Hi gang,

Here is a short one-act play by Joyce Mansour with four parts: 3 characters and a narrator.  You should contact Grace if you are interested in working on this.


Hi gang,

Here comes the first text ... a collection of Mansour poems that Grace picked out with both International Women's Day (not much time left) and Desolo Luna Vox Theatrum in mind.

Enjoy and let Grace know if your are interested in reading:



2--NEWS--March 30 show--program guide write-up

March 30, 8:00pm-midnight
Desolo Luna Vox Theatrum

1--NEWS--Welcome to Desolo Luna Vox Theatrum--group emails begin

Hi gang,

Welcome to Desolo Luna Vox Theatrum.  Think of it as an abbreviated but ongoing variation of our 2001 and 2008 Dada/Surrealism Festival, appearing in four-hour installments four times a year.  The shows will air on 5th Mondays from 8p to midnight which gives us 2 hours each show for FCC-challenging, mature, adult-themed material.

Dates for upcoming airings are:

March 30, 2009
June 29, 2009
August 31, 2009
November 2009
March 29, 2010
May 31, 2010
August 30, 2010
November 29, 2010

Ben Pink is on next week!

The fabulous director of Launch Pad and curator of the LOVE show, Ben Pink, will join us on KBOO this coming Tuesday at 11:30AM.

Jim Archer on KBOO

Here is the audio file of his interview. (See work below - paintings of faces at Life Gallery.)

KBOO Honors International Women's Day, Sunday, March 8th

International Women's Day is an annual event that began in New York City around the turn of the twentieth century. Initially it sought to raise awareness of the achievements of women. In 1908, on this day, 15,000 women marched in New York City for better pay, working conditions, and an end to child labor. The day became a recognized holiday in many newly socialist countries over the next several years, but ironically fell off the radar, by and large, in the US, until the late 1960s.

Join us on Sunday, March 8th, beginning at 6 AM, as KBOO volunteers honor the contributions of women to art and culture, and raise awareness of the issues that continue to challenge us to action. With 21 hours of special programming produced by women, featuring information and music of the women of the world, and our own backyard.

Health Disparity and the County Budget Crisis; Also, Testing for Anti-Black Bias


African Americans in Multnomah County are twice as likely to die from diabetes or stroke than white county residents. Hispanic mothers are two times less likely to have early prenatal care white mothers. Native Americans in the county die from HIV at three times the rate of whites.

New Time for Art Focus


Starting in March 2009, Art Focus will have a new timeslot. The show will now broadcast every Tuesday at 11:30AM. Please make note of it!

Portland police tackle racial profiling...again

imagePeople of color continue to be stopped and searched by the police than other Portlanders. Racial profiling has not abated according to a draft 36-page report released February 18 by Portland Police Bureau Chief Rosie Sizer. The report, long awaited by the community, outlines Sizer's assessment of the problem as well as steps to eliminate racial profiling by making the police bureau better reflect the community it is supposed to serve.  Jo Ann and Dave review the draft plan's strengths and weaknesses.

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