SEPTEMBER 08: Staff and Board have approved a auxillery budget item of $7,000 for web projects to focus on the basic upgrades that have previously been prioritized for the web department.  The money will go toward paying additional developers for specific projects to create a new visual theme and improve functionality.  I have underlined the previously mentioned projects below that would fall into this:

APRIL 08: Arthur has suggested the web development team create a budget to fund $5,000 - $15,000 worth of projects to improve KBOO's web presence.  This money could come from grants specifically for the projects. 

The budget we propose will be presented to the board of directors by mid year (late spring / early summer) and will take place through the summer and finished by the fall.

Below are specfic projects to consider for funding:

* Hiring extra developer to do site redesign (new theme) in tandem with new logo / 40th celebration
* Creation of a social networking audio application (like Pandora, last.fm) that focuses on local / unsigned artists
* Website interactivity features - reviews, upcoming reccomended shows, "if you like this then you might _____" feature,
* 2nd web stream of alternate programming
* Automatic playlist logging system (like Tables turned)
* Ambitious Partnership with Creative Commons
* Online feature of local musicians, that would work in conjunction with bands in studio and outside shows, possible myspace component, like http://www.myspace.com/darkhorsepresents

Fundraising Opportunities
* Pay-per-download music service with $ going directly to KBOO
* Click-through to buy MP3s through CD Baby or similar site (we get %), books through powells, http://www.powells.com/partners/partners.html
* Offer features for only paid members (downloaded podcasts... web-only programs... etc) 
* Creating online adversting