Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2009/01/05


MEETING OF THE KBOO BOARD OF DIRECTORS—final approved as amended 1/26

Monday January 5, 2009

Becky Chiao 
Anthony Petchel

Louis Sowa

Erin Brand

Judy Fiestal

Eric Robinson

Genevieve Mathews

Mark Allyn

Scott Forrester

Ivonne Rivero  


Joe Azevedo

Judy facilitated

Anthony brought food

Arthur Davis

Andrew Geller

Ruth Kovach  

Meeting Called to Order at 6:05  

Introductions/Check-in—Happy New Year, Judy shared some Cuban pesos, we talked about how we fared in last month’s snow.  

Ruth K. made a comment that she thinks we should do whatever we can to contact with prisoners. Judy said that Michael told us that the signal wouldn’t reach into the prison. John M. disagreed.  

Capital Campaign update: Eric said he hasn’t done anything. The auxiliary budget expects that we’ll raise $50K. Is sort of handing it off to Eric and Anthony. Andrew said that he is focusing on the winter drive that is coming up later this month. But he has lots of ideas and plans for the capital campaign and plans to put some materials together, possibly using someone who is a graphic designer. Arthur said that we did raise money for a new transmitter in a prior campaign. We need someone to commit to taking a leadership role. We hired a membership assistant with the idea that it would free up the membership assistant to do more development-grant writing. A capital campaign might merge into a major donor campaign.  

Scott asked about the auxiliary budget. Eric said it is mostly one-time funding—maybe ½ equipment and ½ training and advertising expenses. Scott said that he would like to help with the Capital Campaign and that he is hoping to raise money as part of the Pendleton thing that will be discussed later in the meeting.  

Andrew said that he thinks it is a bad move to try to launch a capital campaign and major donor campaign at the same time and we are facing a recession. Anthony said that there are staff capacity and staffing/salary issues.  

Arthur agrees that we can’t do both (capital and major donor campaigns) but we have to start somewhere. Eric said that he is happy to start working. Becky said she’d remembered that Joe and Genevieve were interested in working on this too.  

Board fundraising—challenge to get new members. Andrew saw 3 people say that they joined because of contact with Arthur. Anthony said that we all need to commit to bringing in one new member per board meeting. Louis said what about giving out free memberships for one year? Andrew said that it will be harder to fundraise if we are giving out free memberships. Andrew’s been thinking about providing some incentive for new donors. But he isn’t sure how it would work with the bylaws to provide a longer membership period for new members.  

Becky said that she got one person to up their membership via the WW Give Guide and has tried to encourage other people to listen to KBOO, if they don’t already.  

Ivonne said that she recalls that people need to be members to participate in KBOO. Becky said no, you can be a member by paying or by volunteering.  

Mark said that some people he approached are already members. Some said that they had a bad opinion of KBOO because of past board/staff relations.  

Arthur gave us a pep talk about how to ask people to donate money. He said: people like to be asked, make it personal—say we need your help to go a good thing, put your leadership and credibility on the line, ask for a specific amount—either $5 a month or a $40 one time, use silence, options, genuine appreciation—follow up, people like to be asked.  

Becky said that she wouldn’t be pleased if we put too much emphasis on individual fundraising for board members. Another suggestion would be to make sure board members participate in the membership drive and work on individual events.  

Station Goals—Genevieve, Scott, Joe and Anthony worked on new Goals and Objectives. She is going to go to the staff and hopes that we’ll have something to vote on next month. Judy said that this is a lot to work on. She would like to get our guidelines set quickly without having this worked on for too long.  

Becky said she would like to see a bullet point under strategic planning that would set out an objective of having the mission and values to be implemented by the different departments through a consistent message.  

Judy suggested that the committee work on simplifying things so that it would be something that can be worked on in the next year.  

Scott worked on the document, agreed with some things and not with others. He is concerned about more underwriting and organizational change. The first bullet point says develop a mission and vision statement—he thinks that we have one and that to change it we need all of the members to agree.  

We had a discussion about the mission statement vs. program charter.  

Break for food—thanks to Anthony  

Board Staff Retreat –Sat or Sun Feb. 21 or 22. Carri Mun will facilitate. There is a work group—Arthur, Judy, Erin, Ani and Toni that can meet again to plan ahead of time.  

We need an alternative meeting place for the January 26 meeting. Judy said we can use Havurah Shalom for $19. Anthony’s office is also available for free. We just need a list of who is coming to let people in after 6 pm. It is a little more convenient location than Havurah. People who come after 6 pm will have to be let in by the security guard—Anthony will give the guard his cell phone and they can call up.  

Scott wants to ensure that members have access to board meetings and the retreat. He would rather see us err on the side of openness and transparency.  

