2011 Meeting Minutes


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/12/19


Monday, December 19, 2011
Board members present: Lyn, Keller, Marc, Alicia, Paula, Michael, Judy, Chris, Conch, Hadrian (note that Chris did not vote and left at the closed session)
Staff members present: Ani, Zale, Debbie, Andrew, Jenka, 
Public Present: Kurt Lauer, Calvin Littlefield, Per Fageren, Grace Marien, Danielle Parks
1. Ground rules/check in
2. Public Comment I
3. Agenda approval
Agenda approved as amended by consensus
4. November minutes approval
November minutes were approved by consensus
5. Introduction to Collective Management Proposal
Zale: staff presents an update to the collective management proposal in preparation for future board/staff retreat
6. Request for unpaid leave
Jenka: Requests approval for a temporary position to fill her position while on leave
The cost will be $4680 which will be a small savings for KBOO
Motion to approve 25 hours a week for 12 weeks at $14.06, temporary with no health benefits
Discussion regarding whether it is a board policy decision or a staff operational
Because the request exceeds $1000, it must be for board
Concern expressed that the agenda item was not clear that it was a request for a temporary position rather than a request for unpaid leave.
Motion approved by consensus
5. Membership update
Andrew Geller: Handed out graphs and a narrative illustrating an historical view of KBOO membership
Listenership is a little lower than a decade ago
Membership is approaching where it was a decade ago
KBOO has just over 5000 paid members
There is an increase in the number of listeners who are members
The percent of listeners who are members is above 10% which is great for public supported radio
There is still a lag between listenership and membership
Some incomplete data going back 30 years had been located
KBOO has experienced a drop in the number of first time members
Question regarding plans in membership department to increase numbers
Andrew explained that the presentation is informational not a strategic planning presentation
Suggestion made that KBOO consider taking credit cards for monthly donations.
6. Contracts
Radio Vietnam
FM Korea
Question about whether item was appropriate for the board or more an operational decision for the staff
The SCA contracts are not in the budget
Motion to approve SCA contracts and shut them down as soon as they stop paying
No second
Concern about confidentiality- are the discussions to be in closed session
Motion to discuss in closed session
IT contract
The current contract ends at end of year
The contract is to maintain IT equipment
Money for the contract already budgeted
Motion to remove item
8 For
1 Abstain
(Chris did not vote)
Motion that the SCA contracts (Radio Vietnam & FM Korea be remanded to staff
8 For
1 Abstain
(Chris did not vote)
7. Personnel Issue
Motion to move to closed session for contract and empoyee issues
8 For
1 Opposed
(Chris did not vote)
Motion: The staff collective is the station manager for purposes of policy 21 and is empowered to act accordingly.  In the instant situation, the collective shall inform the executive committee of any major actions in the disciplinary process within 48 hours of that action.
7 For
1 Opposed
1 Abstention
Motion that staff collective immediately seek out human resource training
No second
8. Staffing needs assessment report
Judy presented recommendations from the Staffing Needs Assessment Workgroup
Notes that the recommendation is based on a staff collective model
Emphasized that the board needs to make a decision regarding staff collective
The goal was to get as many staff up to 40 hours instead of many fractured positions
The first priority is to increase revenue
The membership department needs 40 hours
Underwriting has no change because it brings in revenue
Development is a struggling department
Personnel committee will look at the following positions
Finance coordinator and finance assistant
Suggestion made to develop alternative proposals in the event that the board does not approve collective management
Response that the process to develop this proposal was quite involved and to do that for multiple structures would create a huge amount of work
That appears to be beyond the scope of the group
Discussion regarding timelines
Suggestion for 30-day notice for loss of benefits
Motion: Board supports 30-day notice to staff of any reduction in hours or benefits
Discussion regarding financial ramifications of the motion
Motion: To amend the motion to approve amounts as budgeted by workgroup per department and for the workgroup to work with staff to refine how the amounts are allocated within the department
8 For amendment
1 Abstain
Full Motion:
7 For
2 Abstain
9. Development Director job description
Proposal presented to the board
Motion: To adopt job description
Salary needs to be determined
ADA compliance issues regarding the level of activity
Amendment: to add ADA compliance
Amendment: remove salary amount
Does the job description need to specify hours and hourly or salary?
Amendment: 30 hour position with no salary listed
Final wording will be done by committee and will be emailed to the board
Final decision on the text will be done by the personnel and governance committee
The board reaches consensus to approve the job description with the amendments.
10. New Business
Agence France-Presse (AFP) payment
The payments for AFP not budgeted but the contract was not cancelled in a timely manner
News department negotiated and AFP agreed to a 50% reduction but total is still $2480
Motion: to approve the payment
Total amount $2480 through May 31
8 For
1 Abstain
Meeting adjourns at 10:00

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/11/28


Monday, November 28, 2011, 6:00-9:00 p.m.


Facilitator: brush

Minuter: Marc



In attendance: Michael, Judy, Paula, Alicia, Chris A, Keller, Sw Conser, Lyn, Hadrian

Staff: Ani, Zale, Chris

Public: Gary Betts, Louis Sowa, Kurt Lauer, Becky Chaio, Shaheed Haamid

1.      Ground Rules & Focus: brush                                                       

·         brush defines his role as meeting facilitator


2.      Agenda Review: Conch                                                                  

·         A request was made for an agenda slot for "new business"

·         Agenda approved


3.      October Minutes Approval: Marc                                    

For: 8

Stand Aside: 1

Opposed: 0


Public comment

Gary Betts re:KBLU


4.      Public  Comment I

·         Gary Betts representing KBLU spoke about the challenges and progress regarding starting a community radio station (KBLU) in Pendleton using a frequency owned by KBOO



5.      Staff Evaluation volunteers: Ani                                                   


·         A request for volunteers to be on staff evaluation teams

·         Keller -Development Director

·         Conch-Web Coordinator

·         Lyn-Membership Director

·         Marc-Engineering

·         Alicia-PM News


6.      Staffing Needs Assessment Group                                              



·         The Staffing Needs Assessment Workgroup is currently in the middle of things

·         Judy explained the handouts she had emailed

·         Those documents are broken down into short-term recommendations and long-term goals

·         There may be a reallocation of responsibilities among the staff

·         The group is also investigating the automation of certain tasks

·         Outsourcing IT responsibilities will free up staff time but there is a question of where the money will come from to pay for such a contract

·         A clarification was made that the IT contract under consideration is separate from the IT contract already in place

·         Possibility of recommending a new administrative position to take on basic administrative tasks and coordination

·         A suggestion was made to keep other workgroups informed on the progress of the staffing needs assessment workgroup so as to not duplicate work

·         The group hopes to have a recommendation before the next board meeting.


7.      Staff Collective update                                                                   

Judy & Zale


·         There is an effort to look at a staff collective in a broader view with alternative structures such as a management team

·         Questions have come up about whether someone can opt out of a collective management structure

·         If so, would that apply only to new hires or could a member of the collective decide to opt out at any time

·         Perhaps there would be a period of time where a staff member would decide whether to join the collective

·         Survey results have been communicated to the board and staff

·         On the survey, a staff member reported intimidation.  Staff has no specific information on intimidation or threats of retaliation, due to the confidentiality of the survey. Short of breaching a person's privacy

·         Question of how the board addresses an atmosphere of intimidation

·         The staff is questioning whether they have the skills required for a collective management structure

·         Concern was expressed that the staff has had a year and a half to debate the idea of collective management and still has not reached consensus

·         Question about what the impact of the survey has been on the staff

·         There has been some interest in board/staff retreat to further investigate the idea of how a collective would look

·         Interest in the board concerns being brought to the staff

·         A request was made for a decision-making timeline

·         Does a decision need to be made by the January meeting?

·         The collective will hopefully have something by January

·         A concern arose over the ability, under collective management, of KBOO maintaining a consistent long-term vision

·         Another concern involved potential liability for the board in a collective management structure

·         How will the collective management be compensated?

·         Staff survey shows support for collective management with some qualifications

·         90% think collective management should be tried

·         50% of staff felt that having a station manager is not a viable option. Although 2 staff felt that having a structure with a shared management by 2 - 4 people could be a good option

·         A concern arose over the use of staff hours in developing a plan

·         The process needs to move along

·         Regarding the issue of intimidation, a staff members present is not aware of any intimidation

·         Strong support for a final deadline to make a decision

·         Belief expressed that there are the skills among the staff to operate in a collective management model

·         Are there further ideas on the “management track” model?

·         Full collective vs “management team” models

·         Some discussion regarding the process for the staff/board retreat (ie: dates, place, etc)

·         Concern expressed that there is not the collective long-term memory on the board and that this has all been done before (specifically, holding a retreat to discuss collective management) and, therefore, what is the point to do it again if nothing has changed?


Motion: Whoever is interested, submit an agenda, place, time, and date for a retreat to the board via email for the board to decide whether to have a retreat.


For: 7

Abstain: 1

Opposed: 0


Keller and Alicia will set an agenda and make a plan



8.      BREAK


9.      Closed Session                                                                                            

Motion for closed session for personnel matter




Open session

Motion: Affirm the actions taken by the Finance Coordinator regarding Engineer salary issues

Motion: Send to Personnel and Governance Committee the question of Board of Labor and Industries compliance.




10.  Background on the Chehalis Transmitter                                               

Conch, Debbie, Chris M


Motion: Table agenda item until December meeting

No second



·         KBOO was granted a permit and had 90 days to decide whether the transfer the permit or begin construction

·         A challenge was made to the license

·         The appeal tolled the 90-day deadline

·         KBOO won the first round of appeals

·         FCC ruled that KBOO gets the frequency

·         An additional appeal has been filed, we have responded

·         We are likely to prevail in this round of appeals

·         If we win, we have 90 days to begin construction or transfer the permit

·         Common Frequency agreed to compensate KBOO costs in exchange for the license which it would hold for a non-commercial station

·         Concern expressed that the license is costing KBOO money at a time that we are cutting staff hours

·         Was there board approval to continue forward with the application process

·         There was an attempt to bring to the executive committee but no meeting was scheduled

·         Concern expressed that the $9000 was not included in the budget

·         Did the board ever approve the initial amount and did we approve the additional expenses

·         The purpose of the motion is to affirm the board’s decision from two years ago to move forward with acquiring the license

·         If we decided to retain the license for ourselves, would we be in breach of the agreement with Common Frequency?

·         Yes, we would need to settle with them

·         If KBOO kept the license, would we need to change it?

·         No, it can be a repeater without a change

·         Comment that the board never approved that the foundation would run a station


11.  Motion: “That the KBOO Foundation retain the Chehalis FCC                       

license for use by The KBOO Foundation and its



Motion withdrawn


·         Comment that no costs will be expended between now and December

·         A concern that board votes are aspirational and the staff needs to operationalize and if no money then no action


Motion: That requests for Executive Committee Meetings be made by phone and email


For: 7

Abstain: 2

Opposed: 0

Note: Paula would prefer just an email.


Board requested further updates on the Chehalis Transmitter issue


12.  Board meeting facilitator discussion and vote                          

Decision on whether to continue with brush as

board facilitator



·         It appears the be the sense of the Executive Committee to extend the facilitation contract for three months

·         There is also a call for clarity in the distinction between the facilitator and board president and training

Motion: To refer to the Finance Committee to determine and propose a fair rate for the facilitator

Motion Seconded



Motion: For a three month extension of the facilitator contract and opportunity to extend and clarify the role of the facilitator.

