112--NEWS/CALL--VIDEO--Emergency Alert to artists working in VIDEO

Hi Gang, Bill Dodge, who is coordinating our audio/video simulcast, has suffered a double whammy of computer break-down and family crisis. If you are a participant who has entered (or planned to) your work on video for the simulcast you will need to contact Bill by phone to make arrangements to get him your video. EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SENT HIM A PROPOSAL OR A VIDEO ATTACHMENT. We're starting on the ground floor again with this. Sorry for the inconvenience but sometimes life or technology doesn't cooperate and in this case it was both. (I'm presently unable to get my audio programs to communicate with my CDrom). We are planning on showcasing all participant-submitted video on Friday night from 11p until ???

109-111--CALL--audio tracks available only to those signed up on email list

these are audio tracks which have gone out for additional material to be added by musicians and audio artists ... unavailable until festival when they will be aired.


Electronic Cabaret!

On the Air August 31st, 9pm-12am

Basic Info:

Please show up at least an hour ahead of time (8pm) for setup.  You're welcome to bring refreshments and guests, but please let me know how many are coming with you so we can make sure everyone fits!

Music Format and Equipment Setup:

108--NEWS/CALL--Revised 15th deadline to 20th & last recording sessions available

Hi folks,
I had originally listed the final deadline for all material to be submitted by Friday the 15th.

This doesn't include the large items, like plays, WHICH ARE ALREADY SCHEDULED.
This is for the small 1 & 2 & 10 etc. minute pieces which I will need to get consolidated onto discs for the air-room and also to get onto a master play list to make sure that everything gets scheduled to play.  I'll need some time to do that and have given myself the smallest amount of time I estimate I'll probably need, in the process giving you folks 5 more days.  BUT THAT'S IT!!!

107-CALL--Recording times with Rolf and Ubu Hour also for your last minute material

Hi Richard, (You can send this out on the dada list)  I'll be recording Sept. Ubu Hour on Thurs 8/14 at Noon at 7pm but if anyone wants to bring in some not-too-long pieces to record for the Dada/Surrealism Festival that call for multiple voices, that would be really good ...

original message:

Hi everyone ... hope summer is going well ... We're going to be doing recording for the next Ubu Hour next Thurs Aug 14 at Noon and 7pm, so come by one or the other of those times

(also may be recording stuff for the dada fest coming up at the end of this month ...)

105-106--CALL--audio tracks available only to those on email list

These emails contained audio tracks going out to musicians and artists and others on our email list.  Sorry.  But you can hear them finished during festival.


104--NEWS--Rabia adding audio to #99 Lisa Weseman readings

Just what the headline says folks.
If you're picking up vocals and adding audio, let me know
so that people might work on something else.
(Although two different audio treatments
of the same piece would be fine.)

103--NEWS--if you are adding audio to vocal tracks ...

Hi folks,
 Just wanted to say that we're hoping that if you add audio, it isn't copyrighted material.  Something we are contemplating is a CD of "best of", and if you add copyrighted audio to someones work, you will make it ineligible.

99-102--CALL--email contained audio files of readings going out to musicians & audio artists--email list only

Audio files available only to those signed up on our email list.  Sorry.  You will be able to hear them during festival.

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