76--PROP--HIRTUM's "EUTHANASIA" (email #48)--voiced by Barbara Tilche

Just to send out notice that Barbara Tilche wants to do all the voices for Euthanasia, the script for which is email #48.
She is also very interested in performing in the Aragon two act "In A Tight Spot" (email #46).
Anyone want to produce?


75--CALL--male voices needed & recording times for Aragon's "Mirror-Wardrobe"

Hello Everyone,
This is an update about the upcoming recording sessions for Aragon's "The Mirror Wardrobe" (script attached on email #41):
WE STILL NEED mostly male voices for Voice #1, Narrator, Soldier, President,

General, Siamese twins, Man on tricycle with long nose, Theodore

Fraenkel, and Jules.

Any takers? Please let me know which parts you want.

74--NEWS--Someone's misplaced audio files??? IMPORTANT

Hi Folks,

Patrik sent the email below to me.  I know nothing about these audio files.

Given the titles, to me they look suspiciously like some recordings
from 2001 (the files he listed are titles of pieces we did back then),
but not having listened to any of them, I'm not sure.

If you know anything about these audio files, please contact Patrik.




73--NEWS--about #33-72 TEXT, thank-u's, castcall for men esp. & recording assists

Hi again,
So with #72 sent (twice, sorry) I have finished "scripting" all the
material that I had selected over the past few months of reading all
the books I had collected.  Text files #33-72 are the palette of
material I found interesting and thought might turn into something
engaging on the air, for various reasons.  And I tried to keep the
selection broad.
This is material now available for all and any to use (in 2001 we passed around photocopies), as well as for
myself (except in those cases where someone has already indicated they
are using the material ... and I'll be sending out 3 more text pieces I'm soloing, shortly). 

72--TEXT--WAR Poetry available for anyone to read, perform, produce, etc.


Glen Owen actually came up with the idea of my going through the
material and putting together a collection of poetry written about the
wars, which seemed a grand idea to me considering that much of this
material was generated in reaction to war, especially WWI.  He had
suggested possibly having a group of contemporary anti-war vets go
through the material to see if anything resonated that they might like
to read.

Seems like another good idea if anyone wants to pick that up, including
Glen.  I've collected the material for you.  Or if anyone
would like to do anything with this material ... feel free to take it
on.  Some of the poetry is from the perspective of non-combatants.

71--TEXT--19 Short Surrealist Pieces available for anyone to use

Hi again,

There are some real gems in this batch of 19 mostly very short
surrealist pieces, a kind of a mop-up collection including a naughty, to-the-point and extremely
brief play by Rene Magritte and some very fun poetry.




70--TEXT--REVERDY--28 very short poems available for anyone etc. etc.


28 very very short and evocative poems by Reverdy available for anyoone to pick up and work with.





69--TEXT--DADA--12 short pieces available for reading, performing or producing, etc.


Here's a dozen short dada pieces of varying temperments.





68--TEXT--DESNOS--22 short pieces--available for reading, performing, producing, etc.

Typed out for easy reading for performance these 22 short pieces by
Desnos which are available for anyone to pick up if you find any of
them interesting (and I think they are very interesting).
By the way, in the last poem it is "Rrose" with two r's.  It's an alias used by Marcel Duchamp when he was in drag.

67--DESNOS' Mourning for Mourning--available for reading, performing, producing, etc.

Hi folks,

The file for this was overwritten by error and so it only exists as the
pdf file which I sent to the proofreader, with numbered lines which
will help you find the two errors, should you be interested in picking
any or all of these up.

They are quite lovely, so do give them a read.

Error in line 115:

"where" should be "which"

so that the line should read:

"beside bodies which were turning blue"

Error line line 327:

"that" should be "than"

so that the line should read:

"which usually makes us more dreamy than the tall lamp posts"

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