Papadopolous and Forrester Lawsuit Documents

On the eve of trial, Scott Forrester and Michael Papadpolous dismissed their case against the KBOO Foundation.   Their claims against individual board members had previously been dismissed by the court.



1 Lawsuit Complaint Amended 1.pdf425.83 KB
2 DefendantAnswer9-09.pdf352.1 KB
3 Summary Judg Motion.pdf147.69 KB
Trial_Memo_2.pdf151.54 KB
Judgment-Stipulated_Dismissal.pdf25.71 KB

KBOOs Reply to Plaintiff's Opposition to Summary Judgment Motion

Sum Judg Reply.pdf381.13 KB

Original Complaint--superceded by the amended complaint

It should say Original not Orginal

orginalforrestercomplaint.pdf490.46 KB

Plaintiffs' Response to Summary Judgment Motion

 Documents filed in court by plaintiffs Scott F. and Michael P. opposing KBOO's motion for summary judgment.

Pl_Resp_SJ_031510.pdf75.83 KB
Dec_Forrester_final.pdf33.78 KB
Dec_MP_Final.pdf38.53 KB