A Different Nature playlist for 07/01/2013

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A Different Nature
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On our recent call-in show, one thing listeners asked for was more music by local Portland artists.  This week on A Different Nature we will hear electro-acoustic music from composer Matt Marble, unique instrument builder RP Collier, and rare cassette tapes from the mid-1980s by Phyllyp Vernacular.  host: Andy Hosch



all selections on this evening's program are self-released by the artists.


Phyllyp Vernacular, from Cognitive Dissonance :

"The Dipthongs of Ancient Dialects"   (9:32)   

                   -- mic break --

Matt Marble, from Folding Googles:  

"Ezekiel's Vision" (9:22)

"Mood Ring" (0:26) (9:22)

"Through the Stars" (5:57)

"Yeats' Fire" (4:21)

"Did you see the lightning bugs?"  (7:44)


listen to more music from Matt Marble at  https://soundcloud.com/mattmarble


                   -- mic break --

Phyllyp Vernacular (aka Brian Magill), from Cognitive Dissonance : 

"The Drowned World"   (8:44)

"Industrial Frictions"  (3:44)

"Schlopbobo Mukma"  (5:00) 

Phyllyp Vernacular (aka Brian Magill), from The Red Bag :

"Social Fabric"  (4:46)

"Eye Like A Camera"  (5:02)


more recently, Brian Magill has recorded under the name 'Fervent Torpor' listen here:



                   -- mic break --

RP Collier, from Future In Sepia :

"axba"  (3:51)

"zaltr"  (6:11)

RP Collier, from Sketchbook 7 :

"thrimble"  (2:31)

"bootakgo"  (3:22)

RP Collier, from Tilting@Windmills :

"Aperture"  (3:30)

"Brillig"  (2:19)

"Leglu"  (3:07)

RP Collier, from Map Of The Sky :

"Wavicle"  (1:34)

RP Collier, from Lamellaphone :

"Headlong"  (1:32)

RP Collier, from Reagent :

"fluct"  (1:27)

"clast"  (3:34)

RP Collier, from Let Them Eat Flarn :

"System Shunt"  (7:55)

link to photos of instruments created by RP Collier :
listen to music or download:
watch & listen on youtube: search: RP Collier


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