Wouldn't want to be rude

Apparently, the myriad violations of the Constitution carried out by the Bushies warrant an investigation. But criminal prosecutions? Convictions? We wouldn't want to be rude.


Aug. 4, 2008 | WASHINGTON -- On the campaign trail in April, Barack Obama was asked whether, if elected, he would prosecute Bush administration officials for establishing torture as American policy. The candidate demurred. "If crimes have been committed, they should be investigated," he said. But he quickly added, "I would not want my first term consumed by what was perceived on the part of the Republicans as a partisan witch hunt, because I think we've got too many problems to solve."

Too many problems to solve, indeed. Like torture, for instance -- and also unlawful imprisonment, warrantless spying, war profiteering, an illegal invasion, election theft, voter fraud, politicization of Cabinet departments, signing statements, the outing of covert agents, and on and on and on ...

And here's the would-be President, worried about what might be "perceived on the part of the Republicans as a partisan witch hunt." Because that would be, y'know, rude.

Do you love'a animal? How?

One reader discusses the merit of'a caring for a pet, particularly a dog, and the wonders of unconditional love from'a that pet.

Yes, people love animals in many ways, and animals love humans in a couple of'a ways. It is'a no shame to feel that animals are more affectionate than'a people. You know that'a your pet has no ulterior motives. The animal feels a bond to you that is'a not motivated by anything more than their appreciation of you, their reliance on you, and you seem to feel the same.

Hate Crime in Greeley, Colorado - Victim referred to as an "it"


Most of the time when a trans woman gets murdered, mainstream media outlets usually call her a man and use male pronouns.  Manytimes, what she was wearing before she was killed or beaten will be descriptively detailed along with underlying insinuations that she deserved it.  To cap that off, the perpetrator will often be made out as the victim. 

The only high point to the story linked below is that the media seemed to get this one "right" (so to speak).  It's not far fetched for me to speculate that the victim being young and pretty probably helped that cause.

As a new KBOO volunteer, let me introduce myself


Hi folks,

I suppose before I start using this blog to promote my filthy agenda of education and tolerance, it's probably appropriate for me to introduce myself.

My name is Rebecca Nay.  I am a 30 something trans woman who has lived in Portland since 2001.  I transitioned to my true and (mostly) female identity right after I moved here from Salt Lake City.  Yes, I have a Mormon background.  No, I don't believe in that stuff anymore.


Senator Obama seems to be developing into a deliberative center of gravity, as a number of massive political objects – Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, French Prime Minister Sarkozy, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and the White House – have swung inexorably into his orbit. All these august personages, either implicitly or explicitly, embraced his 16-month timeline for withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

Why are you a Republican?

 TPM Muckraker has the dirt on the Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General's report on the politicization of the Justice Department.

Among the stringent Bush-era requirements for employment at DOJ: "What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?"

And let's not forget, "Why are you a Republican?"

Not nice, scary


I love the Internets.

Satire, y'all.

Still figgering out how to embed video. Stay tuned. 


Great Moments in Journamalism


So, Sen. McCain gave an interview with Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News last week. Pretty standard stuff, right?

Sure, except that CBS cut up the tape such that McCain appears to be answering one question, but is really answering another. And because they must have been on a roll, CBS did St. John one better and spliced in heroic still images of him visiting American troops, and footage of American soldiers in action in Iraq.

No, really. Here's video of McCain's bogus answer and the actual interview playing out together in real time, on a split screen.

Here we go ...


Enough already. Welcome to the launch of the new Abe and Joe Show blog.

85--NEWS/CALL--Studio recording times, play seeks cast Thurs, still want large event?

Hi there,
Here are some more recording times when you can come in and get your readings/performances recorded. And Grace is planning to get "Such A Divine Soul" (email #40) recorded this coming Thursday. Please come with voice.
7/22 Tuesday 7-11 Richard
7/23 Wednesday 7-11 Richard
7/24 Thursday 7-9 Grace
7/26 Saturday 6-10 Richard
7/27 Sunday 4-8 Richard
7/29 Tuesday 7-11 Richard
7/30 Wednesday 7-11 Richard
7/31 Thursday Grace will be recording "The Beard", already cast

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