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Schedule of On-Air Forums & Annual Meeting

Tuesday and Wednesday the 7th/8th of September
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Candidates Forum for the Board of Directors election. Tune in to hear statements, questions and answers from the twelve candidates for the upcoming KBOO board election.

Thursday the 9th of September
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Bylaw Debate: The KBOO board has endorsed two bylaw proposals, tune in for a discussion about the pros and cons of these proposals.

Sunday 9/19

KBOO Annual Membership Meeting at TaborSpace.


5441 SE Belmont

We mailed ballots for our 2010 election last week.  Your participation is very much desired, so please take a little time in the next few weeks to carefully review the statements of board candidates as well as the proposed changes to KBOO's Bylaws before casting your vote.  The easiest way to vote is to drop your ballot in the envelope provided, sign the outside of it, stamp it and put it in the mail.

Ballots must be received via mail by Friday September 17th, or brought to the KBOO Annual Meeting Sunday September 19th at Tabor Space - 5441 SE  Belmont - and cast before 3:00 pm PDT.  Ballots are not accepted at KBOO Radio.

If you feel like you should have received a ballot but didn't, email the Membership Director.  He'll confirm your membership status, mailing address and send a replacement ballot as needed.



Professionalism and Decorum

KBOO's Board of Directors have a great responsability to represent the best of KBOO and the community. Whether or not I am elected, I call on all those running to be kind, knowledable and be wary of letting your passions and anger overcome your logic and reason. The membership notices these things. Who wants to give money to an organization that cannot discuss things without calling people Nazis or whatever other name is well beyond the scope of logic. If you disagree with someone say so and be done with it. Do not carry out personal attacks, calling their work, or otherwise intimidating them. If conflict becomes negative, you have failed. It makes no difference what the outcome is.

I would humbly suggest that if there are people running for the Board that wish to destroy KBOO after 40+ years of success just becaue KBOO is not doing what you wish it to do, then I would ask you to create your own radio station. I am here to add to KBOO's foundation, not tear it down. It is not a perfect organization and it cannot be all things to all people, but I recognize that it has a lot of good things going for it that I can work with, appreicate and respect to offer my service in any capacity.


Being professional is not confusing issues by hijacking words and phrases to exploit for your cause.  Tragically, you're forgetting that reporters are first thinkers, and then reporters.

1)  I am the author of the use of the word Nazi on Thursday night.  I repeat once again, the word Nazi was used in the sentence "We knew about the Nazi sympathizer issue six months to a year before it became public."  This is the pure statement of a fact.... 

2)  Please get over this fact, Devin, and stop trying to change the subject to something else.  The point being detracted from is that we are a group who knows their stuff, and like all good radio people, we report the news.  The bad radio people censor such stuff, to put it bluntly.  The dichotomy between reporting and the muzzling of reporters is my point. 

3)  I personally think the above is a pretty "professional" point for any reporter to make....

4)  Onto an entirely different subject:  the Nazis and the Nazi sympathizer issue.  To be clear, we---the whistleblowers---DID NOT create the Nazi sympathizer issue, NOR did we create the Nazis.  PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS ANY LONGER THAN YOU ALREADY HAVE.

5)  If you haven't yet made the logical distinction between reporters who report on the facts, and the facts that they report on....then please take pause and figure it out.  Please, like any good conflict resolution person does, keep your personal biases/conflicts out, they skew your logic.  Don't make me get all critical thinkin' on ya!!  ;)

6)  Until you overcome this...please don't use baseless words to confuse the public.  That's very unprofessional to say the least, and no amount of "decorum" and decoration can hide it.

7)  By not coming to terms with this, you are prolonging a worn-out conflict/war against reporters, and wasting everyone's time at KBOO.  KBOO has seen plenty of logo tauting fake progressives who subtly and not-so subtly undermine community radio.  Trying to stop reporters from being reporters guarantees perpetual conflict at KBOO, because we are community radio, and reporting is the core of our business.  Playing shoot the messenger is entirely suicidal and self-destructive at KBOO.  Can you please just let KBOO be KBOO?

8)  Since you are using the sensationalism of the Nazi issue and the Nazi sympathizer issue to distract from the real issues and attack reporters at KBOO who state stone-cold facts..........I can see that like in most conflicts, an underlying issue is driving you, which is not the stated issue. 

So, for the good of KBOO, this discussion belongs off of the website. 

Please email me at joilaing@hotmail.com to talk about whatever's bugging you, and so that KBOO can have some relief from you trying to save reporters from reporters.  If you want a conflict resolution professional to be at hand, we can surely invite one in---

Yvette Maranowski

PS, I suppose you could say that I'm appealing to the KBOO membership to vote for me because I'm a truth teller and that I stand up to conflict.  And I would say that you are appealing to the KBOO membership to vote for you because you're a conflict resolution person.

