Mo is Shy, a KBOO docudrama of the Portland Christmas tree trial

One year ago, Mohamed Mohamud was found guilty of trying to blow up Portland's Pioneer Square Christmas Tree. His sentencing had been postponed several times, now indefinitely.

KBOO reporter Joe Meyer attended every minute of the trial, wrote a script from his scribbled three notebooks, and called it "Mo is Shy."

Joe has written for the Evening News for three years. His first public affairs show was on the Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) and featured Greg Kafoury warning of FBI malfeasance. Since then, Joe has produced shows on the Portland Water Bureau, Women in Programming, Coal Transport, Sex, and Fluoride.
"Mo is Shy" was recorded on three consecutive Sundays in KBOO's Studio 2, and achieves a high level of realism.
The amazing actors are familiar voices from KBOO news and other shows.

Mo is Shy premiered January 29th, 6-8p.m. in Portland at 90.7 FM, the wide world at

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The FBI, like the Police, have a budget and quotas, too.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

In Terrorism cases the FBI becomes the only one facilitating the actual crime, unlike in, say, drug stings, where the individual would seek another outlet if the FBI were not there.
--Trevor Aaronson, Terror Factory

Did anybody see Trevor Aaronson when he spoke at Powell's last week?

Fun Facts!!!
The FBI gets $3billion dollars for counter-terrorism, more than other crime investigations.
Out of 500 entrapment cases, only about five could be considered actual home-grown ready-for-action terrorists, another 150 were in need of help.  The vast majority don't go to trial, which means we don't get to see how insidious and rampant these FBI tactics are, because the defendents fear a (sure) conviction of at least 35 years.
Meanwhile, those who have the capacity to carry out acts of violence are not those caught in sting operations: Sandyhook, 9/11, Boston Marathon, etc.

wanna be an agent? an informant? a terror suspect?
the FBI will pay for your apartment!
the FBI will provide you with ample drugs!
for the first two, you can earn a comfortable living with the FBI feeding off the poor!
for the poor, sick, young and vulnerable, the FBI will ensure you spend the rest of your productive days 'safe' in the prison system!  Your first amendment rights and violent personal musings are the fuel for their fire.
They NEED YOU: their budget depends on it.
As long as promised results are fulfilled and the courts acquiesce, the FBI will continue their tried-and-true tactics.


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