·         Discussion about whether the facilitator should be a facilitator or a a trainer

Motion Seconded



13.  Motion: To refer to the Personnel and Governance Committee the task of developing a board calendar.

·         The calendar should include at least:

o   board meeting dates

o   schedule of staff reports

o   due dates for agenda items

o   Return to board in January meeting

Motion Seconded

For: 8

Absention: 1

Opposed: 0


14.   “That the KBOO Foundation recount all the 2011 ballots,      10 minutes

including the 12 ballots rejected by Linda Barkus, CPA,

for not having a signature on the envelope”

·         Motion & Decision


No second


Motion: To affirm that the election was done according to all procedures and Oregon law



For: 5

Abstain: 2

Opposed: 1


15.  Agenda Item Request Form                                                          

Marc & Conch

·          Item withdrawn

16.  Committee Updates:                                                          

·         Personnel & Governance

o   Stuck at the Development Director Job Description

§  The personnel/governance committee made changes to the job description and forwarded it to the board this past July.  No board action was taken

§  Request was made that the altered job description be sent to the board for review in December.

o   Considering proposing changes the Section 8 of the bylaws

§  A draft will be created for the future to present to the board

§  Had a presentation on the staff hours

·         Nominations Committee

o   See minutes

·         Programming Committee

o   Spintron is working well (music identification software)

o   Occupy Portland second stream going well

o   Surveys workgroup will talk to Lyn

o   Firesign theater will be broadcasting to replace a show

·         Finance Committee

o   concern with Interim Development Director and the open hiring process

o   Wants process to move foward

o   Staff would like to move forward

o   Job description not appropriate

o   Board needs to advise on the job description

o   Ani, Zale, Alica,  Paula, and Judy someone to email to move process forward

·         Development Committee

·         Engineering Workgroup

·         Strategic Planning Workgroup

o   Talking about how to keep board informed


17.   Public Comment Period II                                                



Future Agenda Items


1. Reinstatement of Marcus Mosseley/Spider Moccasin


2.      Motion to refer to Personnel and Governance Committee      

re: E-mail communication and vote

“I move to refer to the Personnel and Governance Committee

these questions about board, staff, and committee emails:

a.      Is KBOO required to have board, staff and committee

email lists that are open to anyone who signs up for them?

b.      If not required, what guidelines should we have about

who can be on board, staff, and committee email lists

other than board, staff, and KBOO members

currently serving on a particular committee



dev staff member job description


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/10/24


OCTOBER 24, 2011


Directors present: Paula, Lyn, Marc, Alica, SW (Conch), Judy, Keller, Michael, Chris, Hadrian

Directors absent: Marie

Public attendees: Kurt Lauer

Staff atendees: Zale, Ani



-Keller to write a letter to Maire

-Judy to provide an update in November on the Staffing Needs Assessment analysis.


1. Board Check-In


2. (Re-)Intro of brush as Facilitator


Brief discussion on decision-making process

Consensus model vs Roberts Rules of Order


3. Approval of agenda


Michael moves to add an agenda item to discuss a proposed recount in regard to the recent elections

No second


Michael moves to add an agenda item regarding the failure of the Personnel and Governance workgroup to do what it was charged to do by the board.  Specifically, to have the workgroup seek consultation with legal counsel regarding whether the combination of the committees is permitted by the foundation bylaws.



No support


Board consents to the agenda.


4. Approval of Board Minutes


Board unanimously approves the September 2011 minutes.


5. Personnel & Governance Workgroup Update & Vote


The question for the board is whether to recombine the Personnel Committee and Governance Committee


Some concern expressed over lack of a board representative on the Governance Committee


A request was made to refer the issue back to the workgroup or a new Governance Committee to do what it was charged to do or, in the alternative, for the board to act without the advice of the workgroup.


It was clarified that there are more board members of the Governance Committee


The Workgroup proposes to recombine the Personnel and Governance Committees


A summary of the report was presented to the board


A motion was made to recombine the Governance and Personnel Committees to the status quo ante.

Motion seconded.

For: 6

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 1


Motion passes.


6. Appointment of Board Officers & Committee Liaisons


President: S.W. Conser (Conch)

Vice-President: Judy Fiestal

Treasurer: Paula Small

Secretary: Marc Brown

Member at large: Keller Henry


Concern about the number of board members on each committee

Paula moves to limit each committee to no more than two voting members

Motion seconded

Desire for secret ballot expressed

Paula moves to amend the motion to vote on each committee as a whole aside from the Personnel/Governance Committee and Nominating Committee

Amendment seconded

For amending: 8

Opposed to amending: 0

Abstain: 1


Vote on the motion as amended

Board consents

For: 9

Opposed: 0


Secret ballot held for Nominating Committee

Marc: 9

Lyn: 9

Alicia: 8

Keller: 6

Paula: 5


Programming Committee: Lyn

Personnel/Governance Committee: Alicia, Keller

Finance Committee: Paula, Chris

Development Committee: Hadrian, Keller

Engineering Workgroup: Keller

Web Liason: SW (Conch)

Strategic Planning Workgroup: Judy, Chris

Nominating Committee: Marc, Keller, Alicia, Paula, Lyn


 7. Public Comment I




8. Motion to Remove Maire Cullen-Gilmore, Board Member, for cause


Motion presented by Paula:


I move to remove Board member, Maire Cullen-Gilmore, pursuant to Article VI, section 8(b) of KBOO Foundation's bylaws, for "conduct harmful to the corporation."


Motion seconded


A suggestion made that the issue should be sent to the Nominating Committee.

A member moves to send the issue to the Nominating Committee

No second.


A board member asked that the specific behavior be stated.


For cause: She was listed as attending a meeting where there was a discussion about sabotaging the spring fund drive. 

That fact was confirmed by a candidate at the annual meeting

Her behavior has been harmful to the foundation and in conflict with her fiduciary duties to the KBOO Foundation

Is that information hearsay or was it witnessed by someone

It was stated by a candidate who tried to excuse the action as a way to put out information but the minutes of that meeting stated otherwise.

An objection was made on civil liberty grounds

Maire is not recorded in the minutes and may have been asleep during the meeting as far as the board knows


It was pointed out that the board needs directors who attend meetings

Attendance is a separate issue

Maire is absent from the board meeting again


Amendment to the motion: To remove for failure to attend board meetings pursuant to Article VI, Section 8(a) of the KBOO Foundation Bylaws for missing three or more board meetings per year, including the annual meeting.

Amendment seconded.

Board consents to the amendment


Vote on motion as amended

For: 7

Opposed: 1

Abstain: 1


Motion passes.


Keller proposes that she write a letter to Maire

It was pointed out that the letter should come from the secretary

Secretary proposes to delegate to Keller to write a letter

Board consents.


9. Staffing Needs Work Group Update


Judy explains the history and process of the workgroup

The group felt that neither proposal had a strategic view

The group recommends to temporarily accepting the staff majority proposal, for 90 days, to reduce 5 hours from every full time position.

The workgroup will be empowered to take on a staffing needs assessment.


Motion to approve the proposal as follows:


“The Board endorses the staff majority proposal to cut hours in positions TEMPORARILY - for ninety days. During that time the Staffing Needs Work Group will develop a plan to do a “staffing needs assessment” at the station and make a recommendation on staffing needs by the December board meeting.  In addition, all interim hires will continue until a staffing level proposal is determined.”


Question raised regarding the benefits for the Youth Advocate Trainee Coordinator

A director wants to stay with the original recommendation with the benefits cut


Motion to amend the proposal to remove the Youth Advocate Position from the proposal and send the question of paid time off (PTO )and comp time to the Personnel/Governance Committee.

Motion to amend seconded

Board consents to amending the proposal

For: 9

Opposed: 0


Vote to accept the proposal as amended

Board consents

For: 9

Opposed: 0


Judy will provide an update in November for a vote in December.


10. Public Comment II


Meeting Adjourns



Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/09/26


 Board members present (during quorum): Chris Andreae, Kurt Lauer, Judy Fiestal, Erin Brand, Keller Henry, Michael Papadopoulos & Paula Small.

Board members absent; Becky Chiao (gave notice of absence from the meeting), Hadrian Micciche (gave notice of absence from the meeting, Maire Cullen-Gilmore & Mireille Villarqui.

 Pete Meyers resigned prior to the Board meeting.

 Board members-to-be-seated: Alicia Olson, Lyn Moelich, S.W. Conser & Marc Brown.

 Members of the public: Debbie Rabidue, Andrew Geller, Per Fagereng, John Mackey

 (Note: Quorum not present.  All notes prior to quorum are informational only.)

 Thank You to Outgoing Board Members / Welcome to Newly-Elected Board Members

 Paula thanks the outgoing board members

Ani thanks the outgoing board members on behalf of staff and thanks new board members

 (Re-)Introduction of brush as Board Meeting Facilitator

 Thanks everyone for participating in meetings

Explains his role to support the board and facilitate communications and focus conversation and clarify process

 Public Comment I

 Andrew Geller

speaking as a single staff person

asks the board not to make budget decision that would hamper fundraising

 Discussion on whether the public comments should be recorded

 Orientation/packets/nominating committee

 introduction of new board members

Brainstorming what should be in the packet

Questions regarding decision-making process

Orientation on Oct 17

 Keller has a request from personnel committee to set up a process to improve communication between board and committees

Need to get feedback on development job description

 Erin passes out letter from CPA with audit letters and financial statements

 (quorum reached at 7:12, Meeting called to order)

 Review of the findings and conclusions of the audit by financial coordinator

 7:21  FY12 Budget Proposal from Finance Committee & Vote

 7:23  Propsal has a $15,000 deficit in financial committee recommendation

7:30  Questions regarding proposal

How do we quantify volunteer hours?

Request for more details on development position

 7:40  BREAK


 Budget proposal continued

 Staff salaries discussed

finance committee recommends a lump sum for employee costs

working group would consider everything and determine specifics

8:05  Staffing wages 9.3% decrease in proposal

8:10  discussion on staffing details

 8:15  Erin moves for the board to approve budget proposal

Paula seconds

Vote called

 In favor 6

Opposed 0

 Erin asks for clarification on the makeup of the workgroup

Finance coordinator describes the recommended makeup

Question regarding whether the meetings will be open

Answer: dealing with personnel issues so not open

 (8:21 quorum lost)

 (8:27 quorum regained)

 8:27  Erin moves to form workgroup to get staffing levels for 2012 budget

Chris seconds

Workgroup to consist of the following:

Board representative

Staff representative

Finance committee representative

Personnel committee representative


 Vote called

 In favor 6

Opposed 0

 8:30 Erin moves for board to approve extended hours for the finance asst and admin asst through end of november

Keller seconds

Vote called

In favor 6

Opposed 0

 8:32 call to designate board representative


 (8:35 Quorum lost)

 Executive committee will meet at a time to be announced

 NEXT BOARD MEETING OCTOBER 24, 2011 at 6:00 pm.




Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/09/04 - Executive Committee


KBOO Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
September 4th, 2011 – Three Friend Coffeehouse
In Attendence:
Kurt Lauer – President
Erin Brand – Treasurer
Keller Henry – Member at Large
Paula Small – Board Member
Meeting begins at 11:20am
Action Items:
The Executive Committee approves hiring legal representation for a personnel issue. Chris Merrick and Andrew Geller will be staff representatives to the lawyer.
The Executive Committee approves up to $2,000 for IT services.
Meeting ends at 11:50am
Erin will type up and send out minutes from the meeting.
Paula will follow up with Chris and the rest of staff about possible referrals for IT services.
Paula will notify Chris and Andrew about being staff reps to lawyer.

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/08/22

Regular Meeting of the KBOO Foundation Board of Directors, August 22, 2011

Place: KBOO offices


Proper notice of the meeting was given.

Present: Keller, Paula, Kurt, Becky, Hadrian, Pete, Michael, Chris A.

Absent: Judy, Nia, Maire, Mimi

A quorum was present.

Staff liaisons present: Zale, Ani

All times p.m.


6:08     Board check in.


6:13     Public comment period #1.


617      Reintroduction of Brush as facilitator.


6:23     Approve July 2011 board meeting minutes.

Becky makes a motion to approve the July 2011 minutes.

Erin seconds the motion.

6 for

0 oppose

1 abstains

The motion carries.


6:25     Governance Committee appointments and charter.

Keller makes a motion to recombine the Governance and Personnel committees into one committee.

Becky seconds the motion.

Hadrian makes a motion to refer such issue to a workgroup for review of whether such recombining action is permitted by the bylaws or in the best interest of the foundation.


Discussion that led to above-worded motion: Keller believes we should have consulted with the committees and its members; we acted rather than consulted. She offers the rationale of the original combination being convenience, as the two committees consisted of the same members. Ani concurs. Michael reiterates that decision at the July 2011 board meeting re creating the Governance committee was within the board’s power and binding and is hesitant and vigilant about the dangers and risks of reversing that decision. Ani quoted language from a document re something “not limited to”; that the PersGov Committee could be combined. She also wants to know what the Governance Committee’s charge would be. Erin agrees with Paula that the two committees should remain separate. Hadrian raised a point of order, calling for the issue to be referred to the proposed ad hoc committee. Paula made a friendly amendment, namely, that it not be an ad hoc committee, but rather a workgroup. Hadrian accepted the friendly amendment, then reiterated his motion, merely substituting “workgroup” for “ad hoc committee.” Standing motion is to refer Keller’s motion to a workgroup. Hadrian accepted as friendly amendment: that workgroup have charge of seeking consultation with legal opinion to see if such combination or recombination is permitted by the bylaws.

