their version of wheel in the sky, yes that one
More Feederz Intro
Big Boys- I’m Sorry
Zero Boys- New Generation
Funeral- Bomb Blast

Nazis From Mars – You Wanna Be A Fucking Popstar
Truth – Doin Nothin
Apostles  - Inner Space
JFA- Tentpeg
The Gags- I Wanna Be Your Infirmary
No Hope For The Kids – Battery Acid
Teenage Depression – Frat Party
198x –Lowdown
True Facts and the Insaniacs – TheTwin

No Means No – The Tower



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