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Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2008/11/24



Monday November 24, 2008

Becky Chiao 
Anthony Petchel

Joe Azevedo

Erin Brand

Judy Fiestal

Eric Robinson

Jamilah Bourdon

Genevieve Mathews

Mark Allyn

Ivonne Rivero 

Scott Forrester--late 

Judy facilitated 

Erin brought food 

Meeting Called to Order at 6:09 or so--we started with a check in.


Arthur Davis

Chris Merrick

Andrew Geller

Louis Sowa 

Judy passed around a letter of appreciation for the Board to sign for a member who brought in a grant for KBOO. 

Public Comments:

Louis announced that Thursday there will be a special on the radio for Genocide Cover-Up Day. 

Membership Department Report—Andrew Geller 

Good News—we exceeded the revised revenue goal last year.  $590,218.  There was a slight increase in listenership in the spring and have a high rate of membership to listeners.  We achieved the fall drive goal with an additional follow-mailing.  We’re in the WWGive! Guide, Andrew encouraged us to send emails to friends about it. 

Not So Good News—membership is still down, we are down to the fall 2001 number of members.  We had the least number of new members in this past fall drive—only 25%.  Andrew is pessimistic about revenue for the next year.  Direct mail has decreasing response. 

Arbitron Info--People are listening longer and we have some younger listenership. 

Unsolicited Donations and EFT renewals are higher than expected.  But people do cancel their EFTs.  Anthony asked if we do “exit interviews”.  Andrew said no, but his impression is that it is generally economics, not dissatisfaction with KBOO. 

Judy asked about what fundraising activities beyond the traditional activities are planned.  Andrew said that the main thing is the major donor campaign.  Eric said that he is interested in helping.  Arthur said that Sun is working on something too.  Anthony asked what year-end activity is planned.  Andrew said that he has been focusing on the Give!Guide but there might be another mailing.  Post cards and emails have gone out without much of a response.  NFCB’s report gave suggestions that Andrew is studying. 

Arthur asked about Board participation.  The Board at KBOO hasn’t taken on a fundraising role, but there is a suggestion that Board members commit to raising some measurable amount--# of new members or amount of money or something.  If everyone on the board committed to something simple, there could be an impact.  People talked about the Give!Guide and why memberships are being routed through there for the rest of the year.  Arthur tried to get a commitment from Board members to get new members. 

Anthony said he thinks we should each get 5 new members by the end of the year and then commit to a dollar amount for 2009.  Eric said that he could do 3-5 and that the Board should get in the habit of getting people to join.  Joe said that he can do it.  Arthur asked how will we track it?  Andrew said that he can track it through the data base.   Anthony said that he will coordinate for the board.  Andrew said encourage people to donate/join online but there are paper forms at the front desk too.  Arthur said getting a check in hand or having the person sign up right away is best. 

We are getting a new logo soon.  So we’re waiting for materials.   

We can follow up at the next meeting on this. 

Board Appointment—Becky said that there was one response to the general call for applications but the person didn’t submit an application.  She recommended that we appoint Louis to the vacancy for a period of 2 years.  We went into a closed session to discuss it at 6:50 pm.  We reopened to a public meeting at 7:00 pm. 

Louis said that fundraising is his biggest concern, he doesn’t think it is something he’s strong on but he agrees that it is something the board should work on.  He will probably also need help with getting food.  Other than that he feels impressed with the people on the board.  Judy asked about how he feels about the 2 year commitment.  Louis said that when he commits to something he likes to stick with it. 

Judy said that she appreciated Louis’s presence on the board last year and was impressed that he was at the meeting last month and that she appreciates his commitment. 

Judy moved that we appoint Louis Sowa to the position vacated by Jay Thiemeyer.  Jamilah seconded it.  All members present voted in favor of the motion. 

Board Goals and Values—We looked at the Goals and values approved by the last board dated 2007-2008. Judy asked for comments. 

Ivonne said that the values don’t talk about the values that underlie the concerns about the financial situation. 

Arthur said that the way they were developed we to answer the question what are the values that we want to hold on to in a time of change.  Things like a balanced budget are in the goals.  We had staff, board and community meeting input. 

Becky said that she had wanted a value of Vitality which would encompass what Ivonne is talking about and that she felt that some of the descriptions of creativity and diversity overlap. 

Genevieve said that she would like to keep Creativity and doesn’t feel the need to add anything about financial stuff. 

Scott said that the goals flow from the values but  that he doesn’t necessarily agree with the goals from before.  For example he thinks KBOO should voice unpopular information which will not lead to more listeners and members. 

Mark said we should continue to look at the margins of what needs to be voiced, but we also should hold on to listeners we have.  We should address why listenership is going down. 

Ivonne said it seems that if we improve the programming we will get more listeners, but it doesn’t seem that easy.  There are a lot of factors—changes in technology and changes in Portland. 

Louis said that we need to decide who we are and what our real goal is.  People who are members are listening more.  We need to think awhile and come up with a strategy. 

Eric said maybe we can agree on the goal of improving  programming to increase listeners while being true to the core values. 

