"Calling All Angels" May 30th Jam those Powerlines on behalf of Lynne Stewart

Air Cascadia
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Wed, 05/29/2013

Ralph Poynter


 has been by her side for all these years of courage in the face of this empire's justice juggernaut armed with a weapons-grade National Security apparatus that listens only to the echo of its own footsteps along the empty corridors lit by burning spooks...


Ralph joins us today on 'Air Cascadia' to talk about the urgency that attends this 'Call-in Campaign in the name of Compassionate Release.  Lynne Stewart's cancer would never have progressed this far had she received proper care.  Carswell is in addition to being a Communications Management Unit, also a medical facility....but of course for Stewart to receive treatment, the government would have to want to save her life. 


If Death = Silence, indeed, Silence = Death






Nothing would be better than to air Lynne Stewart's own words from prison...And I want to emphasize, not just any prison, but one of the prime example's of America's dirty dark secret: Communication Management Units. Prisons for political dissidents, voices that dare, through their speech and their actions to illuminate the lies beneath the surface.  Few Americans know who the Blind Sheik is, what he is accused of, what Lynne is accused of and what actually happened.  At this weird tangent in time, when even the mighty  Associated Press gets DHS's 'cavity search' Daily Special, it is critical for people to hear the real story.  The point being,  if , as in Lynne Stewart's  case, the government's version and the actual facts diverge so dramatically, who do we trust? And how the hell do we find them when they are silenced behind the walls of a CMU'?  If America poses itself as a beacon of justice, a lot of ships are going to wind up on the rocks...


Thursday, May 30th the day of this nationwide direct call action.  Get on the blower and jam those ‘powerlines’.

But more than anything else, I want her released.  The thousands of lives Lynne's life has touched bear testament to the greatest of her spirit.  They may have broken her body but her soul is intact.


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