Kurt calls for the vote.

6 for

1 opposes

0 abstain

The amended motion carries. The workgroup consists of the members of the Personnel Committee and the Governance Committee.


Hadrian makes a motion to appoint to the workgroup one person opposed to the motion just voted upon, one neutral, and one in favor.

The motion is not seconded.

The motion fails.


7:13     Break


7:33     Board member attendance. Maire as example. Straw poll suggested by Brush. Michael believes there to be ADA issues. Keller disagrees. 5 people would put it to an agenda item, 1 would not, 3 abstain.


7:50     Discussion re closed session re personnel decisions.

Hadrian makes a motion to move into closed session to consider people working as independent contractors and temporary employees.

Erin seconds the motion.

Michael makes a friendly amendment that we discuss named individuals. The amendment is rejected.

Kurt calls for the vote.

7 for

1 opposes

0 abstain

The motion carries.

The board moves into closed session.


Hadrian makes a motion to end closed session.

Kurt seconds the motion.

Kurt calls for the vote.

8 for

0 oppose

0 abstain

The motion carries

The board moves out of closed session.



Erin makes a motion to continue the interim positions of finance assistant, development director, and chief engineer to November 1, 2011.

Keller seconds the motion.

7 for

0 oppose

1 abstains

The motion carries.


Paula makes a motion that Chris Merrick negotiate a contract with Robert Leigh.

Chris A. seconds the motion.

The vote is unanimous.

The motion carries.


8:56     Committee reports

Ballots in the mail. Agenda for annual meeting. On-air forums with the candidates August 29 or 30.

The other committee reports will be submitted in writing.


Director Nia Lewis tendered her resignation, thereby creating a vacancy on the Executive Committee.

Erin makes a motion to appoint Keller to the Executive Committee

Kurt seconds the motion

7 for

0 oppose

1 abstains


Public comment period #1.


Keller makes a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Kurt seconds the motion.

The vote is unanimous.

The motion carries.


Next regular meeting of the Board of Directors: September 26, 2011.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.



Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/07/25

 Regular Meeting of the KBOO Foundation Board of Directors, July 25, 2011

Place: KBOO offices


Proper notice of the meeting was given.

Present: Keller, Paula, Kurt, Becky, Judy, Nia, Hadrian, Pete, Chris A., Michael

Absent: Mimi, Maire

A quorum was present.


6:09 p.m.: Board check in.


6:18: Reintroduction of Brush as board meeting facilitator.


6:32: Consent Agenda presented by Paula.

1.      Appoint Pete as Secretary of the Board.

2.      Approve June 2011 Board meeting minutes.

3.      Approve grant application proposal.

4.      Strategic Plan Implementation workgroup.

5.      Approve amending bylaws re finance committee

6.      Review June’s “next steps.”

7.      Approve Brush as Board meeting facilitator.

8.      Separate the Personnel/Governance Committee into two committees.


1.      Appoint Pete as Secretary of the Board

Erin makes a motion to appoint Pete as secretary.

Nia seconds the motion.

The vote is unanimous.

The motion carried.


2.      Approve June 2011 Board meeting minutes.

Judy makes a motion to approve the June minutes as amended, with corrections.

Becky seconds the motion.

Discussion: Michael cannot approve the minutes because they go beyond mere minutes. Refers the question to the governance committee re content of minutes. Becky asks that board members submit suggested changes or amendments to the minutes than approve.

6 for (Erin, Paula, Kurt, Nia, Hadrian, Becky)

1 opposes (Michael)

3 abstain (Pete, Keller, Chris)

The motion carried.


3.      Approve grant application proposal.

Grant application proposal (for the Community Consultancy Project of the Organizational Development Network)

Judy makes a motion to apply for the grant.

Paula seconds the motion.

Discussion: Keller asks about additional fees. Hadrian responds that it is a flat $50 fee and we cover our own costs, as necessary, such as printing and mailing. Hadrian will circulate a copy of the application packet.

Kurt calls for the vote.

The vote is unanimous.

The motion carried.


4.      Strategic Plan Implementation workgroup

Erin made a motion that the Board support the SPI workgroup comprising Judy, Becky, Chris M., and Andrew.

Nia seconded the motion.

Discussion: Judy stated that the workgroup would merely function as a project manager. Keller stated that she believed the workgroup would flesh out the Plan more, not simply ensure that timelines were met. Michael stated that the proposal under discussion was unrefined and questioned the authority of the workgroup for the purpose of advising the Board, that the Bylaws do not provide for this type of group.

8 for

0 opposed

1 abstained

The motion carried.


5.      Approve amending bylaws re finance committee

Erin made a motion to change the Bylaw language with respect to the finance committee (see attached).

Keller seconded the motion.

The vote is unanimous.

The motion carried.


6.      Review June’s “next steps.”

Paula stated that everything in the next steps happened.


7.      Approve Brush as Board meeting facilitator.

Becky made a motion that the Board contract with Brush for him to facilitate the August and September Board meetings.

Nia seconded the motion.

Discussion: Chris questioned the authority for having brought in Brush in the first place. Paula answered that his references were checked.

Hadrian called for the vote.

9 for

0 opposed

1 abstained


8.      Separate the Personnel/Governance Committee into two committees.

No motion, just discussion.

Michael stated that, according to the Bylaws, the Personnel Committee is that the only one that exists; there is not Governance Committee mentioned in the Bylaws. He suggests that the Personnel Committee be separated from the personnel/Governance Committee, and then the personnel Committee can go off and do what it does. If the Board wants a governance committee, the board must create it and charge it. Michael and Hadrian agreed to draft the language for a relevant motion over the break.


7:39: Break


Michael made a motion to create a governance committee under Article 8, Section 3 of the Bylaws to advise the Board on matters of governance.

Hadrian seconded the motion.

Michael restated the motion that the current Personnel/Governance Committee be reformed as the Personnel Committee and that the Board create a governance committee under Article 8, Section 3 of the Bylaws to advise the Board on matters of governance.

Becky makes a friendly amendment to appoint Michael and Hadrian as members of said committee.

9 for

0 opposed

1 abstained (Nia)

The motion carried.


Discussion re Collective Staff Management proposal.


8:47: Keller made a motion to move to closed session to discuss matters relating to individual employees.

Nia seconded the motion.

9 for

1 against (Michael)

0 abstain

The motion carried.


9:25: Keller made a motion to move out of closed session.

Nia seconded the motion.

9 for

0 against

1 abstained

The motion carried.


Further discussion re Collective Staff Management proposal.


Discussion re banning. Referred to Governance Committee.


Review Policy #1: Tabled.


Nominating Committee report: Seeking Board approval to put four positions on the ballot, but only one person had announced as a candidate. Must mail annual meeting notice to members by August 17, 2011.


Personnel Committee report: Prepared to have Board review and approve job description for Development Director.


Next regular meeting of Board: August 22, 2011.


Meeting adjourned at 9:52 p.m.


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/06/27

KBOO Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting

June 27, 2011




Kurt Lauer,  President

Erin Brand, Treasurer

Maire Cullen

Hadrian Micciche

Mimi Villarqui

Becky Chiao, Notetaker

Paula Small, Vice President

Judy Fiestal

Chris Andrae


Staff—Ani Haines, Zale Chadwick


Public visitors—

Louis Sowa

Mark Allyn

Per Fagereng

Dave Mazza

Alicia Olson

Herschel Soles

Bruce Silverman

VJ Beauchamp

Kathy Bushman

Yvette Maranowski

Glen Owen

unfinished sentence: Chris in the interests of saving time—we should hire a manager and then implement a Strategic Plan


brush providing facilitator services

Paula Chairing


Intro brush  as facilitator this month and next month’s meetings


He’s honored to be here working with us at KBOO.  He wants to help us work effectively as activists


Camera from Portland Alliance,  Ani is facilitating


Michael came in to the meeting to applause


brush tried to go on with his facilitation.  Michael made a point of order challenging brush’s facilitation of the meeting.  brush said that he wasn’t taking over as President.  Paula and Hadrian talked about the facilitator.  Michael said the issue of facilitation can be addressed by the ad hoc committee.  brush said that  Kurt will be presiding over the meeting.


Maura said should we have a vote about this?  The bylaws are specific.  Maybe if we are going to delegate the power there should be a vote.


Brush pointed out that this type of issue makes it difficult to carry on board business and that it helps to have these issues raised prior to the meeting.


Glenn Owen was hissing while Ani spoke about the history of bringing in note takers and facilitators.

Michael read from the bylaws about the President shall preside over board meetings and the VP powers.


Judy interprets shall preside as meaning that Kurt is presiding and that brush is facilitating.


Judy moved that we engage brush to facilitate this meeting and the meeting.  Hadrian seconded.  Erin seconded the amended version


Discussion—Maire suggested that in the future we send the president to facilitation training.


Zale suggested an amendment that is reflected in text of the motion above.


Dave Mazza said that he has been on many boards and that a president can delegate tasks but still has responsibility.  Glenn started hissing again and Dave said he was very disappointed to see people acting with such lack of respect.


Michael said he is OK with brush facilitating as long as someone can explain to him how someone can delegate authority to preside.  Per said it has to do with the fact that when you have delegated authority you still have responsibility if it doesn’t go well.  Yvette said the verb "preside" is active not passive and suggested we look at the dictionary definition. 


Hadrian offered an operational definition of "preside" for this
meeting: The President will directly handle the legal aspects of the
meeting such as recognizing motions and votes, while allowing brush,
acting under the under the President's supervision, to facilitate the
board's discussion.


Vote—6  Paula, Hadrian, Mimi, Erin Becky Judy

2 no—Michael and Maire

1 absention—Chris who just came in


Motion passed.  Brush said that shows the challenges and the positive things we have here at board meetings.  He said we have the history of meetings being harder than they need to be that we could experience here.  He honored powerful words that expressed the history of people’s strong feelings about the  he understands that the facilitator has a powerful role and you have to trust that everyone is treated fairly.  A facilitator can also help people with communication breakdowns.


He encourages us to focus on what the board can do for the rest of the meeting.


MP said he appreciates the need that we have to have trust.  He wants to resolve conflict within KBOO management so that people don’t feel like the only way they will be heard is if they bring a lawsuit.


Brush said part of the history of the meetings is that they go on beyond 3 hours and that that length makes the meetings difficult and he would like to help us work toward having tighter meetings.  For that to happen, not everyone gets to say everything they would like to say.  People have to be self aware and brush will also have to intervene sometimes to move things along.  He said, we might not be done at 9.  He would like to practice an experiment on not taking all comments on each topics.


We continued the review of the agenda.  Hadrian suggested putting a person with each item, brush said it doesn’t have to be ownership.


Ani said she would like to go over ground rules/kboo house rules

Judy pointed out we need to approve minutes and announce the annual meeting.


Michael said where are the committee reports?  Brush responded that they were in the email discussions that we could save time by having the reports via email.  Michael objected to that, but we agreed to have the reports  attached to the minutes


Michael Papadapoulos—


Kurt made a motion  that the Board acknowledge the court order placing Michael Papdopoulos on the Board of Directors as the 13th seated member and to retain said seat until the end of the 2012 election cycle.


Hadrian seconded


Discussion—Yvette said the original motion was in violation of the judges’s


Unanimous (with MP not voting)


A motion on unbanning?  MP said he was banned because of litigation and would like it to be lifted.

Hadrian moved to remove the ban on Michael’s presence because the litigation is over.


MP said the initial motion was a direction to the staff that they ban Michael.  Ani said it was a board action not a staff action.  Brush said the goal seems to be to undo whatever was done before.

Chris said she has always had a problem with the banning in general.  What about the other people who have been banned?  Hadrian interrupted Chris with a point of order.  Brush said that he is in an ambiguous position, kind of facilitator and kind of not.  He pointed out the issue of interrupting, brush suggested that people address him or the President.  Hadrian acknowledged that. 


Judy said that for her to vote on this she would need some certainties on his behavior because of the way he acted at the Community Meeting, taking the microphone out of the facilitator’s hands.

Brush said that if we want to get to all of our work done we need to proceed.


Michael’s proposal--he moves that the board rescind it’s motion of February 2009 at which we ordered the staff to ban Michael from the station because of his litigation.


Mimi moves  that we remove the ban to allow Michael Papadapolous to complete his work as a board member. Hadrian withdrew his prior motion and seconded this.



Yvette said that there are laws protecting people who are going into a hostile situation as a whistleblower, there is no language to protect him from retaliation, so this is a bigger issue. Chris said in the future we should look at the policy of banning.


