What you need to know about Automagic Archiving!

At long last, automagic audio archiving is now happening at KBOO!

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What you need to know:

As of 11/22/12, Automagic Archiving is offline

  • You can no longer wait til the very last minute to create a Schedule Episode. If you want to have a detailed human-made Schedule Episode, you need to create and post it at least 12 hours before your show.
    • Why? Because the Automagic system auto-creates Schedule Episodes anywhere between 6-12 hours in advance of your program.
    • Why? Because the Automagic recording needs a Schedule Episode to attach to.
    • Here's what the Automagic SEs look like, and worse yet, you can't edit them because you didn't create it.
    • Bonus: if you create your own Schedule Episode, you can easily edit text, photos, links ... and audio. 
  • Looking for your Schedule Episode & Automagic Audio?  
    • Within 6-8 hours of showtime, your best bet is to look at today's schedule page;
    • after 8 hours, check your program page on the default tab, Episodes Archive.
  • TBAs don't auto-generate Schedule Episodes
    • and thus, do not record.
    • If you want to share your (TBA'd) program with the world, you need to create a schedule episode.
    • schedule episodes need to be created at least 12 hours before the show. You can create one with no description.
    • If we don't schedule an episode and promote it somehow on social media, the only people who may hear it are the core of regular radio listeners. If you schedule an episode, people can hear it for up to two weeks.
  • Why does the program page open to Episodes Archive rather than Audio?
    • Because that's where the newest audio should be. In the future, all of the audio will probably be together -- but for the time being, it's not that way.
  • Programmers can download their audio by going to the Schedule Episode page while logged in,  and right clicking (or Mac users, Option- or Control- clicking), selecting Save Link (or Target) As.
  • Public Affairs, News, and Spoken Word programming needs to be very careful with the use of royalty music that we don't have releases for
    • please use 40 seconds or less of royalty music or be willing to edit it out of your show within 14 days of posting.
  • Public Affairs Programmers are welcome to download, edit, and reupload their audio.
    • For the time being, this will be a hell of a lot easier if you have created your own Schedule Episode
  • Listeners can't download Public Affairs programming currently (it's a bug - sorry - it's high priority to be fixed)
  • Music Programming is recorded in 5 hour chunks, starting at the beginning of your show, and will be live for 14 days -- then it will be deleted. Listeners can stream it, but not download it.
    • This is all thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Have more questions, concerns, freak-outs? Please read the other Automagica documents, and if you don't have an answer, then contact VJ. But please read the documents first.

What this will mean to you:

  • as a PA or news programmer:
    • Your audio will automagically appear shortly after the end of your show.
    • The show recording length will be the length of your show plus 2 minutes.
    • The program must not contain more than 40 seconds of any one piece of royalty music -- if the show contains it, please edit it out immediately.
    • Your audio will be posted permanently.
    • Anyone will be able to download your audio, at any time. (unfortunately, there is a bug preventing this currently)
    • Programmers may edit and replace your audio on the schedule episode page.
  • as a Music programmer:
    • Your audio will automagically appear sometime after 5 hours from the beginning of your show.
    • The show recording length will be 5 hours.
    • Your program can contain more than 40 seconds of royalty music.
    • Your audio will be posted for 14 days, then deleted.
    • Programmers will be able to download your audio within the 14 days.
    • Programmers may not edit and replace your audio.
    • If you have spoken word, creative commons'd music, or music that we have a release for sections of your show, you may edit your audio and upload it as new audio using the old method.
  • as a Radio Theater or Spoken Word programmer:
    • Your audio will automagically appear shortly after the end of your show.
    • The show recording length will be the length of your show plus 2 minutes.
    • Your audio will be posted permanently.
    • Anyone will be able to download your audio, at any time.
    • Programmers may edit and replace your audio on the schedule episode page.
  • as an audio editor:
    • Program audio will automagically appear shortly after the end of your show.
    • The show recording length will be the length of your show plus 2 minutes.
    • Program audio will be posted permanently.
    • Programmers may edit and replace your audio on the schedule episode page
    • For segmented shows like Old Mole Variety Hour, and the Evening News, you may proceed with uploading segments in the old way
  • as a web-only programmer:
    • You will be able to continue to upload your audio in the old way.



Automagic Archiving FAQ for KBOO public affairs programmers

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Q: My listeners can't download my Public Affairs audio -- what gives?

