Tips and Tricks to make Drupal and the KBOO site work for you!

audio by album

Audio MetadataIf there is a bunch of audio that you'd like to collect to one page, use audio by album. This is great for Special Programming, or programming that is not permanent.

Here's how it works.  Create your Audio page as usual. Once you've uploaded your audio file, put the title of your "album/special/whatever" in the album text box in the Audio Metadata.

An example is

this needs to be tested on a programmer account. We know this works at the staff level.

When the On-Air Thingee isn't working

For example, on day the On-Air widget showed a morning program, and the next program was an evening PM PA show. The daily Schedule looked normal.

The problem: The date/time on the morning program's Sched Ep was 11 am to 11:30 pm.

I want to manually place the images in this page.