Kathy said the house rules indicate that we should be inclusive and that banning seems haphazard and arbitrary.



Yes--Maura, Michael, Hadrian Mimi Erin Chris

Opposed- Paula

Abstain—Judy and Becky


Check-ins—is there some thing you are bringing in that you would like to share for people to know about you tonight.  brush said he is a bit tired tonight.


MP said he is glad to be reseated and unbanned so he can now function the way the members wanted him to be when he was elected.  His platform when elected was to examine and reconsider the banning process at KBOO as a cultural item.


Chris said she was glad brush is facilitating.  She would like to know what type of hierarchies exist to allow one person to go hire someone.


Zale had a good time outside, Becky thanked Chris for having us over.  Erin said she is tired too.  Ani is looking forward to this meeting hoping that we can get through a lot of issues.  Mimi is looking forward to see people observe the house rules.  Hadrian had a good time tabling at the No Fest.  Ani said there are lots of opportunities this weekend at the Blues Fest.


Ani talked about the  House Rules—we all need to feel comfortable being ourselves here.  People need to be respectful.  We have a facilitator we should defer to.  People need to feel safe and included and welcome.  When there are differences in opinion we should engaged the idea not the person, be engaged but no personal attacks.  Every day is daily practice in communicating under the house rules to listen and be receptive to work to serve the station.  The house rules were written in 2003  by a group of volunteers, eventually the board adopted them in 2005


Public Comment


Mark Allyn said he had been on the board for a long time.  And thank you.


Dave Mazza said he has been on the Strategic Planning Committee and that the Strategic Plan was very inclusive in comparison to other groups he has worked with, he hopes people will remember that it is a blueprint.  He encourages the board to adopt the plan—and KBOO needs to move ahead.  Don’t have it become a document on a shelf.


Kathy likes the house rules and says that she thinks Michael’s treatment was not in accord with the house rules.


Yvette is protesting, it isn’t personal, it is political.  It’s not helpful when people make polarizing comments.  She has tried to meet with Kurt and Paula and they wouldn’t.  She doesn’t know how to work with the board when there needs to be conversation.  She thinks there may be an appearance that we are breaking the bylaws by having the facilitator.


New Secretary—any volunteers?  We could pay for a minute taker.  Judy says what about Pete?  (He’s not here)  Erin said that nominating committee could ask Pete and then report back.


Becky said whoever does become Secretary will have a backlog of minutes to approve. 


Judy moved that we approve the April and May minutes


Yes-- Judy, Paula, Hadrian Mimi Erin chris

Abstaining—Maura, Michael


Erin said the nominating committee should also make sure there is a transition between new Sec. and Keller


Motion to give Chris the authority to negotiate contracts with our SCAs carriers—there are two contracts  Radio Korea and Radio Vietnam.  Last month we gave him the authority to renegotiate one of the contracts. This month the second contract is up.  Kurt explained the history to Michael P.


Kurt moved that we allow Chris Merrick to renegotiate the contract with FM Korea to the best of his abilities in the interests of KBOO through the end of September 2011.  Seconded by Hadrian.


Mimi asked if we can specify an end date of September like we did the other?  (motion amended)


Yvettte asked the top three reasons why this is in KBOOs best


Yes—Judy Paula Hadrian Mimi Erin, Chris Becky

Abstaining—Michael and Maire 


Nominating Committee suggests announcing the  annual membership meeting  on Saturday September 17th  10am-12pm 


 Erin moves that the Board of Directors  set the annual meeting for Saturday September 17, 2011. Hadrian seconded.


 Erin and Michael pointed out that once the date is set that certain other dates are set in motion by the bylaws.  We need time to print the candidates’ statements and ballots.  Michael asks what could we do to make it a big event so that we can get a quorum of members at the meeting.  Michael says he would make it as a friendly amendment. 


Maura said that she is worried about shortening the time to two hours from three.  That isn’t part of the motion, the date and time have not been set yet.


Vote—unanimously in favor.


Erin said that Becky is the chair of the nominating committee.  All board members can participate in the nominating committee.


Michael wants the full board to discuss how to get a quorum.  brush says the details of the annual meeting will come to the board at the July meeting.


Nia Lewis came in wasn’t part of any of the votes before this point.


Budget Review—Erin handed out Debbie’s mid-year summary.  She said we are ahead on membership because we’d budgeted for a decline not flat.  She thinks Andrew is doing a great job and may not give himself enough credit.


Our bank fees are still very high and going over budget because we have a huge increase in web donations.


Judy asked what is our expected deficit this year?  $48,000

We had the air conditioner expense and may have other unexpected costs.


Chris said that she would like to attend the financial retreat.   It would be for the whole board.  We haven’t scheduled it yet.  Ani asked if there will be staff representation?  Erin said, Debbie and Mel, maybe the staff liaisons, not sure.  Ani said she wants to make sure there is communication, in the past a Station Manager would be there.


Other questions to feed the retreat?  Hadrian says it is the biggest obligation for board members the retreat would be for all board members and informed by the staffing/management plan.  The budget has to match the realities of the staffing plan.  Erin said yes that and the Strategic Plan.


Scheduling the retreat?  July 17, Paula out of town.  About 4 hours.  Sat Sun July 30-31?  After the next board meeting?   Sunday July 31.  We’ll set the place later Paula will look for an accessible space in the Metro area.  1-5 pm




8:05 pm  brush welcomed us back said that our scheduling of the budget retreat shows that the board is functioning, despite some hiccups.



Strategic Plan-30 minutes of time allocated


Erin suggested that we go around to see where each person is with it.  Brush said there is a desire for it to be approved and a go around might take up all of the time.    It might be better to have a motion proposed.


Chris said that she has heard that there is some push back from people—it is a good idea to hear out concerns.




Michael P. said that the strategic plan encompasses the Staff Management proposal.  Is it possible to separate out the Strategic Plan from the management proposal?  Yes that is what we are doing.


Hadrian proposes that we adopt the strategic plan as a living breathing document to move us forward.  Erin seconds it.


Michael asks what do you mean as a living documents?  Does that mean that it gets changed next week?


Judy said we call it a living document because it is a road map—there may be obstructions that we have to change course along the way, but the plan shows the main goals we are seeking to accomoplish in the next five years.  We will need to adapt and keep it moving.


Becky asked if after the board approves it will it be released to the public again in meetings?  To the committees?  Kurt said what the board approves would be looked at by on going volunteer/staff and board groups implementing the plan.  Judy said at anytime time goals can be revisited.  The staff generally endorsed the strategic plan but said we still have work to do on it  like the org chart.  The plan suggests assignments and time lines.  But Judy thinks the board should create a work group to shepherd the plan along.


Nia clarified if the plan is approved as there are adjustments would they need board approval?  Judy said we’d have a big picture executive summary of what we’d like to see done and if those things are changed in any real way that the board would approve, but if a timeline is shifted for example then we wouldn’t need board approval, but we would entrust the working group to make those adjustments.  We will need to seek funding, the plan calls for a lot of staff time.  The board should get updates on how we are doing on the strategic plan.


Brush said the questions are about what does it mean for the board to approve of the strategic plan?  He said that it would mean that the board supports the plan, but it isn’t binding.  Based on his experience with this type of thing t is a vision.


Chris said that it is vague/broad can be adapted.  Our environment is changing.  This seems to follow trends, it would be a mistake to try to be like NPR.  She thinks we should identify the KBOO brand.  People might not want slick production values over grittiness.  Where is there room for setting trends.  She doesn’t like the term Media Center, but the point is that the goal should be setting trends not simply following them.  Respond to the cultural climate rather than  react to it.  She thinks it conflicts with collective management, we don’t have time.  We should identify the parts of the plan that involve developing brand KBOO and selling that.  She thinks there is a conflict with collective management and the plan.


Michael sent around a document from someone who talked about the difference between a money raising organization vs. and activist organization.   He wants the members to approve it after the board.


Maura is concerned about certain vagaries in the language.  The processes for how it is accountable to the board, wants monthly updates.  She doesn’t understand where the line would be drawn between the implementing committee and the board.  Election coming up.  She is inclined to wait until after the election, the make-up of the board may change.  Make it clear to the members that we are just shepherds of their will.  She has concerns about costs and vagaries about language.  How representative is it going to be?  What will the costs be?


Erin’s two biggest concerns are budgeting for the next fiscal year—are we waiting for some grant money or going to budget money for some of the items.  The plan is very dependent on the development director and right now we have an interim development director we should address that if we approve the plan.


Paula said we already devoted foundation money to put this forward and we should follow through with a working group to address the issues.



brush has been hearing that the intention of approval of the board at this point it so put the boards weight behind the process and the goals, there can be ongoing input from the membership and the new board, and ironing out some of the pieces.  This would be an endorsement of the momentum with development in the future.  Are there people who would not agree to it with that understanding?


Michael says he hasn’t heard of any good reason why to adopt it—the money and energy are necessarily reasons to adopt.  He has no reason to trust or distrust the people who put it together.  At some point the elements of the plan could bring up issues of they bylaws and other requirements that pertain to KBOO.  He would like a formal opinion from experts—legal employment etc.


Chris said she hopes there is flexibility for interpretation—looking at page 71, the community survey, page 73 we should pay attention to what the members say.  She doesn’t see the plan as representing what the comments are from the members.  The plan was based on information from the survey but she didn’t see that.


Maire says she isn’t against delegating things, the plan isn’t explicit enough about which decisions will be retained by the board.  It would make a great candidates debate and to hear what the members say.


Brush summarized the concerns—legal advice, membership involvement.


Erin says that there were experts on the working group already, lawyers and experts helped to draft the document.  A lot of different sets of eyes have already looking at it.  If we adopt it now, there will be turnover on the board each year for the 5 years of the plan.


Michael has a motion—or suggested amendment the we do not adopt the strategic plan without first getting the consent of the membership.  Hadrian does not accept that as a friendly amendment


Vote on amendment


Yes--Maura and Michael


No,--Mia, Mimi, Judy, Paula, Hadrian, Erin, Becky, NIa, Chris


Review of the motion: 


Hadrian proposes that we adopt the strategic plan as a living breathing document to move us forward.  Erin seconds it.



Becky suggested that we add that the strategic plan will be presented to the members at or before the annual meeting in September.  Hadrian accepted the amendment.


Discussion—Per said it sounds like we are setting it up so that we will move forward without much input from the membership.  We’ve only had one meeting of the membership about this, not very good input from the public.  He thinks Chris’s question is a good one about what is KBOO.  He would like there to be more discussion.  He doesn’t think there has been a good process so far.


Yvette said she has seen people asking for trouble, the it will fail, she is tired of all of the fighting.  The project was not done in a democratic fashion she isn’t sure if  it can be implemented openly.  Things are done behind closed doors, there is an artificial rush.  She thinks it is up to the new board.


Kathy thinks the membership hasn’t been involved in this.


Motion that the board adopt the strategic plan as a living breathing document to move us forward which will be presented to the members at or before the annual meeting in September.


Michael suggests an amendment adding presented to the members for approval.  Hadrian rejected that amendment.  Maura seconded  that proposed amendment.


In favor of Michael’s amendment—Maire and Michael


Opposed Judy, Paula , Mimi, Erin, Nia, Chris


Abstaining Becky


Mimi would like to offer and amendment—“fully respecting KBOO’s  bylaws” Maura seconded.


brush pointed out for people to notice the feelings here and figure out how to acknowledge the disagreements and move forward.  Roberts rules can just move things if we want to use them.


Vote on the amendment


In favor—Mimi Michael

Opposed Paula Erin Nia Hadrian

Abstained—Becky and Judy


Vote on motion on the table—


In favor,  Judy Paula Hadrian Mimi Erin Nia Chris Becky

Opposed, Michael and Maire.


Brush observed how once it became polarized and we weren’t seeking consensus then one side tries to slow things down and the other side kind of has to steam roll.


Erin said even though it was difficult, she is very proud that we adopted the document.  Brush said that he has heard a lot of concerns but also a lot of accolades about the process.


Judy says we still do need to set up an implementation work group.  We can do it in July.


Maire wants to make it clear that none of her objections were personal, we all want what is best for KBOO.  Roberts rules are about protected the rights of the minority position.  She doesn’t like to feel rushed getting the language correct.  She doesn’t want people to infer that she is just trying to slow things down.  Just because you know you are going to win a vote don’t stop listening to the concerns of others. 


Brush thanked her for that comment.