So......have I stood in the way of your ability to resolve conflict and to prove that you can solve conflicts and look at them as opportunities, etc.?  No, not at all you're 100% free to prove to KBOO that you can solve conflicts.

In fact, I have enhanced that idea by taking initiative/leadership and creating an opportunity to solve this conflict professionally outside of the website without draining the time/energy of the KBOO membership....

But all I'm trying to do is to be a reporter, a problem solver, etc.  I'm not getting in your way by doing that, am I? 

So please, if I'm not in your way, can you stay out of mine?  Is that fair?  Otherwise, you've actually created a conflict, and KBOO requires both reporters AND a conflict-free environment.....

I agree completely with Anonymous

But I completely disagree with Anonymous.

And I hope to hell Mr. Spock is not listening




Missed last night...

This is a gentle request for someone to please post the audio for the Bylaw Debate last night. I'll probably miss it again tonite but just gotta remember to setup the recorder..

Respecting History and maintaining decorum

As a historian of WWII history, I felt like I was being punched in the gut with the use of the word "Nazi" in last night's bylaw forum to describe anyone. These were the most hated villanous people in all of history. While everyone is free to express their views, the flagrant use of this term was uncalled for. Nazis killed Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals, the mentally ill and the handicapped by the millions. They believed in their own racial and cultural superiority. Unless you can prove that the person or persons that you are using this term to describe believes in such things and seeks to actively carry this out, no matter how much we may disagree with them, they are NOT a Nazi.

I believe that the Board of Directors and those running for the Board of Directors should rise above such petty and and historically inaccurate name calling. We do not need to be represented by those that do not balance their passion with logical and respectful discussion.

"Nazi" was not used on Thurs. night forum

I don't recall any candidate using the word "Nazi" on Thursday night's candidate forum, though, as I recall, someone did on Wednesday night's forum.  Of course, it would be easier for us to verify all that if the audios from those two nights were both available.  Development has said both audios will be posted, but I see that they are not, as yet, posted.   May I request to know when we can expect to see the audios posted?


Nazi was used.

I was there in the studio. I heard it. I also have several witnesses. It was probably erased to avoid being sued for libel.

Are you nuts?

The FCC prevents KBOO from using certain words that have to do with body parts and functions, etc., except during an educational exploration of that subject.  After ten p.m. the restrictions loosen up.

"Nazi" is not, and never has been one of those words!  (Unless you're a Nazi, then you might prohibit use of that word!!! ;) )...................

If you knew anything about radio, you would know this.  It sounds to me like you know/care more about hype, rumor-milling, tabloid journalism, and poisoning community radio than you do about community radio, though!!!!

It's funny, but it's not funny

Hi Devin, your repartee is really awesome, but a waste of time, since all I said was that some censored folks knew about the Nazi sympathizer issue six months to a year before it became public.

Your candidate statement and your comments at the candidates forum really emphasized your conflict resolution skills.  You sounded really good, but if you can get this bent out of shape about someone just stating A FACT...........I doubt that you can really resolve conflicts, especially at kboo.

KBOO has been through a lot, a lot of people who talk a good line and act totally different when out of the public eye.  Why don't you get bent out of shape about that, or can you only handle the petty stuff?

If you really cared about the Nazi "issue (as I named it)" you would care LESS about the name, and MORE about the culture.  A culture which includes censorship, ethnic cleansing, and the big lie----all three of which are prevalent at KBOO.


The name IS the meaning

The name IS the meaning Yvette. If you are going to use the word incorrectly then the person you used it against deserves an apology from you. PERIOD. You have dishonored her by using a term that could cause you to be sued. If you did not agree with her that is one thing. If so, then state it. If you are going to use the word then please describe how she fullfills the use of this word or use another one. I don't think that we need people sitting on the board that lack common decency. KBOO deserves far more than to be run by people who cannot control their passions with reason. I'd be happy to discuss this with you in person if you understand the use of reason and logic over passion. Otherwise, I could suggest some counselers that could help you get over your anger issues.

This is so dumb, and you're really scaring me now.

I should be getting paid really well for this.  Here's the original sentence I used, for what, the third time:  "We knew about the Nazi sympathizer issue six months to a year before it became public."  Check the audio please if you if you don't believe me.

1) CONFLICT:  "The name IS the meaning..."  The name/noun you refer to is "issue."  "Nazi" is an adjective, it is not the subject of the phrase.