A: This is a bug. We hope to have this fixed in the next three weeks.

Q: I've noticed on my programs page that the audio is switching over to the new format with the added two minutes etc. but I also notice that most of the past shows now show no audio at all. What gives?

A: You'll notice now that the default tab on your program pages is Episode Archive -- that has the new stylee audio. Next to that tab is Audio, which has your old style audio. And next to that is Comments, which has your comments.

Q: I see that audio option but what I'm confused about is, when I click on an old show of mine to view it as a separate link I don't see the audio there. If I've shared this link on facebook, to friends etc. it doesn't look like they will see any audio there any more.

A: There are two different file types: Schedule Episode (which recently got super-powers) and Audio. Schedule Episodes from before August will not auto-magically have the audio attached, but you have several options. You can edit the schedule episode to upload audio. Or you can edit the schedule episode and add a link to the audio page.

The good news is, going forward, you can publicize the Schedule Episode URL, and not have to worry about also publicizing the Audio URL.

Q: why not have it so that when you are on the main page of a show you see the audio of every episode as a default so that you don't have to find that audio button?

A: Hopefully, that will be something that we can do in the future. But for the time being, Schedule Episodes will appear under the Episode Archive tab, and old-style audio will appear under the Audio tab.

Q: I just checked out the schedule page for the last public affairs show I did and listened to the audio. It really sounds funky.

A: If you listen to show audio, you'll hear Jenka's welcome, and then it immediately cuts to one minute before your show (because we record for the length of show plus a padding minute before and a padding minute after), which is what it should sound like.

Now you can download the show, edit it, and re-upload it if you want it to sound perfect (and we applaud you if you do!)

Q: Also how does this affect the audio page for our programs? Does the automagic audio archives also get uploaded to the audio page or will the audio page become obsolete now that audio is embedded into the schedule page?

A: That's a great question, and one I don't have a good answer for yet. Hopefully, at some point soon, the automagic audio and the old audio will blend -- but right now, we have a separate but equal system -- the default Episode Archives tab, and the secondary Audio tab.

Q: One the system is up and running, will there be no more archival audio pages? If so, does that mean that I will have to go back and re-edit all the programs I have archived? Also, the copy on the audio page for each show is sometimes updated from the schedule page, so if the old audio pages disappear that will mean that I will need advance warning to update all the text as well. Which means a lot of work. So I'm hoping there is a way to keep the archival audio pages on the website when the new system goes online.

A: The archival (old) audio pages will remain. You don't need to do anything about them.

Q: How will PA programmers edit and upload their audio?

  1. Download your audio from your schedule episode page (it will probably appear 15-30 minutes after your show) . You can do this from either the public version of the schedule episode or the edit version.
  2. Once you have fully downloaded the audio, click the Remove button.
  3. Edit your audio
  4. Click Choose File to select the file to upload.
  5. Once you have selected the file, click Upload.
  6. Once the file has uploaded, click Save.

Q: How do I download my audio?

A: While logged in and from the regular view of the Schedule Episode (not the Edit view), right-click on the download link and select Save Link As / Save Target As.

You can also download in the Edit view of the Schedule Episode.


Automagic Archiving FAQ for KBOO music programmers

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Q: How do we run this past the live bands? Will we have new release forms? What about a band that may not want to release their material? I guess I should point this out when I ask them to come on?

A: We just deal with this like we have. If you have a live band on as part of a program, then it's a 5 hour/14 day thingee, and if we have the release, then the live portion can be edited into a separate audio that's permanent. If the band doesn't sign the release, it's just live for the 14 days.


When do things happen automagically?

More Automagica!

The Automagic Archiving process automates several things, and thus, somethings happen sooner, and others later...

The Schedule Episode is auto-created between 5-9 hours in advance of the program time. So if you want to create a Schedule Episode for your show, make sure that you do that more than 12 hours in advance of showtime.

The recording is auto-created and attaches to the schedule episode usually within 15 minutes of the end of the show for Public Affairs, News, and Spoken Word programming.

For Music programming, the recording auto-attaches about 5 hours and 15 minutes after the beginning of your program.

The Schedule Episode shows up on your Program page around 7 hours after the end of your show.

Got more questions about automagic archiving? Just ask VJ - web@kboo.org