Nia would like the work group by email to be set up quickly, because the plan’s time table is already ticking.  Judy will set up the first email.  She asked Maire if she can get email.  She said no she can’t she is available by phone.  Becky suggested that she set up a mailbox that at least will be capturing the information.  brush said take care of that outside of the meeting (Zale said she could help).


Staff Mgt Proposal—


Michael moves that we not adopt the proposal.  Hadrian seconded.


Michael’s reasons—legal reasons because the plan takes away board oversight, based on Sullivan’s comments.  Michael sent around an email about outsourcing management—example of FSRN which contracts with Pacifica.


Becky said it could  be rejected with some request for the staff for next actions or changes.


Paula said that we should accept it or rejected as it—make a decision first and then talk about next steps.


Paula moves that the board accept the staff management proposal as is.


Paula withdraws her motion.


We will vote on the proposal as is and then talk about next steps afterward.


Michael moves that we reject the Staff Collective Management proposal.  Hadrian seconded.


Vote on the motion

In favor—Judy Maire, Paula, Hadrian, Erin Nia Chris, Michael




Alternatives?  Suggestions?


Michael has nothing against collectivism but he thinks the staff should talk to a lawyer.


brush suggests people identify specific changes that could


Chris moves that we immediately look to find a station manager.  Brush said how about giving feedback to the staff. 


Erin says since the board has no consensus, the feedback to the staff is only individual board member opinions.  While she likes collective management because of the budget we can’t afford to have the current staffing levels.  She thinks we have to look to the Strategic Plan, the budget and different scenarios.  Hadrian’s plan has been labeled hydra management (team management).  Currently she doesn’t have clear direction.


Chris said her proposal is being overlooked.  brush said how about giving concert feedback to the staff.


Paula echoes budgeting issues—that the budget needs to be addressed in the staff proposal.


Judy says what is missing for her is how is the staff interfacing with the board and decision making mechanism and accountability.


Ani wants to clarify—staff brought the proposal, understood that the staff and the board would have a retreat to address concerns together.  Staff has been managing the station since 2011, got a proposal to us in April.  She says that it hits her very hard.


Hadrian said when he came on the board his first comment was that the staff has been doing a great job of keeping the station running for the past year without a station manager.  He thought the staff should document how they were operation and recognized that  having them put so much work into the proposal was the worst outcome.


Ani said that she had just hoped for a conversation—to collaborate.  Hadrian said that there is no time for that.


Michael says key is communication, board is in charge.  He supports his idea for outsourcing.


Becky said that the board hasn’t been providing leadership to the staff and she opposed the motion to reject the staff proposal.  It will be a challenge for the board to come up with a plan that does collaborate with the staff while providing leadership.


There are 4 options currently proposed—Hadrian’s, Paula’s, Chris’s  and Michael’s


Judy suggested a work group and is sorry if the way we voted on the proposal wasn’t respectful.


Erin will echo back that there is too much money being spent on Staff Time and Staffing functions—it would be useful to see how the collective management proposal would work with less staff.  Look to hours per week in each department.


Brush—one option is a group to work with staff.  Get clarity on the proposals that are out there.


Paula’s is a one sheet reassessment of budget and assignments that would balance the budget.  She will email it.


Hadrian passed out something that he also emailed.  He wants to acknowledge the feelings.  He doesn’t want to have his proposal put forward now in this poisoned environment—supports a work group to discuss.


brush said he is sensing a desire to care about the relationship with the staff.


Maire asks about people raising hands to get on a stack.  Or does she have to keep her hand raised.


She wants to say that characterizing emotion as poisoning the atmosphere is an attack on people’s ideas.  Just because she votes no on something that doesn’t mean she isn’t being respectful.


Paula will own that she wanted a yes or no on the proposal because we’ve been hanging on to it for awhile.  She thinks we have to do the budget first, no purpose in having a work group work if only to mend a relationship with staff but no backing.  Board has to lead---by setting a budget.


Chris  in the interests of saving time—we should hire a manager and then implement a Strategic Plan collectively. 


Michael says he has no problem thinking about the money thing, it is the most hierarchical part.  He thinks looking at Sullivan’s input the staff can say if they can meet it or not, the legalities are the things that are important.


How will we move to the next step?


Hadrian—he would like a paragraph from his proposal to be looked out—6 FTE staff based on discussion with finance based on a balanced budget.  If you had that many positions what staffing and management structure.


Becky suggests that without involving the staff in the board budget retreat that we’re setting it up to make staffing decisions without the staff.


Erin said she can be on a work group and meet head of the retreat to work on options for the budget retreat.  There is the budget and the essential functions of the station and the board and staff have to work together on making compromises.  Erin would work with Debbie and Mel to work on that before the retreat.


Who would be on the group?—Mimi, Nia, Erin and Hadrian--  brush says it should represent a diverse cross section of opinions of the board.


Who would be good for staff?  Ani will be out of town from July 20-August 6.  Zale and Ani can both serve on the work group.


Michael has a problem with the function of the group, he is OK with people working together but doesn’t see the point of having the staff involved in answering the legal issues raised by Sullivan.  He thinks that staff can come back to address those concerns.


Erin said the concerns can be addressed by an employment lawyer.


Michael said the staff should get it’s own lawyer.


brush said it is late.  We are close to the end.


Ani said she would like to see all manner of proposals, Staff hasn’t seen them.  The work group collaborating would be good.  She doesn’t like the idea of the board making decisions without consulting with the staff.  In light of the collaboration she would like to go forward with the work group.  Staff understands the budget realities.   She would like to have the board work collaboratively with the staff.  She is a little upset that there are plans or proposals without any notice to the staff about the agenda or anything else.  The collective mgt was in place before, now what?  How do we run the station tomorrow?


Paula apologizes for detracting from that, she sent the email and asked for agenda items she did attach the feedback we had at the time and sent it to the staff.  In trying to move things forward she asked for feedback.  It wasn’t her intention to blindside the staff.  We highly respect the staff that is why we are all grappling with these issues.


Hadrian—question of how the staff goes forward tomorrow.  Staff has been managing things so far.  He proposes that staff continue on an interim basis in the way that they have until another decision is made.  Maire seconded it.



In favor—Judy, Mimi, Erin, Becky, Nia, Chris, Hadrian. Michael

Abstaining—Maire, Paula



Workgroup proposal—Erin will be the convenor—board members Hadrian, Erin, Nia and Mimi—Zale and Ani and other staff for them.  Michael asked for email updates.  Maire asked if she can come to the meetings without being at all of them.  She needs phone calls about when the meetings are.


There is a staff meeting tomorrow.


Ad hoc Committee


Deferred until the next meeting.  Some of the issue overlap with Nominating committee, people can still discuss issues informally


Next Steps


Erin will convene a board staff work group to work on staffing proposals in preparation for the budget retreat and afterwards if necessary


Paula will look for a location for the budget retreat July 31.


Becky will set a nominating committee meeting to plan next steps for the election and will talk to Pete about the Secretary position


Judy will start an email conversation about a Strategic Plan implementation work group


Becky will talk to Zale about setting up a gmail acct. for Maire.



Public Comment


Yvette made a comment about listening to the membership.


Meeting adjourned.  10:10 pm


Approved by the Board  7/25/2011


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/06/15 - Executive Committee

5:32  Call meeting.

  In attendance: Kurt, Nia, Erin (via phone).

  Discussion of budget expenditure for repair/replace of Air Conditioner Unit at tower, per e-mail briefing.
  Call for vote:  unanimous, in favor, of replacement.
  Estimated expenses:  $4700+

  5:35  Meeting adjourned.


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/05/23***draft

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors May 23, 2011


Present: Mimi, Maire, Keller, Paula, Kurt, Becky, Judy, Nia, Hadrian, Pete, Chris A.

Absent: Erin

Staff Reps: Ani, Zale

Staff/Public: Tom Hood, Mike Dee, Tim Flanagan, Per Fagereng, Tom Hood, Louis Sowa, Yvette Marinowski, Glen Owen, J. Brush, Sekoynia Wright,


Check-In & Dinner: Thanks to Judy for bringing dinner!


Becky reads public comment guidelines (see attached document)


Public Comment:

Mike Dee: recommends that we take public comment before each vote

Tim Flanagan: have been a volunteer for 8 years and have never attended a board meeting, figured it was about time.


Keller moves to go into closed session to discuss staff and board personnel issues.

Kurt seconds

Unanimous vote

Closed Session#1


Judy moves to continue the 10 additional hours per week for the web coordinator position until Sept 30, 2010.

Keller seconds

Public comment:Mike Dee doesn't understand why this discussion had to be had in closed session.

7 For

3 Opposed



Keller: I plan on doing some traveling this summer, stressed out, would be helpful if others could take on note taking for the next couple of months. May help others understand the challenges of trying to participate and scribe, especially when ppl are talking over each other.


Becky will do June

Pete will do it for July

Paula will be back up for Aug.


Annual Membership Meeting/Election

Paula: Mark Ecklund is retiring, we need to decide on the of counting ballots

Becky: new accountant could do it, and if not Louis Sowa may also be available

Zale: it has been suggested that we can get a PO Box

Ani: we had different ways of handling it, we need to have all ballots accounted for, the certified PA is the receiver

Maire: did Mark make any recommendations?

Kurt: Mark said that I could continue doing it, so it's up to us to decide whether we want to keep it in-house.

Paula: we will check with Mark to see if he has some guidelines, will check with Linda Barkaus if they can receive ballots there.

Becky: The annual meeting needs to be scheduled at the June meeting. Nominating committee will follow up on election date.

Chris: it would be helpful to have a list of events that we are involved with over the summer

Committee Reports

Development-Mimi: discussed Square Dance, about 20 people attended. We lost $50 on the event. There was mention of using a different venue, The Eagle's Lodge. There was an idea proposed by Sun to combine the boo bash and square dance. Also wanted to make it family friendly not at a 21+ location. Committee wants to focus on fewer but bigger events. Upcoming events: raffle August 10 after Pickathon so that we can sell tickets at Pickathon and Blues Fest. Discussed the possibility for on-air auction, lawn signs, KBOO community coffee.

Engineering: Keller: committee did not meet but Tom's report is extensive and complete

Personnel/Governance-Chris A: working on revising/building engineering and IT positions/ petitioning other stations for info about these departments.

Web: Judy: detailed report submitted by VJ

Programming: Becky: did not meet.


Keller: feels strongly that square dance should not be combined with Boo Bash, the events have vastly different audiences would limit the Boo Bash's potential broad appeal, the committee had discussed making sure the square dance was more family friendly, but it was scheduled on a school night at a 21+ venue; was surprised there was no event or even informal gathering around the beer promo. The Facebook “event” was unclear

Chris: was there any promotion done for the beer? concerned about going forward with the coffee without talking about what happened with the beer

Maire: agrees that the Boo Bash has a reputation and thinks that these events can stand alone, I would like to be involved with the promotions, important for the square dance to be family friendly, could look into doing it more than once a year to build our own community, the band is really important if they have a following they will bring their own people.

Judy: KBOO has hosted a successful square dancing event in the past, so we should look at that.

Judy:visual promotions in the station


Staff Report: was submitted via email.

Judy: some people do pages, some give very little. Is there any kind of guideline that has been given?

Ani: we talked about giving the board a basic overview , people have different views of what that looks like.

Judy: what's happened, what's on the horizon, what are the challenges,

Maire: also to include general concerns

Nia: I like the variety, and allowing for that autonomy for people do do what they want, also like to add how the board can support.

Becky: Andrew saying that the membership drive took all of his time was not sufficient a report.

Ani: To sum up it seems that folks are asking for successes, challenges, what is on the horizon, and how the board can provide support.


Board Retreat

Tentative date set June 19 1p-5p at @ Squirrel Farm (Chris A's house) Agenda will be set via email.


Closed Session#2


Becky moves that Chris M be authorized to negotiate a contract with Radio Vietnam for the settlement of amount past due and from now until the end of September.

Paula Seconds

Discussion: Mike Dee- in the spirit of consensus, i'd be interested to know why people voted.

6 Approved

1 Abstain


Mid-Year Budget -discussion tabled.


Final Public Comment

Mike Dee-wanted to thank for the opportunity for public comment, had questions about booth costs for Earth Day.

Brush- wanted to thank everyone, has been an organizer for many years in Portland, involved with the Cascadia Center, promotes effectiveness within organizations. Facilitator/Mediator/Consensus trainer for the last 5-6 years, have worked with worker collectives, long term culture building.


