Program Spotlight

KBOO's programming is one of the most diverse and eclectic around.  In this spotlight, we'll feature some that stand out.

Spotlight: Anjali and The Kid

The Incredible Kid teams up with DJ Anjali every other Sunday night to bring you Bhangra, Bollywood, and Desi beats.  The Willamette Week recently interview the Kid in their Local Cut:

Did you know that Powell’s not only stocks great books, but great DJs too? Next time you go for a reading in the Pearl room or are on the hunt for your next tome, you just may bump into a part-time employee by the name of Stephen Strausbaugh, aka The Incredible Kid. Bringing international dance music to the floor in the form of many a progressive genre from Bhangra to merengue-house, The Kid has led a globe-trotting life, from childhood years spent in Egypt to a stay in Central America. So it’s not only natural, but near expected that his taste in beats are a bit global too.

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Spotlight: DIY, Portland

The Oregonian has an article about the listening parties hosted by DIY, Portland host, Julie Sabatier.

The third Thursday of every month, a little group gathers at the Waypost, a coffee house in North Portland, for something called a listening party, which turns out to be exactly what it sounds like: For half an hour, everyone sits quietly with a glass of beer or a cup of chai and simply listens.

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Spotlight: The Movement

DJ KEZ not only hosts the Sunday night show, The Movement, on KBOO.  He also spins at many local venues and has opened for acts like the Coup and De La Soul. 

The Wilamette Week sat down with DJ KEZ recently for some Q & A:

What are your thoughts on vinyl vs CDS vs laptops?
I spin strictly vinyl. I don’t really have any interest in anything else. This is what I’ve been doing for comin’ up on 15 years, I’m good. I think Serato is a good tool for a DJ who travels, or for a rap group’s live performances if they don’t have their music pressed to vinyl. That being said, there’s too many “DJs” who use laptops who have not earned the right to that technology.
The first thing any DJ should have is a record collection. He or she should have spent a lot of time and money investing in the best collection they can build. That’s respect for the music and the art of DJ’ing. As a DJ, shouldn’t you WANT a record collection? Isn’t that something you should desire? If you just downloaded your friend’s collection off of their computer, and now you’re a “DJ”, you basically have no respect for this, and don’t deserve the title of DJ. You probably got into this for the fad and to meet girls and look cool. You probably won’t be DJing in a couple years anyways, so why don’t you just move out of the way of the DJs who are serious about this and truly love it?

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Spotlight: The Outside World

The Outside World was recently documented in a class project created through Portland Community Media's PBL-Field Class.


Students jointly determine their production topic, plan, shoot, and edit a complete field segment throughout the duration this class.  Upon completion of the PBL class, students go on to produce their own programming though the facilities of Portland Community Media.