Arthur pointed out that even if we reach our goal of getting back to our historical high of 70,000 listeners we will be the smallest non-commercial radio station in Portland. 

Anthony said that our bylaws state the goal.  He said that we might want separate out improving programming from increasing listenership and membership. 

Erin would like to endorse the core values tonight.  We need to have members because we are a membership organization. 

Erin moved that we approve the Core Values as approved in 2007.  Scott seconded it.   The vote in favor was unanimous. 

Judy suggested that there be a working group to look at the goals.   

Anthony said he would suggest we have this be a work in progress.   

Jamilah pointed out that we didn’t have a particular action item on the board new member recruitment issue.  Erin said we could have it be informal now while we assess the board goals and objectives.  Erin also pointed out this would tie in with the idea of having a year-long calendar for board tasks.  Judy explained that the idea she got from Tacs is more of annual things that every board has to do and that the executive committee could do this but that we should have a separate workgroup to work on the goals.  Genevieve, Anthony, Scott and Joe volunteered to work on this.  The issue of staff buy in was raised.  Board members could present at a staff meeting is every Tuesday. 

Ivonne suggested we add tighter community relations, building inroads into the communities.  How can we do that with a ½ time outreach person?  What advertising can we do?  Judy said that we have to be careful about how much we get involved in directing particular departments.  The workgroup could focus on what the Board wants to do.  Erin agreed that the workgroup focus on Board objectives.  Becky said that she heard that changing the goals will entail a lot of work with staff, but that the workgroup should work on creating Board objectives for how the Board will implement the goals. 

Scott said he’d like a lot of the workgroup work to be done via email.  The workgroup will try to have something at the next board meeting in three week. 

Review and Consider Changes to KBOO Bylaws—The Governance Committee submitted a package of typos to be corrected.  Judy moves that we approve the bylaws typo changes submitted by the Governance Committee except that the titles of officers and the word Board be capitalized in accordance  with the Oregon Non-Profit Corporation Handbook.  Anthony seconded it.  Ivonne abstained.  Everyone else voted in favor of the motion. 

Frequency update—Becky said that Mike didn’t do much before today, he didn’t have any good prospects for someone to purchase the frequency if we got a building permit.  He thinks the FCC won’t rule on the MX issue until January.   

Scott asked whether Mike prepared a written report.  We said no.  He asked John to explain some of the background on the issue.  John recapped the Oremus buyout issue and how we could rebroadcast the KBOO signal with some sort of waiver. 

Anthony said is expansion one of our goals?  The logistics of Pendleton are limited, it is low power.  With current budget deficits we can’t justify the expenses. 

Ivonne said if the frequency is viable and we have a chance to reach isolated communities there are people who live there with fewer rights than people in the cities.  Any step we take against religiously dominated radio would be good.  We could start small and then grow.  She has people she knows involved in legal and environmental projects there but was sick last month. 

Eric said he thinks we’ve been spinning our wheels on this for longer than we should have, it is not a good investment, is far away and wouldn’t reach a lot of people.  Ideologically it could make sense, but we should either kill it or table it for now. 

Jamilah said that reading Arthur’s outline on Pendleton issues the goal of improving listenership and reaching out to people who aren’t reached stands out to her and she thinks investing in Pendleton would be a good thing.   

Mark would like to agree to being careful. This is a stiff financial challenge to get this going.  There are alternatives like the internet to reach the listeners. 

Becky said that she doesn’t think that we could effectively organize the community in Pendleton and that we have a lot of undone work to organize people here. 

Joe said that we could better use the money to increase outreach in Portland and improve programming. 

Genevieve said that it upsets her that we can’t say yes to this project based on the time and effort already invested.  But she compared it to a family and allocating resources between two children or eight children.  The amount of money seems high. 

Louis said he has mixed feelings.  He says that under the current circumstances we don’t want to spend any money right now.  We will find out in January. 

Judy said that she agrees with Genevieve Becky and Joe that this seems to be beyond our capacity.  She is fine with holding on to see if any one would want to buy it if we got it. 

Scott asked do we need to raise $25K to build right away?  He said the program charter says provide programming to diverse communities and underserved groups.  There are  students there, democrats there.  He would like to make sure we aren’t too quick to drop the ball.  He is willing to make some calls. 

Judy said we can give Scott the OK to contact community groups and refer them to Arthur.    Ivonne wants to too.   

This issue is getting deferred to the next meeting. 

Mark Allyn was excused.   

Manager’s Report—Future Board Action—possible expenditures— 

Website--  Roger L. is working 10 hours a week but there is a backlog of work.  Do we want to pay for more developer time to get us where we want to be with the website?  Roger will make a list of what needs to be done with a cost per feature.  Marc may also have someone who could do the work for less. 

Back-up power—three levels  1) keep air room powered for 1 hour 2) a mini-studio that can operate for a couple of hours 3) back-up generator to keep us up for a couple of days.  A group of staff are looking at those options, costs. 