Meeting Ends



Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/04/25 **draft


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors April 25, 2011


Board Members present: Kurt, Paula, Keller, Mimi, Judy, Hadrian, Erin, Becky, Chris, Nia

Absent: Maire

Staff Rep:Ani, Zale

Public/Staff: VJ Beauchamp, Yvette Marinowski, Crystal Elinski, Crystal Leighty, Gary Lee Betts, Alicia Olsen, Rabia Yeaman, Glen Owens, Chris Merrick, Sue Cipriano, Pete Meyer


Thanks to Paula for bringing dinner.


6:08 Board Meeting Officially/Check-in

Erin will not be at the next meeting.


1. March Minutes Review and Approval.

March 2011 Minutes-no amendments were submitted.

Mimi moves to approved March minutes

Erin seconds.



2. March Board Commitments

Chris and Erin will attempt to contact Maire to see if there are any accommodations that can be made to help her continue to participate with the Board. Erin has not spoken to Maire, Chris sent an email and left messages several times with no response

Erin will send an announcement to the staff and for the bulletin. -done

Nominating Committee will meet this month to discuss the seat left vacant with Marty's passing. -discussed via email

Judy will help with reference checks for future appointees.-done

Nominating committee will have a board orientation with Hadrian and Mimi and the appointee nominated after the next board meeting.-to be done

Finance committee will be working with Personnel on proposed bylaw amendment.-in progress

Chris A will be getting in contact with Sun regarding press releases for the KbrOO.-not done

Paula will send email to Board to poll for informal meeting dates.-done


3.Public Comment.-

Yvette:there needs to be a mechanism for people to ask questions. I've asked questions and not gotten answers.

Hadrian: I don't want to be receiving emails from members directly.

Chris A: i think it' good for people to be able to ask questions, there needs to be some way for people to air without fear their issues

Paula: perhaps this could be something for the board retreat

Keller: i do think this is valid concern

Rabia: suggests a forum on the website, then legitimate questions can be brought to the next board meeting.

Ani- important for members to have board access but not necessary for all 12 board members to have their emails available. Perhaps one person can be a public contact in the meantime while the board comes up with a more permanent solution.


4.Staff Management Report.

Becky: has it been decided who the PR team. I think that it also needs to be clearer that with regards to HR things that the board has ultimate responsibility for

Erin: has question around employee, specific time frame on when you appeal to the board, how is the board supposed to react

Paula: for those who don't know, the staff submitted the proposal for the staff collective

Ani: will be gathering questions to take back. There has been one change in management responsibilities -Zale will be stepping in with myself as board liaison.

Judy: to me it didn't seem very specific about how repeated violations in employee standards would be handled. Also has jenka been part of this?

Ani: she participated until she left and there have been some questions back and forth

Becky: feels that it was very clear.

Kurt: on the job descriptions, still reflect station manager, feel that the job descriptions are too specific to the people that are currently in the jobs

Ani: none of the essential functions have been changed

Chris A: a response to that would be that future job descriptions that we are advertising for a specific job but if you are hired you will be asked to do management tasks. Some people will choose to just be an employee and not want to participate.


Judy: different decisions may require different participants, there have been issues around the collective making a decision, is there a way for there to be more of a specific road map?

Zale: a job announcement for People's Coop said job title/co-manager and through-out the ad it referred to co-management duties. We would hire for specific skill and train for the co-management part of the job.

Chris A- one of the roles of the station manager is to be the face and voice of the station, some guidance for each person of their public duties with the station. We have great guidelines about how we interact with each other within the station but we should also be aware of how we are representing to the outside

Judy: some of the management staff were assigned to certain positions, if that is something that is being suggested by the staff this may not want to be included in the proposal, since it may change.

Ani: some jobs seemed to naturally go together, like HR with volunteer, the other membership because there was room in the job responsibilities.



5. Board Appointments - Nominating Committee.

Becky moves to appoint Pete Meyers to the open seat on the board September 2012 vacated by Marty Soehrman's passing

Keller seconds




Judy: Pete provided 3 references and they all were all very supportive of Pete's ability to make and follow through with commitments.

Becky: wanted to recognize Gary for showing interest and wants to encourage him to continue to


Erin will email new board member appointment for bulletin.

Nominating committee will meet and add Maire's attendance to the agenda.

Zale will get Pete a board packet.


6. Committee Reports.

Finance- Erin: there is a need for a new computer in finance that is immediate

Ani: staff discussed when Debbie first brought it, the staff understands that it is a crucial computer but wants to wait until after the drive to make any major changes. Did not want to deal with the possibility of having the computer with non-working software. At this point, the quick fix is working. There is a computer that has been found in engineering unused and boxed. It may exceed the needs of finance so that one may go to membership.

Erin: diagnostics on every computer and budgeting for expected replacements/repairs. Will be gone during the next finance meeting so Paula will be presenting the mid-year budget projections.

Personnel- Ani: looking at job descriptions and policies. surveying other stations as fat as what they do with engineering, it and how web works into all of that. Hopefully at the May meeting we will have a draft of the job descriptions to be reviewed at that point

Programming-Becky: at programming, we are reviewing the strategic plan and pulling out the parts the relate to programming, we are reviewing and making suggestions, would like to suggest that other committees do that same as well.

Strategic Planning-Judy: the survey is up on the web site until , encouraging people to let their friends and people who care about people know that it it on the website.

Chris: going forward it would be nice to see more members views taken, and more prominently featured

Judy: a group of us met today and agreed that we need to make more of a presence on the website

Web- Judy: VJ did a detailed report


Staff Report

Judy: noticed that Sun said the square dance was fun but not well attended

Becky: wonders if the timbers game had something to do with it

Judy: encourages the committee to really evaluate these events and keep track what happened,, would like to see more analysis even for successful events,

Keller: the last time I heard about this event there was talk of doing it at a time that makes it more family friendly, but then the decision was made to have it on a weekday, at a 21+ venue. It seems the committee was heading in the right direction with the analysis but then didn't follow up on it.

Mimi: one of the reasons that it may also be because it was the day before tax filing season. Thinks that as a committee that we need to coordinate better with Sun because it seems that sometimes the committee thinks one thing is happening and then something else happens but we go along with it.


7:15 Break.


7.Board Member Assignments.-Committee & Work group Liaisons

Conflict Resolution: Nia

Programming: Becky, Kurt

Development: Mimi, Chris A

Finance: Erin, Paula

Personnel/Governance: Pete, Keller

Engineering: Keller,

Nominating:Becky, Erin, Keller, Kurt, Hadrian, Maire

Web Liaison-Judy

Strategic Plan- Kurt, Keller, Judy



Erin will email new board member appointment for bulletin.

Nominating committee will meet and add Maire's attendance to the agenda.

Zale will get Pete a board packet.

Board communicate via email to set board retreat date.

Judy will bring dinner to next meeting.


Erin moves to go into closed session to discuss personnel and legal motions

Nia seconds

Unanimous vote.


8. Closed Session


Open Session Resumes


Erin moves to authorize Tom Hood as Interim Studio Engineer at .65 FTE with benefits.

Becky seconds

Unanimous vote


Becky moves that the board authorize an additional 10 hours per week for VJ for one month after which with input from VJ, FC, and/or staff collective, the board will review further.

Hadrian seconds

Unanimous vote.

    9. Final Public Comment

    Chris M- Pete you will be getting a mailbox

    Yvette: i'm concerned about getting an opportunity to speak, what about the board/staff retreat, are you retreating from the public?

    Ani: staff collective looking forward to working on the next steps.

    Keller: also we should review rights and responsibilities of the public.


