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Press**Watch: let's destroy plutocracy


Read this:


It's a 100-page pamphlet that the Egyptians used.  It's written by an American.  let's go!

Press**Watch: Marines in the Suez/Polar ice melting/New Depression

Try these links: US media, including Time magazine, are reporting that the US has two of its Marine carriers, the USS Kearsarge and USS Ponce, in the Red Sea, ready to attack Egypt. According to the pro-war and sometime disinformation site Debka, the Kearsarge is even closer, in the Great Bitter Lake of the Suez, thus parked within easy helicopter range of Cairo. There are 2,200 Marines in the combined carrier battle groups. More on the strategic significance of the Suez, in a moment. .......................................................................................... Lisa Hajjar of Aljazeera English reports that the new Vice President of Egypt is a favorite of the US and Israel, and, of course, is a torturer.

Press**Watch: Defeat sleazy collectors! don't talk and don't pay!

Here is information that will help you to decide whether to take on a bottom-feeder in court. I did, and the case was called: Equable Ascent Financial, LLC vs. Theresa Mitchell Multnomah County Court Case no. 100404905 The outcome of this case was plaintiff-requested dismissal, or in other words, they gave up!

Like a lot of lapsed debtors, I feared I might not qualify under the new bankruptcy laws, and I knew I didn't have money up front for a bankruptcy lawyer.

new bankruptcy laws

video games warning


I liked President Obama's speech yesterday--how could I not--and it was mighty fine to have an adult in the room, so to speak, especially after witnessing Sarah Palin's self-serving rant after the Giffords shootings. If we're going to have a spokesperson for corporate rule and imperialism in the White House, at least we can have one who isn't as embarrassing to listen to. But that brings up the broader problem, of course--that we have only elected a new spokesperson for the ruling billionaires. I have a subversive thought to offer--wouldn't you like to be able to elect a coordinator for democratic rule, instead? That's small-d democratic rule, the dangerous kind. The kind that doesn't have billionaires.

Love is destructive


Press**Watch: Support Wikileaks


I won't be doing my show this week, but I want to promote the anti-totalitarian work being done by Wikileaks.  Right now the world corporate press is trying desperately to find circumlocutions that would allow them to avoid mentioning the fact that Julian Assange has just been arrested for...having consensual sex without a condom.

Now, supposing that was really done without consulting the women involved (one of whom is associated with the CIA's anti-Cuban corps), he should be confronted.  By the women.  And they should have better sense than to do him again.  But an international arrest warrant?

Press**Watch: Turkey bomber stunt


     The latest news from the Portland City Council is that they're reconsidering the Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI.

PressWatch: Scan this


worker co-ops, local currency on PressWatch

This first link takes you to a 45-page pamphlet that tells you how to form a worker cooperative, and start making money together with your friends! Copy and paste it to your browser.

PressWatch: foreclosure fraud/TriMet

Home "owners" should copy this URL and bookmark it:

and this:


For yourself , for everyone you love, even for everyone you will love, you need housing and land rights.  Fight.  Get a lawyer if you need one.


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