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Press**Watch: your homework prior to the show


For starters, here's an article Wayne Madsen found that relates to Iran war preparations.  Estimate time for unpacking, deployment/arming, check for good weather,  look for an associated vilification or provocation (say a detonated building?) in the corporate-owned media, and you can get a good idea of when the blood is supposed to flow:

Press**Watch: News You're Not Supposed To Know for 2/11/10


PressWatch: Bust the Banksters/Iranian Turtles in Spaaaaaaace


Good morning and the best of luck to you this bright February day, especially if, gods help you, you are driving a new Toyota.  The Washington Post produced an article this week that points to that nasty little accelerator-sticking problem, and notes that it was identified at least as early as 2007.  There is the frightening anecdote or two to back up the statistics, like the 70-year-old woman who went on a 60-miles-per-hour terror ride for two miles before piling into someone else at an intersection.  Turns out the problem may be that floor mat or maybe corrosion of some sort, but don’t look now and do look out for that cement truck as you dodge from obstacle t

PressWatch: Haiti Katrina-ed?

Headlines:  Radio Havana Cuba

Port-au-Prince, January 20 (RHC)-- Haiti was hit with a powerful new earthquake just a little over a week after the initial quake that killed tens of thousands of people. The latest earthquake hit shortly after six a.m. Wednesday morning, registering 6.1 on the Richter scale.

Thousands of people were seen flooding the streets of Port-au-Prince, but it remains unclear what damage the new quake may have caused. The quake struck as the official death toll hit 70,000, but it’s widely estimated the actual toll could top 200,000 and even higher.


Press**Watch Pneumonia Warning


Press**Watch for 1-7-2010

Press**Watch: revolution for the halibut


Ten years ago --plus a couple of weeks or so--I was standing outside the jail in downtown Seattle, screaming my head off.  I was screaming in unison with a thousand other people, forming words to communicate with the protesters who had illegally been shoved inside the jail.  I doubt it worked in terms of comprehensible communication, but it did get one message across--that there was massive solidarity outside that jail.  The jailed protesters could hear us, and knew we were out there with our unshakeable determination.  And the jailers knew it, too.

By the way, when I say the

Press**Watch: return of the zombie 20th century


If you missed your favorite historical events in the Twentieth Century, you'll be thrilled to learn they're all coming back.  Imperial wars?  Check.  Rampant and unrelieved racist oppression?  Check.  Economic Collapse?  Yes, we have that too.  Good thing we have global warming, or else it would be difficult to distinguish current events from the Nineteen Thirties.

PressWatch: Venezuela Coltan War; Porkachoo!

Press**Watch: swine flu profits


Gaybashing, swine flu and losing the Afghan war

Press**Watch: smash the mental handcuffs


Our minds have been tasered and handcuffed into a state of paralysis.  We need to start breaking through the mental handcuffs before we can even begin to make progress against the ultra-greed class that is destroying this planet.  Smash the tasers and snap the handcuffs of corporate conformity!

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