Meeting Ends


Reminder: The KBOO Board meets every 4th Monday of the month at 6 pm


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/03/28


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors March 28, 2011
Board Members Present: Paula, Keller, Kurt, Judy, Becky, Chris A, Nia, Erin
Absent: Maire
Staff Rep: Chris M
Staff/Community: Zale Chadwick, Alicia Olsen, Louis Sowa, Yvette Maranowski, Pete Meyer, Gary Lee Betts, Hadrian Micciche, Randall Howington, Glen Owen, Crystal Elinski, John Mackey, Robert Rogers
Keller brought dinner. Paula will be bringing dinner next month and reminds all board members and guests to please wash their own dishes.
6:15 Quorum reached/Meeting begins
1. Marty Soerhman Posthumous Recognition
Kurt: wants to acknowledge the passing of fellow board member, Walter 溺artySoehrman. Marty was initially appointed to the Board but then was elected. Marty was active with the engineering department and passed on Monday March 7. He was very private about his life and few knew that he had been ill. The Board wants to recognize Marty for service on the Board and committees.
2. Approve Minutes- December, January, February
Erin moves to approve the December, January, and February minutes.
Judy seconds.
Passed with majority vote.
1 Abstaining
3. February Commitments:
Erin will be the lead person on the inventory project, will ask Becky if she is interested in participating as well.-the staff is working with Bruce to complete asset inventory, will be providing the Board with updates.
Keller will email nominee names to Andrew.-done
Ani will take it to staff to set a date for a board/staff retreat.
Erin will send email to Board and staff with possible dates to consider. March 26, April 2, April 9.
Erin will send out an email to coordinate collective management board/staff meeting.-Erin: talked to Ani and the staff do not feel that they have the time to meet with the Board before the collective management proposal deadline.
4. Public Comment
Randall: has been a volunteer for about 7 years, has an appreciation for the potential that we have as an organization that we don't know we have, heartening to see the focus of the board and staff to become more aware of what we can do and find ways to go in that direction
Yvette: It's my understanding that the story of Marty was different. His work here was not appreciated that is my understanding. Marty wanted to give John a positive evaluation and his efforts were undermined. think the statement of appreciation is very hollow. I would like this to be a discussion.
John: was surprised when I was given a severance and release agreement from my job, have since received notice that since i am now engaged in legal action, i've been asked to not communicate with board or staff members.
Glen: the last airing of programming directed at the homeless community hasn't been since July 2009. I know this is not the programming committee but if nothing has been done in that area I would like to propose it for your consideration
5. Board Member Status
Paula:We do have a board member, Maire Cullen, who has been unable to attend meetings and has retired her show due to health reasons as she stated on her show. So I'm putting out there again because it has been called into question regarding board member commitment and participation.
Erin: Has anyone tried to get in contact with her? I know there was an issue that her membership status was lapsing.
Paula: Ani was supposed to be reaching out on that, I was just calling to check in her and received no response.
Judy: What was the last meeting she was here?
Keller: December
Judy: When was the last time in regards to communication?
Paula: In January her husband called to say she wouldn't be here but we haven't heard anything from her since.
Judy: I think we should revisit this next month.
Kurt: It's not just board meeting attendance there was also other commitments that she has not done -pledge drive shifts, committee meetings.
Paula: It was brought up before because it was becoming a pattern.
Erin: She hasn't been here so there has been an issue of how many board members we have.
Chris: I've been on other boards that attempt to make accommodations, like participating via conference calls.
Keller: We can only make accommodations if someone lets us know what those accommodations would be, there has been no contact. Also if we are going to raise standards for nominees regarding participation and attendance, we must be consistent and have the same expectations for seated board members.
Becky: agrees that we don't have to make a decision tonight, feels that we should also pursue Chris's idea of offering more opportunities to participate. Feels that her lack of response has been disappointing but she may feel under attack by the whole issue. If she wants to continue to participate she should let us know.
Judy: Maybe it would be good to let her know that we are willing to accommodate her but if we don't hear back many of us will interpret that as that she's not interested in continuing to be a member of the board.
Chris and Erin will attempt to contact Maire to see if there are any accommodations that can be made to help her continue to participate with the Board.
Hadrian: In my experience with board training, not attending board meetings is a clear non-management issue,it leaves the person personally liable; a board member not attending is still legally responsible for all decisions the board makes, obvious in courts that you're not doing your job so it is very precarious position to be in; I'm new but I know there have been recent lawsuits, if I was a board member I would not want to be exposed to that kind of liability simply because I was ill. What some boards do is create a board member emeritus status to honor the person who's been on the board to participate as a non voting member when possible.
6. Staff Collective Report -submitted to the Board via email.
Erin: really appreciates that format and the organization
Judy- really appreciates the staff that do a summary, and really likes the raw data that Justin sent, but feels that a narrative would be helpful to know what we're looking for.
Chris M: the staff have a calender for the year, projects that happen every year, it is now online and each member has access to add new activities. Without a manager as a liaison, staff thought this would be a way for the Board to have an overview of what the staff is working on.
Keller: would this be in lieu of the monthly report?
Chris M: no. the Board sets goals, then they become actions items, the staff calender would be a way of tracking longer term projects and station objectives, would that make it more clear how we are doing our jobs.
Zale: we were thinking about creating board member email addresses or one email that all the board members can log in, and check the calender
Becky: if people keep up their calenders it will be useful for doing evaluations
Keller: does this exist at this point?
Zale: not yet
7. Board Appointments
Erin moves to appoint Mimi Villarqui to the board seat that ends in Sept 2011 vacated by Jim Craven and to appoint Hadrian Micciche to the seat that ends in September 2013 that was vacated by Devin Russo.
Paula seconds
Judy: is unwilling to nominate anyone who I don't know. Did anyone do the background check?
Chris A: (to Judy) were you here when Hadrian was talking about his past experience?
Chris M: the Board might want to break it down to individual votes
Erin rescinds motion to separate the appointments.
 Public comment:
Zale: Mimi is really dedicated to KBOO, has taken on the responsibility to chair the development committee, not sure why she isn't here but she has been here for all the meetings prior
Erin: feels that we didn't let her know that this was on the agenda, that was on us.
Randall: is there some concern about backgrounds, can we do provisional appointments?
Keller: provisional appointments cannot be done, because of legal responsibility and access to non-public information
Erin moves to appoint Mimi Villarqui to the seat vacated by Jim craven that ends Sept 2011.
Paula seconds
For: 6
Erin will send an announcement re: new board members to the staff and for the bulletin.
Erin moves to appoint Hadrian Micciche to the seat vacated by Devin Russo Sept 2013.
Nominating Committee will meet this month to discuss the seat left vacant with Marty's passing.
Judy will help with reference checks for future appointees.
Nominating committee will have a board orientation with Hadrian and Mimi and the appointee nominated after the next board meeting.
8. Committee Reports
Finance-Erin: right now our bylaws require us to have an annual audit, Mark Ecklund will no longer be doing it. Debbie has already done a lot of the leg work to reduce the costs, what we need to vote on tonight is accounting services to complete the annual audit that is currently required under the bylaws.
The other thing is that a bylaw change is needed to change the requirement for an annual audit to read at least a review since we no longer receive the funding that requires a full audit.
Erin moves that we retain the services of Kern and Thompson for accounting services and that we allocate an additional $5000 for those services.
Hadrian seconds.
Unanimous vote.
Erin: a gift will be sent to Mark for his years of service.
Finance committee will be working with Personnel on proposed bylaw amendment.
Programming-Becky: right now the focus is trying to get shows reviewed, the plan in that we would do it like we do staff reviews, certain shows will be posted for review.
Chris A: who comes up with the review criteria?
Becky: relying heavily on that information that came from the Marilyn Pittman training
Chris M: there are several different surveys and criteria-listeners, internal perspectives are going to be different
Gary: when you're putting all this together do you have any demographic info?
Chris M-we don't get any Arbitrons anymore.
Personnel- no action items
Nominating committee-did not meet this month
Web Liaison- Judy: put in with free geek for two large screens, VJ is unclear about her budget and is trying to work that out
Strategic Planning-Judy: plan on getting a draft to the Board this week about what we are developing, the next meeting is April 11 and hoping to have a public meeting that same evening at 6:30 pm as well. The PARC folks want to know if the Board wants to meet prior to the public meeting.
Paula: feels that it be harder for me to be held accountable for information I've just received an hour before the station.
Judy: felt that the point was for the Board to have a chance to have their questions answered before the public meeting, since that will be the public's only opportunity to give feedback there may be a time constraint.
Chris A: thinks the announcement for the public meeting should be prominent on the KBOO web page
Development: Paula: first release of KBrOO will be in time for membership drive
Chris A will be getting in contact with Sun regarding press releases for the KBrOO.
9. Board Discussion re: Staff/Station Goals
Paula: thinks that we need to start talking asap.
Erin:wonders if we should wait to get info back from strategic plan
Keller: feels that there should be some reference to the strategic plan in discussing goals for the station
Paula: feels that it should be a Board goal to know how we want to work and want that means to us as board members. I feel that everyone looks to the Board. And at the staff so we need to make sure that we are in sync. I want to know why we are all here, I thought it would be a good idea to have an informal meeting.
Judy wants to have the discussion of the Board role in the collective management
Becky: that sounds more like something we can do at a Board retreat
Chris A: wondering about checks and balances.
Keller: there seems to be three distinct issues that we need to address as a Board-the first being Paula's recommendation that we talk informally about what we bring to the Board and the reasons that we are here; then there's the issue of goals for the stations, which I see as a separate issue from the question of the Board's role in the collective management structure; we would have to come up with goals even if there was a station manager.
Hadrian: thanks for clarifying. How would that look on a calender?
Erin: thinks that a discussion about who we are needs to happen before we can talk about the goals and objectives for the station.
Paula will send email to Board to poll for informal meeting dates.
10. Ideas to consider/discuss-Chris A.
-would like to see a wish list on the website
-need a visual identity for the station, branding is critical
Hadrian: the Board is a decision making body, these things are issues that are more for committees Judy: I hear that there is a suggestion box in the works Zale:Ani and Bruce have been working on putting a secure box in the lobby for people to put evals and for suggestions
11. Closing Public Comment
Randall: ideas to consider; how we can become involved with the Central Eastside Industrial Council, neighborhood/business associations, can be used to grow the organization
Yvette: i'm still waiting for an answer to what happened with Marty, and the minutes should be on the website.
Erin moves to adjourn meeting.
Nia seconds.
Unanimous vote.
Chris and Erin will attempt to contact Maire to see if there are any accommodations that can be made to help her continue to participate with the Board.
Erin will send an announcement to the staff and for the bulletin.
Nominating Committee will meet this month to discuss the seat left vacant with Marty's passing.
Judy will help with reference checks for future appointees.
Nominating committee will have a board orientation with Hadrian and Mimi and the appointee nominated after the next board meeting.
Finance committee will be working with Personnel on proposed bylaw amendment.
Chris A will be getting in contact with Sun regarding press releases for the KBrOO.
Paula will send email to Board to poll for informal meeting dates.



Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/02/28

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors February 28, 2011
Board Members present: Chris A, Nia L, Kurt, Paula, Keller, Judy, Erin
Absent: Maire Cullen, Marty Soehrman, Becky Chiao
Pete Meyers, Hadrian Miccache, Gary Betts, John Mackey, Lyn Moelich, Zale Chadwick, Tom Hood, Mimi Villarqui, Alicia Olson, Yvette Marinowski, Rabia, Crystal Elinski, Louis Sowa, Andrew Geller, David Hill, SW Conser
6:25 Quorum reached/Check-in
Public Comment
Louis-wrote a statement:”came to volunteer at the station knowing no one and having limited experience, has been very involved with the engineering committee for 7 years but resents that he and the committee were not involved in the decision to fire the chief engineer-unsure of his continued involvement with KBOO.”
John Mackey: have written statement for the Board.
Yvette: have worked with engineers, John Mackey does things by the book and follows the rules, doesn't see that he's done anything wrong at all.
Glen: heard that there is a group trying to get Al-jazeera on the airwaves, went to the meeting and was surprised to find no one from KBOO was there.
Crystal: doesn't know the process, but John was the first person to ever ask me to fill out the evaluation, this seems so sudden to me.
Chris A: doesn't feel qualified to judge, bears thoughtful evaluation.
Staff Reports
Chris M: Chehallis Update- Chehallis Valley Association has challenged our petition-we had to amend the Chehallis app with a transfer of ownership to reflect the changes in the Board, the FCC will look at the case in the next 2-3 months-best case scenario we are granted the license, worst case the FCC holds a hearing and we make our case.
Ani: staff reports have been emailed to the Board, in the interest of time there isn't really anything additional to report at this time.
Committee Reports
Erin: Debbie has given her notice, is working with the staff as long as possible to make for a smooth transition. Committee discussing a potential bylaw amendment that gives KBOO the option of doing a yearly audit or a review since we no longer receive the government grants that require an annual audit.
Debbie has checklist from the insurance adjuster giving info on what types of things to include in an inventory. May need to purchase some sort of software to help track assets.
Erin will be the lead person on the inventory project, will ask Becky if she is interested in participating as well.
Paula: encourages people to join the development committee if people have ideas they would like to help implement; a Hood River live remote is in discussion; committee looking to increase visibility in community events; moving toward KBOO: more than just radio, a KBOO online store with expanded merchandise; planning another dine out for KBOO in the summer; and a KBOO coffee is in the works as well.
Rabia: the flavor could be eclectic
Programming- update sent out by Chris M. Becky isn't here to give report.
Personnel- committee was canceled last month.
Nominating Committee
Keller: nominating committee met, in discussion was the nominating process. Committee agreed that it seems imbalanced that a person has to attend 3 committee meetings to become a voting member but a person could be nominated for the board having never attended a single meeting. Nominating committee is putting that into practice and we are working on coming up with written guidelines and expectations for potential candidates. We felt that while during election time we get who the members vote for we can use appointments as an opportunity to find candidates that fill specific needs to build a better board.
Ani: was there a specific number of meetings?
Keller: needs to be decided on by the whole board, at this time we are asking for at least one. We have five applications right now.
Paula: in my research with other boards, the general consensus is that they spend an additional 10 hours a month on board duties
Andrew: would this require a bylaw change, the bylaws stipulate how and who joins the board
Ani: this is for appointees only
Andrew: so appointments can have higher requirements?
Keller: yes
Board Appointment Candidates
Pete: this is my second Board meeting, lawyer, is a progressive and loves independent radio, is eager to serve and feels that I will be a great asset.
Hadrian: was a program host at KRAB and KAOS, served on several boards in health social service, was a board trainer for United Way, former mental health worker, got into fund raising, worked for Greenpeace and health organizations, and is new to the Portland area and looking way to contribute to the community
Gary: long time Portland resident, building a home in Wilsonville, board member of Citizens TV, has a little bit of of knowledge, spent some time teaching, community was able to build interest in Pendleton station by going to the farmer's market and setting up a mock live remote
Mimi: spoke at least meeting, nothing that needs to be added urgently but happy to answer any additional questions as well.
Judy: it seems that all of you are very busy, the Board is a time commitment with a meetings and extra work as needed, also there is often a need to communicate often via email in between meetings.
Pete: 10 hours a month seems a very low estimate, understands that things pop up, and is committed to being here for the entire 3 years, is comfortable using email to respond.
Judy: clarify that the terms are the remaining time left in the vacancies that you are appointed to fill.
Hadrian- when I make a commitment I follow through, when I was training board directors I broke it down into 2-3 hours for meetings, another couple for community time plus special projects.
Gary- email, i've heard of it. I'm here pretty regularly because I'm building a house in Wilsonville.
Keller: the ideal nominee will be involved with the station in addition to just the minimum Board responsibilities. This includes membership drives and there has been a call from the staff for the board to be more fund raising activities. Are you comfortable with this level of involvement?
Hadrian: the main responsibility of a ward is to be responsible fiscally, to represent the organization to the community, a contributor financially and with time. It's a pretty important job.
Gary: i don't understand what the question is, I really don't understand what fund raising it, but I've done it. It takes creativity. Sure I'd love to help.
Mimi: is already involved in development and participates regularly with membership drives.
Judy: each Board member is involved with a particular committee, would like to hear what your personal interests are.
Pete: Governance and personnel, is involved with writing an employee handbook at another organization.
Hadrian: as a former trainer, board development is one of my interests. And as a former fundraiser the development committee interests me.
Gary: is very interested in the technical aspects, conflict resolution has always interested him
Keller: any member of the public who has questions for the candidates can forward them to Kurt or I as members of the nominating committee in the interest of keeping time this evening