2) CONFLICT:  "If you are going to use the word incorrectly...."  In merely referencing a Portland Indymedia analysis/critique of Becky Ciao's on-air public comments describing collecting Nazi paraphrenalia as an "innocent hobby", which then became a large enough "issue" for KBOO that it forced Becky's resignation as board president......I am 100% correct in naming this an "issue."  I could have used the words:  "scandal, controversie, blowout" etc.  Unless you take issue with reporting in general, with indymedia, and with the will of the membership at KBOO, then please don't dice your words.

I was one of Becky's defenders, urging KBOO folks to be civil and allow Becky some dignity as a human being.  I even asked Alan Graff, the author of the indy article to put the brakes on it.  Political opinions are one thing, but pig-piling is another.  I gave Becky credit for trying in that difficult struggle, eventhough she didn't secure the faith of the membership.  But I digress.

3)  CONFLICT:  "You...[are] using a term that could cause you to be sued."  Libel suits don't apply to people who state facts, let alone facts about THEMSELVES.

4)  CONFLICT:  "If you are going to use the word...."  Again, the subject of the phrase was "issue."  Refer to the above stated conflict #2.

5)  CONFLICT:  "I don't think that we need...."  You haven't shown anything, and so this sentence is hollow.

6)  CONFLICT:  "KBOO deserves far more..."  Your baseless comments show that you cannot your passions with reason.

7)  POTENTIAL CONFLICT:  "I'd be happy to discuss..."  I already put the word out there that this discussion should be taken off of the website and gave you my contact info.  It's yet to be determined if you will take it up, which I have my doubts about, since you keep "issuing" conflicts yourself and seem to be wedded to these issues.

8) CONFLICT:  "Otherwise, I could suggest..."  The day we all start going to counselors for making factual statements about---ourselves---is the day we all SHOULD GET ANGRY!!!  And of course, folks will not anyone telling them they need counseling for saying that they "know" something---call that an anger issue if you need to---but it probably won't get you any votes, or help you resolve any conflicts.


Devin, please stop bringing conflicts to KBOO, and to me.


I wish to wash my hands of this useless conversation.  I have spent enough time on it already, and I feel like I'm holding the hand of a little kid crossing the street.  It would be fine for a little kid, but Devin you're an adult, and I'm creeped out by all this nuttiness.  I'm a reporter, and I didn't bargain for this.  I anticipate conflict on the board of directors, but in all my years at KBOO, I've never seen anyone have to spell out every little thing.  It goes beyond the pall and I'm grossed out by it.  I'm tired of women always having to provide common sense levelheadedness service to men.

PLEASE don't bother me anymore by this.  My response to you has been exhaustive, and in light of the fact that so much of this conversation is repetative and circular, I don't think there's any new ground to cover.  If you must persist, please email me at my email address (I cited it earlier, but I don't know if it will be posted, so I'll cite it again [joilaing@hotmail.com]), and we can go from there, but I'm warning you, I don't want to make your problem my problem, I've already had enough.

Not voting for you

Thanks Yvette for helping know in advance how much someone like you should not be on the KBOO board of directors. I'm not voting for you and I'm telling everyone I know, which is a lot of members, not to either. I'll just point them to your crazy talk and they'll know why.

Where is the audio for last

Where is the audio for last night's debate? Why do KBOO listeners that missed the "live" debate last night has to wait to hear the discussion? It should have been posted by this morning.

I'm sure the audio will be

I'm sure the audio will be uploaded shortly.

we will be posting the audio

we will be posting the audio to both forums at the same time after tonight's forum.

my inane comments were incorrect

i just want to take a moment to apologize to Andrew for my dumb misplaced anger--i thought he had forgotten or decided to NOT post the audio of the bylaw debates, when in fact ( i finally noticed) he had posted them as quickly as could be imagined--the next day. I just couldn't find them, and got angry as i assumed he acted wrongly, against the good of the membership, the truth, etc.  I have since learned my clumsy comments (of course!) hurt my long-time friend (maybe moreso because we are friends), as i realized would happen as soon as i discovered, to my horror he had done the opposite of what i accused him of, and i couldn't go back and delete my comment. i immediately called to apologize just a few hours later, and Sun said Andrew was gone anyway. i asked Sun to please delete the rant. I guess he didn't though (?), because Andrew came back and had to see my idiotic comment anyway. For the record--Andrew is NOT a "former radical", but very committed and proved it by posting that audio ASAP. Again, i apologize for jumping the gun and subsequently jumping your shit, Andrew. I shoulda known better, indeed, your commitment to transparency. (sp?)

~anon. fool


How can there be a real bylaw debate if the people targeted by the proposed bylaw are not invited to speak?!?!?!?!?!!!!

Are you sure, then, that the "bylaw debate" is not just a propaganda piece by those who are pushing the new bylaw?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!


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