13 January 2009 Program Committee Minutes

13 January 2009, Programming Committee Minutes

Present: Rabia Yeaman (chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Chris Merrick, Jay Bozich, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Per Fagereng, Ivonne Rivero, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Roger Warner, Tony Alabi, Bill Resnick, Bill Zimmerman, Rich Lindsay, Jenka Soderberg, S.W. Conser

Absent: Kevin Card (excused), Daniel Flessas (excused), Bob Hamilton

Guests: Scott Forrester, Shireen Farrahi, Bobbie Carrie

The meeting began at 7:04 pm.

Chris stated that the MLK special is coming up; production will be from 11-7pm on Monday.  The Winter drive will be from January 26-31.  The goal is $50,000- about $8,000  a day.  This is to make up for some of the loss from the Fall drive, and to look to the Spring drive.  With the Winter drive, the Spring and Fall drives will be shorter.  There will also be fewer specials and thank you gifts, and more emphasis on programmers.  The goal of the Spring drive will be 14-17 days long.  There will be more training for pitchers for the Spring drive.  There are sign up sheets for volunteering for the drive out front in the hallway.

The NFCB conference will be from April 1-4.  There will be various workshops on management, engineering, etc.  There is an expectation of 200-250 people at the conference.  There will be an live electronica special at the Holocene.    The deadline for the February guide is Friday, the 16th of January.  There will be some public affairs and music specials for 'BLack History Month'.  International Womens' Day is in March, as well as the Homelessness marathon. 

Jenka stated that from 7 am to 7 pm, Tuesday the 20th is the 'inauguration special'. On January the 26th is a teach-in on the economic crisis, and alternatives.  There are still spaces to contribute to specials.  On the 28th, there is a special on 'shifting gears for a carbon-free future'.  On Friday the 30th from 8 am to noon: Sustainable Cities.  The drive specials are tentatively themed 'new beginnings'.  The board/staff retreat next month (on the 21st of February) will happen to see whether things can be more effective for everyone. 

In April there will be a mandatory training for on-air programming excellence.  This is part of a grant for evaluations of programming.  An action item for jamilah was to speak with Marc about getting the programming notes on the web.

Linda made a motion to approve the minutes; Per seconded.  Ivonne abstained amongst an otherwise unanimous vote.  Rabia mentioned that new proposals were accepted all the time.

In the public comments, Scott Forrester stated that one of his platforms for running for the KBOO board was to stop programming changes until we figure out where we are going as a station.  He stated that we do not have a vision, and mentioned that we are tossing older people "to the curb".  He stated that the changes we are doing are not intelligent.  We are changing the parts without realizing the vision/strategy.  He stated that we should "consider no new changes."  We should also stimulate conversation of our process on the radio.  He also noted that people in Pendleton gathered together $5500 in less than a week, so they could have access to KBOO.

Bobbie Carrie and Shireen Farrahi represented the Cascade Festival of African Films.  KBOO will be a sponsor for the 10th year.  There will be film-makers coming to Portland; they are here in the States, and will be available for interviews.  They stated that there was complete contact information, etc., on the organization's website. 

Conch (S.W.) asked about getting information about documents from NFCB and other sources like listener responses, in response to Scott's concerns. 

There was a reiteration of the difficulty in describing why a show is good.  We have identified as a group the criteria of what makes a show sound good.  What is the difference between a host sounding prepared, and not?  Jenka developed a spreadsheet with a scoring criteria.  It was stated that aside from the criteria listed, there should also be a category for program proposals on the spreadsheet.  Rabia stated that we needed to further define the meanings of of the criteria, e.g. 'preparedness':  What specifically does that mean? 

CRITERIA: Public Affairs
   *Host knows guest name and organization. 
   *Questions>topic & specific- not all broad and open-ended- knowledgeable on opposing points of view
   *Emergency back-up content
   *On time for show, and ends on time: arrive 15 minutes early. 
   *Prepared introduction
   *Host gives contacts and references

   *Host announces show following theirs; mentions website/'join now'

                              Inform              Reference/Contact Information 
          Problem        Challenge>Solutions
          Topic             Define            Ideas
   *Host gives guest time- satisfying listener curiosity
   *Host- listening and responding continuously
   *Frequent reintroduction, every 10 minutes
   *Outro- reintroduce/contact information
   *Animated-avoid repetitive comments/noises

Chris also asked the question of if a person is on every week, or are they part of a collective- Do they know what other people are presenting, that are part of this collective.  This could be part of the criteria of presentation.  Chris also made a note that:
   -Readings/essays (fiction/non-fiction)
   -Performance (actor, speaker)
   -Sound scape
are all elements that make a program more compelling (aka 'the spice'). 

-Compelling Guest and Topic
   *Guest SOUNDS knowledgeable on topic- comfortable and audible; not ranting or rambling
       *Current events
       *Variety in topic/guests
       *Hidden stories/under-reported stories
       *Find one surprise (aka 'curveball') for listeners

   *Don't mention equipment breakdown
   *Deal with snafus so listener doesn't know
   *Smooth transitions between segments and shows
   *No dead air
   *Avoid background noise/squeaks/paper
   *Fade ins/outs
   *Good levels between guests/music/carts/voice
   *Preview in cue/carts/microphones
   *Play carts on time: Be timely for show transition
   *Turn off microphones when not on the air

-Connection to the community
         *Having guests from related organizations/local people
         *Attend workshop on outreach, plus follow up
         *Familiar with topics and organizations-local & global
         *Events and calendars: Promote and participate
         *Make local connections, and look at global issues

The programming retreat will be on the 3rd of February, at 6 pm.

For the closing comments, Scott stated that a retreat is a violation of Oregon law and that for the committee to hold a retreat is an act of cowardice.  Scott asked Rabia to reconsider and she stated we would hold the retreat, for program committee members only, Scott responded that he would take action by starting an e-mail and letter writing campaign.  Rabia cut off response by several committee members and asked for a motion to adjourn.

Chris made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 pm; Bill Zimmerman seconded.


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