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a eulogy for mr. george duke... (link below)


here is something i wrote when i came home from work...  people who know me know how much i love george duke, so this news broke my heart.  the text, as well as links are in the description of the video.



an open letter to STEVIE WONDER


i read a portion of this on the show; here is the full version.


the impact of my teacher, michael jackson, and that fateful day- 25 june 2009

there will be more blogs coming soon- blogs which have been a long time coming, but with respect to the 'year in review' pieces i suppose this would be safe to say that this would be the first blog for 2010...

the end of the show as we know it...

yes, december is the last month of the weekly show we have been doing for approximately 2 1/2 to three years...  all things must come to an end in order for new life to happen; and i have decided to continue doing 'guess who's coming to radio??!!' in another incarnation.

the focus will be the same- dealing with issues regarding people of african descent (better known as black people) in this country.  we will still be dealing with positive and pro-active solutions to the issues we face in our communities.  the difference will be that we will be dealing more in-depth with cultural and public affairs issues.  there will be more in-depth discussions about books and film, alongside the news.  we will take the care to cover things we may not have been able to cover in the weekly incarnation of the program. 

notes on michael jackson

those who follow the show i do- 'guess who's coming to radio??!!'- know that i have been struggling emotionally with the transition of michael joseph jackson, a man who, along with STEVIE WONDER i consider to be my teacher.  i have been writing every day, consistently, in terms of dealing with this transition, as a means to heal. 


here is the link to my blog, in which i have been writing every day since his transition:


hopefully it lends toward some tools for healing.  if you feel compelled to comment you are more than welcome to...  thanks for reading.



carl joseph walker hoover, jaheem harrera and the unnecessary cycle of hate


this is about carl joseph walker hoover and jaheem harrera, two 11 year olds who committed suicide after a barrage of homophobic abuse from students at their schools, and the schools' refusal to intervene with all of their power. 





at what point do we preserve our cultures on the radio?: connecting the past and present


as the host of 'guess who's coming to radio??!!' (yes, this is most definately a 'sly' take on 'guess who's coming to dinner?') i make attempts to make the purpose and statement of what i do very clear: the purpose of what i do is nothing other than to bring the issues and active-ism of people of afrikan/african descent to the airwaves; in a country in which black and brown voices are rarely heard in terms of active-ism and positivity; and of course living in a city which is overwhelmingly european- i feel it is my duty to bring these voices to the air, since i am in a fortunate position to do so. 

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