Board/Staff Retreat
Erin: feels that we desperately need a board retreat, would like to see a meeting set.
Judy-would like to consider waiting until we nominate new board members to do so
Erin- understands wanting to wait but feels that it would be a great opportunity to get a jump on next years budget, also brainstorming, there have been some very difficult situations lately that people may need to vent, simple agenda with a facilitator who isn't Board or Staff
Ani will take it to staff to set a date for a board/staff retreat.
Erin will send email to board and staff with possible dates to consider. March 26, April 2, April 9. Venue TBD
Andrew: hopes that he will receive info from board to confirm nominee's member status.
Keller will email nominee names to Andrew.
Staff Management Proposal
Kurt: there has been no station manager for nearly a year, and recently the holes in the interim plan have been obvious and challenging, things are falling apart, think it would be in the best interest to have a deadline for the staff management to have a working model complete.
Ani: disagrees that the collective is falling apart, there are definitely holes that need to be filled and the staff is ready to have a proposal before the Board for the April board meeting.
Erin: feels that if we had a proposal at the Board/Staff retreat,we could offer feedback.
Paula: agrees with setting a deadline because at the end of the day the board is responsible to the membership. It would help me to know, as a volunteer not just a board member, what's going on. who is in charge of what, etc. Would like to see that the staff believe that this is a functioning plan and not a wish list.
Judy: does not know if the Board needs to know what the final plan is before we figure out what our role is.
Keller: we should be working on what we, the Board, feels our role should be within the organization independently from the staff, then we take what we think and what the staff believes our role should be and coalesce them into a real working relationship.
Zale: it would be helpful for the staff to get an idea of what the Board is looking for in the plan; for example do we have goals and objectives for the staff collective, which in the past would have gone to the station manager to be relayed to the staff?
Erin: evaluation for station manager included a work plan, we need to give some direction to the staff as an entire body; how are we holding people accountable. Also in concerned about the Board president burnout factor, has seen the Board president having to act as station managerin the past few week.
Andrew: not happy about hearing about what the staff have failed to do; this has not been an easy process; a lot of pieces to pick up and many staff members have taken on more responsibility, lots of things have been left undone when we had a station manager; learning how to deal without there being a point person, chris and ani have taken that over a significant portion of tasks
Keller: wants that staff to take credit for the things to that they already do, putting on paper what is already happening on practice
Ani: suggests a Board/staff meeting to deal specifically with collective management proposal.
Erin will send out an email to coordinate collective management board/staff meeting.
Nia: wants to see us develop a system so that the Executive Committee is not having to meet so often. Try to anticipate and deal with emergencies.
Yvette: feels that the public is bypassed in the decision, thinks that all things need to be in the open to honor the public
Paula: encourages people who are concerned and interested should attend committee meetings
Gary: for the collective to work, there must be open communication with all collective members.
Alicia: we do have many opportunities to avail ourselves of information not just going to meetings, there are things being posted on the website including the Board meeting minutes and staff collective updates
David: i'm not really involved but you guys really need a manager, think we need to be more on the street and that's how to get people involved
Erin moves that the Board gives the staff an April 20 deadline to submit a completed staff management proposal.
Judy seconds.
Unanimous vote
Erin: wants to have an opportunity for the Board to meet so we can discuss our role in the collective.
Final Public Comment
Hadrian- suggests that a representative from the Board attend staff collective management meetings
Alicia- my hope is that in the collective that someone takes the HR responsibilities, hiring and firing, etc. will take this to the personnel meetings as well.

Closed Session

Public meeting Reopened
Erin moves that KBOO will spend no more than $3000 to work with MV networking on immediate IT needs. Chris M will work with Tom to negotiate the contract to minimize KBOO's expenses.
Paula seconds.
Unanimous vote
Erin will be the lead person on the inventory project, will ask Becky if she is interested in participating as well.
Ani will take it to staff to set a date for a board/staff retreat.
Erin will send email to board and staff with possible dates to consider. March 26, April 2, April 9.
Keller will email nominee names to Andrew.
Erin will send out an email to coordinate collective management board/staff meeting.



Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/02/09 - Executive Committee


Executive Board Meeting
February 9th, 2011
In Attendence:
Kurt Lauer (Board President)
Nia Lewis (Member at Large)
Paula Small (Board Member)
Erin Brand (Treasurer)
Chris Merrick (Program Director)
Zale Chadwick, briefly (Admin. Assistant)
Meeting started at 6:07pm
Moved to go into closed session to discuss a personnel matter.
Meeting ended at 7:35pm



Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/02/02 - Executive Committee


Executive Board Meeting
Feb 2nd, 2011
In Attendence:
Kurt Lauer (Board President)
Nia Lewis (Member-At-Large)
Erin Brand (Treasurer)
Meeting Started at 6:16pm
Moved to go into closed session to discuss a personnel matter
Left closed session at 6:45
Executive Committee authorizes the Board President to contact legal advice regarding personnel matter.
Meeting Ends at 6:50pm

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/01/24

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors January 24, 2011


Present: Marty, Paula, Kurt, Judy, Erin, Keller, Chris A

Absent: Becky, Nia, Maire

Staff/Public-VJ Beauchamp, John Mackey, Ani Haines, Andrew Geller, Zale Chadwick, Alicia Olsen , Louis Sowa, Crystal Elinski, Chris Merrick


Thanks to Kurt for dinner. And Chris A for extra snacks.

6:18 Board Meeting Begins without quorum/Check-in.

Public Comment-

Andrew: speaking as a volunteer not the membership director, concerned that the board is voting on items tonight that will increase the deficit, wants the board to give serious consideration to where the funds will be coming from and not just assume that the staff will “just take care of it.”
Ani: made announcement that longtime KBOO host “Firefly”,Tony Alabi, has passed; staff received message from Ras Danny. KBOO has lost a family member. We are in touch with his family and will keep folks posted on memorial information.

Staff Report-report on file

Board Appointment Candidates
- Mimi Villarqui has been a volunteer since March 09. Had mentioned to Ani that she was interested in Development and was able to start participating right away. Has board op'd and been involved with the development committee. Has looked for opportunities to be involved more since she started working.

Kurt: does your schedule allow you to be available for the meetings.

Erin: there are now two seats available.

Mimi: don't have preference of terms, worked as a teacher for several years, leadership , studied marketing.

Judy:What do you see as a challenge for KBOO.

Mimi: outreach, reaching new listeners.

Louis: Being on the board requires more than one Monday and can be very challenging. Are you ready to take on the responsibility and time? Wants Mimi to be aware of the challenges that can come up


Erin Moves to appoint Mimi to the Board of Directors.

Paula seconds.

Keller: feels that it would be remiss to appoint someone that has never attended a board meeting. I feel that we should allow Mimi the opportunity to attend a meeting, gives candidates a better idea of what to expect

Judy: support if we voted to approve with the start date to be determined. Mimi can then rescind if she changes her mind.

Paula: agrees that candidates should attend a meeting

Ani: concerned about where it falls into bylaws to appoint and not seat. Mimi can be included in tonight's meeting as if she were a board member but if she is appointed she is seated

Erin: feels that having an opportunity to be included in the email would be beneficial in getting Mimi up to speed.

Marty: we need to look at what we can do to change the fact that people don't finish their terms.

Ani: reads section 7

Erin rescinds motion.


Committee Reports.

Finance: Erin:We are still in a deficit, but membership income has been over budget so there is some good news. Finance recommended that we adjust the web coordinator's job to increase pay and time per proposal.

Paula: also included in the discussion in finance was where these funds would come from.

Erin: feels that we can take it on as the board to fund raise, if we feel that the web is a priority we should demonstrate that by making a commitment to raise money as a board, they are separate issues but we should be keeping it mind that

Chris: do we have a specific goal in mind of what we'd expect by increasing the hours
Kurt: wanted to clarify that according to finance this would still be a 20 hour position, with approval for overtime in recognition of the work that VJ had done to catch us up.

Erin: the plan is temporary with the understanding that it will be re-evaluated.

Ani: the benefit to extending this to the end of the fiscal year, mid-year budget review is happening, the strategic plan.

Paula: we felt that setting it until the end of the year places a larger fiscal responsibility on the board to pay for it, especially in light of the unexpected equipment issues that have arisen.

Ani: update of engineering equipment needs, the STL is not needing to be replaced.

Judy: the reality is the web is the future and we shouldn't just focus on catching up, wanted to clarify that the staff supported the increase until the end of the fiscal year. Supports extending the increase to the end of the fiscal year so that VJ can really focus.

Nia: are you getting training from Roger? I was under the impression that the plan was for roger to train the Web Coordinator as he did not plan to do it indefinitely.

Paula: the 90 days gives opportunity.

Nia: who will do the review after three months

Kurt: the board will vote to extend, the finance committee will be tracking.


Erin moves that the board allocates 10 more hours per week of pay for the web position effective February 1 for 90 days.

Paula seconds.

Unanimous vote.


Personnel- Personnel committee changed the verbiage in all job descriptions to reflect "regular” membership drives rather than a particular number

Comm also recommends compensating the underwriting coordinator for a discrepancy calculating paid time off benefits.

Paula: Has he been recording the actual hours and no one's caught it.

Ani: Justin has been recording it and mentioned it in his last performance review

Personnel recommended Justin be granted retroactive time.

Kurt: request amendment that include having Justin sign saying that it has been resolved.

Erin moves to approve the action items presented by the personnel committee.

Chris seconded

Unanimous vote.


Ani: will communicate with Debbie to and Zale to make changes

Development-Paula: Blazers night went well, sold at least 50 tickets, square dance is coming up, fundraiser coming up next week, has increased community partnerships,

Judy: went to a film and we heard KBOO. And that's all they said. Not even community radio.

Programming committee did not meet due to inclement weather.

Engineering- John: STL has been fixed. Still recommends planning to buy a new one, but it is not as urgent. There is an antenna pole on the roof that needs to be replaced.

Pendleton Update - Gary Lee Betts was not able to make it.

Policy# 3 Ani: as part of the collective management transition felt that we did not need to reinvent the wheel but need to be updated to reflect current, institutes the change that there will be an evaluation committee, that includes 2 staff and at least 1 board member. Performance criteria primarily remains the same with a minor formatting change.

Judy: evaluations and evaluators will be confidential, wants to know how that's happening since they have names on them.

Ani: the person being evaluated gets s summary of comments without knowing who said what. The concern was that people could not be candid in their evaluations for fear of reprisal

Judy:concerned if it were volunteers are part of the CRC that would be problematic

Erin: their could be a potential conflict if the same people are on the CRC as are on the evaluation team, as long as we are aware of that

Paula: legally there is a concern about volunteers having access to confidential personnel information

Kurt: what other options beside the CRC

Ani: the board

Chris: advocated to keep it in the CRC, people are chosen for the CRC based on their experience or qualifications, the decision would just be if the eval was done fairly not just as a way for the employee to register disapproval , feels that there is less likely to be a biased decision with having a 3 person eval team.

Keller: we are volunteers, we choose CRC members according to their skills and qualifications

Paula: we are volunteers but we are legally obligated to the organization, so any decisions that they made would need to be upheld by the board.
Keller: if the concern is that we as the board would not know if a since we have a board member on the CRC, could we just include wording that the notification of challenge to the eval that the board and the CRC would be notified

Ani: add changed wording

Judy: wanted to clarify that the members of the evaluation team will be changing.

Ani: the staff agreed that it will rotate through the staff so as to share the fun

Keller moves to approve policy #3, Employee Evaluation as presented by the Personnel Committee with the following changes: in section 10 , adding “the CRC will then notify the Board that they have received an appeal.”

Erin Seconds

6 to approve

1 opposed

Housecleaning (physical).-Kurt: the entire building is in need of cleaning, dead storage is overrun

Keller: I think that we should be cautious about issuing mandates to staff, however there is an issue with a lack of inventory

Paula: it is a much more urgent issue in that our insurance is not current because of a lack of a assets inventory. Debbie has been trying to get this made into a priority.
Ani: there are a couple of issues. There was a request made by the board last spring to get an inventory together. Dead storage has long been an issue, it has been an issue for several departments. It's also a place where we keep spare equipment. There are competing needs for a limited about of space.

Marty: wants to know what kind of inventory do we have.

John: several times a year, Debbie and I go through.

Nia: do you track it yourself, it seems that it wouldn't be very effective for the finance person to track.

Erin: will contact Debbie about insurance and inventory


Nia moves that each staff person complete department inventory within 3 months.

Keller seconds.



Erin moves to go into closed session.

Unanimous vote.

9:19p Closed Session




2011 Election/Annual Meeting Results

We had a pretty mellow time at the KBOO Annual Meeting this year, cozy inside at Tabor Space, while it drizzled outdoors.  We believe the meeting was recorded and will work to make that available online.

The by-law amendment passed. The winners of the election are:

Alicia Olson

SW Conser ("Conch")

Marc Brown

Lyn Moelich

Thanks to all the candidates for being willing to run and to eveyone who helped with the election proceedings.  Special thanks to accountant Linda Barkus from Wilken and Co., P.C. wilkencpas.com/who.php who received and counted our ballots, and thanks to Annie Vergnetti youtu.be/iYpxVTwZrDw who provided musical entertainment.

There was a great show of support for KBOO, with ideas and energy communicated about how we move forward with the Strategic Plan. 

Board Application (12-2010).doc43.5 KB
NCE Board Member Questionnaire for new license.pdf147.46 KB