Judy said that there is a reason for retreats. Anthony agreed that it wouldn’t be appropriate to have members there. Becky said she agrees with Scott that if someone shows up, we shouldn’t turn them away, but that we shouldn’t publicize it as an open meeting. Erin said if you are in couple’s counseling you don’t invite everyone and the purpose is for board and staff not members. Louis said that he wouldn’t encourage members to come, but wouldn’t put them out. Ivonne said that although we should have an open door policy, there are times to have a closed door to keep energy and focus. Eric says don’t promote it, if someone comes let them in, but don’t let them participate. Judy says keep it closed. Mark says the mathematic probably of someone coming to not participate on a sunny weekend is unlikely he wouldn’t throw someone out. Genevieve would keep it closed. Arthur said it is important to have a board staff retreat and the practice is that they aren’t open. He thinks that it is worst to let someone in who has heard about it, but not have it publicized because then being able to come depends on being told about it.  

Motion—Erin moved that the board staff retreat in Feb. 2009 be limited to board, staff and the facilitator. Someone seconded it. 6 in favor 3 opposed and 1 abstention.  MOTION PASSED 

Volunteer Board Appreciation Party this Saturday at Liberty Hall—board members are invited and can bring family/friends.  

Frequency update—Becky said her memory of what Mike Brown said was that a cheap radio wouldn’t pick up the signal, but that people might be able to pick it up with a good antenna. Scott called people in Pendleton. He eventually got a lot of support from individuals and organizations. He’s identified some 4-5 leaders who are willing to work on this to raise money to reimburse KBOO for the money we’ve put into this already. An elected official has identified an abandoned transmitter in the area. There is a petition people have signed. The community is willing to do a lot. So Scott doesn’t think there is a big downside. Ivonne would like the board to consider approving this because of the ownership, we are alternative media. She has seen a community organize at the PCUN low-power station KPCN. This would be a transmitter that can play local programming, not just a transmitter.  

Judy said that we need the Pendleton to step up quickly with the money. Arthur said some people may be disappointed because the signal won’t reach very far. John said that the coverage will depend on what happens with the other applicants as potential licensees. Arthur is worried about financial and engineering capacity—since the translators aren’t functional yet.  

Becky said she is concerned about the engineering capacity, not so much the financial capacity. She is impressed by Scott’s work and doesn’t see a huge downside to investing the additional $5K. Anthony is concerned about finances. Erin doesn’t want to spend more money on this project. Louis is neutral. Eric sent an email summarizing thought already, doesn’t support the additional expense based on the current budget deficit. There is only one up front application expense being talked about here and there would be additional expenses. He thinks we would need an additional staff person to take on this project properly.  

Mark asked if we do nothing, the application is still there, correct? Scott says we have little chance of getting the frequency because the competition is local. Mark is concerned about the money because of the budget deficit.  

Genevieve agrees with Anthony is for quality vs. quantity. She thinks we will only get a small number of members in Pendleton. She appreciates what Scott is doing.  

Judy said that if people in Pendleton can come up with the money she would support going forward.  

Corvallis got the money for their translator.  

The estimate is $5500 to buy out the competition.  

Motion by Scott F—KBOO Board supports getting FCC license in Pendleton if they raise $5500 before the FCC makes a decision. Scott will include information about the engineering reports for all people interested and will make sure that people in Pendleton realize that this is just an initial amount of money that needs to be raised and that they will have to take the lead on creating the new station. The total costs could be about $50K.  

Mark seconded. All in favor except Eric who voted against the motion.  MOTION PASSED 

Arthur suggested talking to Mike to get an explanation in layman’s terms what the coverage issues are.  

Judy moved to approve the minutes from November. Someone seconded.  

7 people were in favor of approving the minutes. Ivonne and Scott abstained. Eric was out of the room.   MOTION PASSED 

Commitment Review—Genevieve, Scott, Andrew, Eric will work on the capital campaign. Board fundraising—we’ll let people share their experiences at the next meeting and encourage people to sign up for pledge drive shifts. Goals document will come back to the board at the next meeting. Hopefully, we’ll have a date for the retreat next week. Erin will start drafting an agenda. Scott will be working on the Pendleton and is inviting two people to go out there with him in his wife’s Prius. Judy will ask Jamilah to do a cart about the meeting location change it is at 5th and Taylor.  

Next month’s meeting: we’ll have Marc give a presentation on web issues, Judy would like a projector, either Louis will bring one or Anthony will get one from his workplace. We should have a report on the Meyer grant, a finance report and there is a motion from the finance committee on staffing.  

Public Meeting Adjourned at 8:32 pm.


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