Transfer more of the cash reserve into the endowment?  Where is the best place to put the money?  The endowment is in the Oregon Community Foundation which is in the stock market. 

Board Staff retreat—meeting on decision making process improvement.  The idea has expanded from meeting facilitation to decision making process.  Arthur thinks it could be very positive to build relationships and to get clarity on who makes decisions and how.  Pay a facilitator.  How do we feel about the idea of discussing the decision making process?  Erin said it would be beneficial to move past some bad staff/board history. 

Cash management--we moved money into institutions that are Oregon based. 

Capacity-building grant—Arthur met with marketing people who can understand KBOO.  They came up with the idea of the quilt and making a message around that.  We are applying for a grant to get money to do the marketing project and there would be board involvement. 

Judy said that the issue of the retreat will be on next month’s agenda.  Ivonne said when we talk about decision making she hopes we talk about more than conflict resolution, but also address how to be more focused, to make better use of our time.  She also thinks that we all need to know who the listeners are, the marketing information has to be shared with everyone.  Judy suggested that people email Arthur with retreat suggestions.   

Station Management and Staffing ResolutionEric moved that we approve the resolution  Jamilah seconded the motion—The Board of Directors request that the Personnel Committee research options for KBOO staffing and management to report to the Board by February 2009 Board meeting.  This is an exploratory investigation and should be based on research from other like stations and organizations including information such as organizational charts, budgetary information, on-air format, type of community, and the advantages/disadvantages for the organization.  The goal is to begin exploration of a more effective use of KBOO’s human resources to achieve the station’s goals and overcome staff overload.  Options will be presented for the Board’s deliberation on possible next steps. 

Becky pointed out that there are only 2 meetings of the Personnel Committee before the Feb. Board meeting.  Judy said that the committee can meet more often if necessary.  Scott said that the committee as a whole needs to work together, he wouldn’t like a sub-group.   The motion passed unanimously.  

Web Board Liaison—the web committee/work group didn’t really work.  Judy said having a board liaison to work with Marc would be good.  The Board appointed Judy to be the Web Liaison. 

Check-in with Board Representatives on committee involvement.  Jamilah is on programming committee, there are no obstacles to her participation.  Ivonne is also on the committee, there is going to be a meeting of committee members only to discuss the daytime schedule.  Louise has been attending the engineering and technical committees.  The engineering provided the room with new chairs.  Eric has been active on finance committee, it is going well, there was record attendance of 8 people there last time. Erin met with Chris about the CRC they are going to fill the volunteer slots.  Anthony thinks the finance committee is doing good proactive work.  Joe went to the Outreach/Development Committee meeting where they talked about the Square Dance event.  He is working on a Summer Solstice event.  Becky said that the Personnel Committee is proposing merging with Governance and that we were working on a plan of what the committee was going to work on—with the board resolution we now have something to work on.  Genevieve is on development, working on the square dance there have been emails about the capital campaign.  Scott said the Governance Committee canceled it’s meeting and now it is going away he would like Board support for getting the committee minutes.  Becky pointed out that the way the various committees operate with respect to leadership and process is different and that is something we should consider if we talk about the decision making process at a retreat. 

Consent agenda-  Judy asked if there were items that people wanted to pull off of consent.   

Scott wanted to pull the minutes off the consent agenda and he wanted to discuss the governance committee merger.  He asked who is on Governance, we said Grace Hague, Zale Chadwick and Ani Haines and him.  He asked what tasks are the GC working on.  Becky said the election handbook.    He asked who are the staff and board members on the CRC.  Erin and Chris M. have been already been appointed to those positions.  

The items on consent were: 

  1. Approve changes to job descriptions for Finance, Underwriting and Youth Advocate.
  1. Resolution to post draft and approved minutes of board meetings and committees—“The Board of Directors encourages all committees to post minutes form their meetings on a dedicated page on the KBOO website and on the bulletin board at the station, with a copy to the Station Manager for filing.”
  1. The Governance Committee is folded into the Personnel Committee.
  1. Appoint Alea Adigweme, Grace Hague and Jesus Estrada to the Conflict Resolution Committee for a one-year term, retroactive to Oct. 2008 through September 2009.

Judy moved approval of the consent agenda minus the minutes.  Scott seconded it.  Unanimous approval.   

Scott expressed that he objected to what is in the minutes from the last meeting about him.  Specifically he thinks they are untrue and argumentative.   

Becky said that the reason we posted the draft minutes and included so much detail was because of Scott’s insistence on more openness and focus on minutes.  Judy agreed that the discussion could have been in closed session. 

Judy moved to amend the draft minutes to strike the last paragraph and approve them as final.  Becky seconded it.   

Genevieve asked if that would resolve the issue for Scott. Scott said that would be great.  Becky confirmed the draft minutes will come off the web and replaced with a final approved version.  Eric said that he wants to get along and that we don’t want a battle, we all have the best interests of the station at heart. 

Six voted in favor (BC, SF, JF, ER, IR, JB)   Five abstained (LS, JA, GM, EB, AP). 

Public Meeting Adjourned at 9:41 pm.


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