KBOO in the News, July 2012

  • Best of Portland 2012: Best Sounds
    Best Broadcast Media Program of Any Type, Ever
    The delivery comes a few minutes into the show: green plant matter, stuffed into an old bread baggie. Finally, it seems, KBOO’s weekly Grateful Dead and Friends show is about to get truckin’.
    Except the baggie contains garlic scapes, tender stalks trimmed so the pungent plants can put their power into building bigger bulbs. “They won’t turn you on,” jokes the woman who hands them to host Andrew Geller. Geller doesn’t seem to mind—he’s got his hands full, reading from a meticulously researched and liberally highlighted script as he explains the context of each track from a little-known Bay Area band called the Great Society.

    This was part of Willamette Week's 2012 Best of Portland. Andrew Geller is part of the Grateful Dead & Friends collective. The show broadcasts each Saturday from noon-2pm. The episode on the Great Society aired 6/16/2012.
  • Portlandart.net: Discussion on KBOO
    Today I appeared on KBOO's Art Focus with host Eva Lake, Jane Kate Wood and Stephen Slappe. It's a continuation of the Hot Haus discussion and my developing Priming the Cultural Pump essay. It was interesting, similar yet different and a lot shorter... with some new talking points that developed in the wake of the first discussion. I'll be working on the essay for another few days then I plan to put the heuristic discussion to bed... so I can get back to the nitty gritty that is criticism. Overall, a good Summer discussion to have before the second half of the year begins in earnest like it does every year in August.

    This was written by Jeff Jahn, a guest on Art Focus on July 24, 2012
  • Writ in Water: KBOO radio - Discussion of Portland Arts Community
    I was a guest on Eva Lake’s radio show on this morning. We talked about Portland’s strengths and weaknesses as an art community in light of the national and international attention the city has received in recent years. The conversation is less about aesthetics (esp. from my mic) and more concerned with fostering a supportive ecosystem— grants for alternative venues such as Appendix, Recess, and 12128, affordable close-in live/work spaces, group HEALTHCARE plan for freelancers of all stripes.

    This was written by Stephen Slappe, a guest on Art Focus on July 24, 2012
  • Once a fan, always a fan: Portland's comic book elite pick their most beloved (and bemoaned) comics movies
    S. W. Conser, animator and illustrator who produces the KBOO-FM interview programs “Words & Pictures” and “The Film Show" offered comments on superheroes in comics and films to Shawn Levy of the Oregonian.
    Words and Pictures airs on the 2nd Thursday of the month, and The Film Show on the 4th Thursday, from 11:30am - noon.
  • ‘North Portland Polaroids’ by Bobby Abrahamson
    Photographer, Bobby Abrahamson, bought a house in St. Johns just over a year ago, but his making of portraits using 5×7 Polaroid film preceded his move into the neighbourhood. North Portland Polaroids is a gentle homage to the photographer’s immediate surroundings and supports the theory that one needn’t travel the earth to make interesting photography.

    Bobby Abrahamson was a guest on Art Focus July 10, 2012
  • Bikes and emergencies: PBEM director touts bicycles on KBOO radio
    Portland Bureau of Emergency Management Director Carmen Merlo and Neighborhood Emergency Team leader Ethan Jewett recently appeared on the KBOO Bike Show to discuss the role bicycles play in emergency preparedness and response.

    The Bike Show aired on July 4, 2012.
  • KBOO Community Radio Interviews Elson on Detoxifcation(sic) Diets
    Elson was recently interviewed on KBOO Community Radio based in Portland, OR on the program “Healthwatch” to discuss the benefits of fasting, juice-cleansing, and other detoxifcation diets mentioned in The Detox Diet.

    Dr. Elson Haas was guest on Healthwatch July 2, 2012.

New and Old KBOO Audio posted elsewhere

New and Old KBOO Video posted elsewhere

  • Neon Piss - KBOO
    Californian melodic punks NEON PISS play KBOO in Portland, OR!
    They were guests on Life During Wartime, July 6, 2011 and we have audio.
  • Bellicose Minds - KBOO - 3/16/11
    Dark punk kings BELLICOSE MINDS gloom everyone out at KBOO in Portland. TURN THIS UP! Members of Dove Asylum and Bog People (RIP)
    They were guests on Life During Wartime, March 16, 2011, and we have audio.
  • Winona LaDuke - Sean Cruz on KBOO 90.7 FM About Jim Pepper, pt 1
    Winona LaDuke and Sean Cruz had a lengthy impromptu conversation in Portland at KBOO 90.7 FM that was captured by KBOO engineer Liam Delta in May, 2010. The subjects ranged from the new White Earth radio station that Winona is building (they are looking for engineering help right now--call them if you can help), to the Heavy Haul tar sands project she is opposing, to the great Native American musician Jim Pepper. The entire conversation will be posted in segments, and will be continued....


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