10 February 2009 Program Committee Minutes

Program Committee Minutes, 10 February 2009

Present: Roger Warner (vice chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Rich Lindsay, Bill Zimmerman, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Per Fagereng, Kevin Card, Chris Merrick, S.W. Conser, Daniel Flessas, Jay Bozich

Absent: Jenka Soderberg (excused), Rabia Yeaman (excused), Tony Alabi, Ivonne Rivero, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Bill Resnick, Bob Hamilton

Guests:  Stephanie Potter, Scott Forrester, Chris Andrae

The meeting began at 7:04. 

Chris stated that he is working on a number of big projects.  The board is giving the committee projects to follow up on, such as a re-training on how to do radio.  On Sunday, the 8th of March there is going to be a 24-hour special for International Women's Day.  For 4-5 days in April the NFCB conference is happening.  There is a 30-40% discount by February 20th (the 'early bird discount'). The Winter pledge drive reached $34,000.  Most days did well.  There is a slightly higher percentage of new members, as well as the highest percentage of online pledges.  From April 30- May 16, there is going to be an 18-day drive.  The goal is for $115-125,000.

Kathleen stated that the time was filled with dealing with the membership drive.  Chris did a lot more for the MLK and inauguration specials.  She also took the last week and a day off.  The upcoming specials are the homelessness marathon (4pm February 23rd to 6 am on the 24th).  The focus is on people of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, namely, the people still reeling from hurricane Katrina.  There is work to do a better job of pre-emptions, in terms of specials like this.  There is another challenge in terms of International Women's day; there was lateness around organizing for that day.  This is also the day Marilyn Pittman is here. 

Chris stated that a focus for the program changes deadline is for July-December.  The hope is that things will be smoothed out by then.  We also have to work around the membership drives for the program changes.  If the drive is in May, we have to have new programs on by June the 1st, so the new programs an be known by the September drive.  We also have ot get work done by the time Kathleen takes her sabbatical. 

There is a $20,000 grant in order for Marilyn Pittman to do a training for 175 people in 5 days.  Some of the funds from this grant also go to administrative overhead.  During this training there is a party on the 7th of March.  The basis for the training is: Techniques on how to produce and present radio. There was a question asking why Ms. Pittman was the one chosen to do the training.  The response is that she has been highly reccomended and is experienced with community radio.  Chris will discuss with Arthur about getting Marilyn's programming on the website, so the membership could hear.  Ms. Pittman will also hear some of the programming on KBOO.  Chris' suggestion is to talk the training up and make it a positive thing; to learn radio from somebody outside of KBOO.  The trainings will most likely be first come, first served.  It may not be at the station, in order to accommodate everyone.  Information will come soon about volunteers signing up. 

Kathleen presented a 'Logic for the proposed grid for Public Affairs'.  She looked at a 'focus group' asking how thy listened to radio.  People relied on the political//public affairs programming, then tuned out when there was 'arts & culture' programming.  The 'radio zine' by default, is what we have today, and there is not much thought behind it.  Kathleen said that it would be of benefit for listeners to have a 'political strip'.  'Community' or 'how-to' programming would be later in the day, around 11 a.m.   She also stated that the goal is to look at what we have.  The next step is to evaluate it.  The deadline in March is the first step. 

Chris has also been speaking to programmers about the changes, and those who have responded have essentially supported Kathleen's proposal.  Stephanie and Chris Andrae (who attended the meeting) supported Kathleen as well. Chris Andrae was also looking at ways to obtain money to look at market trends and content.  She is looking at KBOO to lead, as opposed to following trends.  Kathleen responded that part of the grant money requires Chris, Jenka and herself staying home and listening to the programming.  $20,000 is the full amount of the grant, and not the full amount going to Ms. Pittman. 

jamilah made a motion to support Kathleen in implementing the proposal she has set.  Kevin seconded.  All were in favor.  The true work of the proposal begins in March, and we have until April 30th to heavily promote it. 

In a discussion about pre-emptions, Chris asked that if a person has not been notified of a pre-emption within a certain amount of time, does a programmer still have the right to still be on the air as originally planned?  He also noted that specials should be announced within a month in advance, and most definitely, immediately after the program guide lists the special.  Conch (S.W.) makes a mention of common courtesy- notifying others about the changes.  Scott made a suggestion to have notation on recurring specials that require pre-emption, as well as a location to list future pre-emptions; and a contact for programmers. 

Chris noted that there was a staff meeting where they discussed improving the process with on-air staff about who confirms pre-emptions.  Kathleen mentioned she was hoping to make a calendar of regular pre-emption times, as a reminder for staff.  Chris noted that membership drives were also opportunities for pre-emptions.  Scott suggested that comments and ideas be taken from members for special programming; keep the communication open between staff, programmers and members.

Kevin suggested the committee listen to one particular program in order for there to be a consensus.  The committee will bring this back to Jenka in the next meeting.  Kathleen agreed, emphasizing that it is important that a 'common group of shows that everyone has listened to' be discussed.  Scott reiterated Daniel's point of placing the shows on the web page to discuss which ones are being discussed, to promote transparency.  Kathleen and others mentioned the difficulty to get all the content on the web, due to copyright issues with music. 

The committee looks for all of this to be implemented by next month.  Kathleen and Chris will bring all of this back to Jenka. 

Roger made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 p.m.; Per seconded. 


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