05/28/15 episode of Pandæmonium

05/28/15 episode of Pandæmonium is up

Chapter XLV: Turning a Page (part 1)

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Contessa de La Luna nominated for Best Radio Personality in Portland!

We are so proud of Wilamette Week for recognizing the BRILLIANCE of our Sunday Night radio host Contessa de La Luna, and her conscious cleansing late night hosting of "The Confessional".

Voting starts on June 3rd at

Vote early, vote often!

Building Awareness and Ally Skills Against Sexism at KBOO

Our KBOO community is a true gift. How often to do you see a group of close to 500 incredibly diverse people, mostly volunteers, collaborate together to create radio? Not often! And KBOO has been doing it for almost 50 years!

This great community, this gift is here to benefit us all, but taking care of it becomes everybody’s business! The “Beloved Community” concept gives us a framework for ensuring we intentionally create space for dialogue between KBOO community members so KBOO continues to flourish as an egalitarian space for creative collaboration.

The River Signal Starts June First!

Our friends at the Steam Radio Syndicate, Galen, Brian, and Reid, are out in the world, getting The Channel Princess, a paddlewheel riverboat, to the Mississippi River. 
They'll be floating south down the river "America's Last Highway" for the summer, and creating amazing radio! We'll be broadcasting that radio, on a show called The Radio Signal every Monday from 7-8pm, starting on June 1st. 
Now here's a few more details, where they speak for themselves:

NEW in KBOO music library May 25, 2015

Anti-Flag American Spring Spinefarm Alt Rock
Easter & Totem, The The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts Ss Alt Rock
Flyying Colours EP X 2 Shelflife Alt Rock

KBOO 2015 Mission and Vision Survey and Retreat- Results are in!

Dear KBOO members,

Thank you for participating in KBOO's 2015 Mission and Vision survey and member retreat on May 30th.

The KBOO 2015 Mission and Vision Survey results are in! You can read a summary of the results HERE or at The document also contains a link to the raw/full/non-summarized results of the survey.

05/14/15 episode of Pandæmonium

05/14/15 episode of Pandæmonium is up

Chapter XLIV: Lost in Transcription (part 2)

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Rethinking the school-to-military pipeline

A version of this is part of the Old Mole Variety Hour  for 25 May 2015

Today is Memorial Day, so we're talking about memory, and the military, as well as about education and labor. All of those institutions arose in their modern disciplinary forms in the 18th century, along with the rise of capitalism. The process of disciplining bodies through the school, the army, the factory, were all parts of the process of extracting maximum surplus value from the populace. But what begins as a series of closed systems has now become an assemblage of techniques of control that interpenetrate and overlap. Take, for instance, education and the military.

Special Programming: EARNEST LOVERS release party!

Starting at 9pm on, we'll be at  The Secret Society ro bring you the fantastic sounds of Cahalen  Morrison & Country Hammer from Seattle, The Earnest Lovers, and  Doug & Dee from The Midnight Serenaders.

NEW in KBOO music library May 18, 2015

Ceremony The L-Shaped Man Matador Alt Rock
Chappo Former Future Self Rouse Alt Rock
Crocodiles Boys Zoo Alt Rock
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