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Dedicated to the 120-400 people who will die today from the health denial industry…

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Reframing debate: bumper sticker zingers


Sept 24 Press**Watch

The reactionaries in this country have long had a habit of creating simple sound bites to cover up complex issues.  These minimal memes are easy to remember and much easier than thinking issues out, so naturally they work for the business of herding people around.  The Left has long resented this practice, even as we see time and again that the practice works.  For example, the Right doesn't have to bother stating their desire to control women by forcing them to carry babies against their will--they just say "abortion kills babies" and let the lie work its magic.  The equation of a fertilized egg with a cute little baby might be unfair to honest debate, but they aren't interested in honest debate, they want mind control. 

Free novel -length satire "JEEZUS!"



It's the story of two women and their macaw friend, trying to make sense of what at first appears to be the Christian Apocalypse.  As it turns out, however, space bunnies are involved.  It's a parody of the famous Left Behind series that the fundamentalists have made a zillion-dollar industry of.  Or anyway, it starts off being a parody, but really, the Left Behind plot is too boring to follow exactly, so--well, you'll see.




Jeezus! (Revised Standard Version)



Jeezus! The entire novel

I don't know how this was deleted....try this url:



Sarcasm versus war


A serf is a feudal subject, as you know, not quite a slave but imprisoned in a system of exploitation.  Land owners also owned the labor of the people living on the land, so if you were a serf, you had to work at certain times of the year to get in the Master's crops, and you were also subject to other injuries and insults like wars and class-based rape.  If you didn't work you could be imprisoned or slain. 

methane bomb



The methane bomb: is it happening right under our noses?


Regular listeners to this program will recall that I have passed on irregular warnings from global climate scientists about the 'clathrate burst theory' or the 'methane bomb.'  The question is whether global warming is creating a situation in which, at a certain temperature threshold, billions of tons of methane, which had been locked in a stable state in permafrost and under the seas, will suddenly come tumbling out into the atmosphere, thereby warming the globe several degrees and raising planetary havoc.

PRESS**WATCH: Swine flu quarantines?


Right after today's show was broadcast, I found an article that says there was a sudden-cyanosis type death from H1n1 in Malaysia:



Here's part of the script for today's PRESS**WATCH...

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The emergency we are faced with is corporate rule.  We are ruled by multinational corporations.

Here are some of the symptoms:

The war industry keeps our legislatures like concubines.  Contributions for just last year amount to nearly $24 million, and 59% of that went to Democrats.  You know, the rational, liberal party that's going to get us out of the wars?  That one.  fifty-nine percent.  and it works.  In past years the lions' share went to the Republicans.  It's not a matter of ideology.  It's whoever is in power.

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