Death to Spam Comments!

We are seeing more and more spam comments coming in from authenticated users.

What are spam comments?

They are off-topic and they link to a commercial site. Generally, spam comments don't even pretend to be on topic...

Here are two spam comments that appeared on a recent Buscando America audio page.


What to do?

There are two parts. Here's what to do.

  1. Have advanced privileges (staff or higher)
    1. Unpublish the comment
      1. Click Edit below the comment.
      2. Click Advanced
      3. Click Unpublish
      4. Click Preview
      5. Right-click the Spammer's name and open in new tab.
      6. Click Save.
    2. Block the Commenter
      1. Switch to the Spammer tab.
      2. Click Edit
      3. Under Status, click on Blocked.
      4. Click Save
    3. You're done.
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