Welcome to our new Station Manager: Victoria Stoppiello

KBOO Community Radio is excited to welcome Victoria Stoppiello to serve once again as our interim station manager. Ms. Stoppiello has twice served KBOO as a station manager, served on the board, and participated in the construction of the KBOO studios. Ms. Stoppiello's managerial expertise and previous experience with KBOO make her a positive addition to our KBOO community. Please join us in extending Ms. Stoppiello a warm welcome!


CC'ed: copy of my email to Jenka

Hello Jenka,

Thanks for clearly communicating to me that KBOO's capacity to take on another project such as mine is extremely limited at best. More to the point, until the coming member drive is completed in the coming weeks, I should not look to KBOO to provide any resources that would further this effort.

It is my continued belief that friendly and ubiquitous access to the current state of Police Presence is vital to the public's sense of well being. More importantly, it is the one of the most essential ingredients to it's actual well being, perhaps even the prime ingredient. As a highly trained techno-capitalist who spent years delivering advanced technology to the Defense Department, Big Oil and finally to the Financial Industry, I feel personally responsible for many of Capitalism's excesses. The Occupy movement catalyzed a deep and rude awakening in me that's still in process but has recently formed into concrete expression. I'm calling it the Radical Transparency Initiative and this is my first use  of it that term in writing. It is uncomfortably high-sounding name yet reflecting the kind of impeccable standards I brought forth in my years in the research community inventing new technology for possible use in industry. While that name just "came" to me, over the last many months trying to understand their specific and intentional meaning.

  • Radical: novel and uncompromising, sometimes seen as threatening

  • Transparency: resolving the split between the perceived and the actual, between private intention and outer expression with the aim of unifying process with outcome.

  • Initiative: always feels brand new, characterized by fresh energy sourcing novel activit

No part of me is casual about delivering results. Having spent half of my career in pure research and the other half responsible for startups who were only funded to deliver on their promises, I am keenly aware of the huge gap between idea and implementation. What I showed you and others was something of "demo" quality not intended to scale. That's why I resisted when you wanted to publish it on the web because it was far from ready. Since then I've spent my time "de-risking" the concept, designing a total solution and building a deliverable product. Like any novel product many things are still unknown: market size (potentially huge), shelf life: (hopefully long), customer acceptance and visibility into a priori expectation,  the process is far from over. This is, however, what I know how to well and where I have enjoyed the greatest success in life. I've been systematically trained and optimized to deliver results. I know that while ideas come easily for creative people, they difficult or impossible to sell and a demo is at best a promise. I showed you a demo but I'm committed to a product.

Most of what motivates me comes out of my believing at the very core all change begins with awareness albeit not necessarily conscious awareness. I believe further that KBOO has a primary if not unique role in stimulating that awareness. It's is at the confluence of delving new forms of media where our interests are fully come together and reason I've spend so much time here of late. In the coming weeks I will be refining those initial demos into product form. I look forward to sharing the results with KBOO as a vital source of news and from which KBOO can build a larger public presence to touch more people. The success of my product is measured by the increase in audience engagement.

Here are links to some of the demos I you've seen an at least one you haven't.

Recent Activity



I've will be sending more for you to test in the future.

I am deeply grateful to KBOO's flexible support up to now. I couldn't have made much progress without it. When the current pressures of the membership drive are no longer dominant I hope we may continue to work together. For me at, at least, it is a rewarding and productive "seed" environment.

Best Regard,

Kevin Nolan



Congratulations- was this an open hire?

Welcome to KBOO Victorialo, I have been a KBOO member, volunteer, programmer and former board member for over 6 years and have not heard anything about an open hire for a "General Manager". I assume you have an education in radio and have worked at other stations other than KBOO. In the past there have been multiple employees with little radio experience or actual qualifications that are "appointed" to KBOO Staff rather than an hired openly and publicly. KBOO is unfortunately feeling those effects. This might be why we go through managers every few years. I am excited to hear about your qualifications, future plans and how you got hired. I am looking forward to working with you to implement the Strategic Plan. Thank You

Interim Station Manager

Victoria Stoppiello, a previous KBOO Station Manager, has been hired part-time on a temporary basis, and has a specific set of tasks laid out by the Board to accomplish in her time as Interim Station Manager.  There is a hiring process underway for an open hire for a permanent Station Manager to be completed by February 2013.


Hey Dr J If you want to hear the discussion at the Board meeting go to this link for more info http://operationfreespeech.boards.net/thread/236/kboo-board-oct-6-2013?p... I wish the new manager the best of luck during this very difficult time at KBOO radio. BTW, are the comments back on? I had assumed they no longer show as a category on the main page as a way to silence dissent.


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