The Outside World playlist for 01/18/2014

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The Outside World
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12:02 a bit of The Firesign Theatre's debut LP Waiting For The Electrician (or Someone Like Him) (Columbia)
12:02 excerpt from "Mantra" from Material's HALLUCINATION ENGINE w/Wayne Shorter, Bootsy, Bernie, Sly Dunbar, Zakir, Trilok, Simon Shaheen, L. Shankar, Jonas Fucking Hellborg (as Cousin Jimi calls him), Nicky Skopelitis, Laswell & Aiyb Dieng (Axiom)
12:05 self-recorded music from UGER-KHAN (the artist formerly known as Soriah)
12:11 interview with this remarkable American-born Tuvan-style throat singer/cab driver, Soriah (becoming Uger-Khan)
12:25 "Kongurai" by Uger-Khan from "Songs of The Masters
12:30  LIVE PERFORMANCE in KBOO's Studio One of SORIAH
1:03 "Toura Toura Tour Kelilah" from "Night Spirit Masters: Gnawa Music of Marrakesh" (Axiom)
1:07 excerpt from Firesign's Waiting for The Electrician.. (Columbia)
1:08  "Lalla Mira" from Randy Weston and The Gnawa Musicians of Marrakesh and Tanger's "Spirit! The Power of Music" (Sunnyside)
1:20  "Lalla Mira, part 2"  "  "  "  "
1:26  "The Mantras & The Chakras" previously unreleased unindexed bonus track from the CD of Firesign Theatre's Waiting For The Electrician (or Someone Like Him) (columbia)
1:30 --you'll notice some recording glitches here in my announcing. no idea what or why this is, but thankfully it doesnt last long..
1:33 Tanya Taqaq Gillis from a live bootleg recorded at the 2001 Vancouver Folk Festival
1:40 "African Cookbook" from Randy Weston's Monterey '66 w/Booker Ervin on tenor, Big Black on percussion (Verve)

at 2:05 begins a long huge FULL MOON collage consisting of myriad sound sources all blended together in a singing, dancing  cacophony until around 3:10 am when i went out into the night to drive bagels to Salem and listen to the Pickle Feather Express...

elements of the collage include excerpts from the following:
Wendy Carlos' WINTER from Sonic Seasonings (Columbia), Sun Ra's Medicine for a Nightmare (from The Singles on Doxy Music), Terje Isungset's WINTER SONGS (music played entirely on instruments made of ice (recorded in an igloo in Norway!) (on ALL ICE RECORDS), Chibite by Hukwe Zawose & his nephew, from Zimbabwe (Real World), Meredith Monk's Songs from The Hill/Tablet (wergo), Pink Floyd live in Amsterdam 1969 (bootleg), Bill Laswell &David Solid Gould's Dub of The Passover (Tzadik), an old record Devin found in our library of Amazonian ritual music, sounds of traffic in the rain at night on a freeway, FUCK SHIT UP, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore & Christian Marclay (Victo), a record of trains, Robert Wilson's slowed down crickets, Syd Barrett from Barrett, Miles Davis' Sanctuary (written by Wayne Shorter) and part of Miles Runs The Voodoo Down from Bitches Brew, and..... ?


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