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Eugene's "Angry Indian Minute," Read on 11-11-10

Eugene's Angry Indian Minute read on 11-11-10.

Don't call me chief!

Calling me chief is not a term of respect. Calling me chief is a term of you seeing what race I am and for some reason thinking you have to honor me. There are many Indians who don't look like the stereotype you have of us in your mind. How do you show honor and respect for them? And why do you think you have to honor Indians for simply being Indian?

Do you want to honor white males by calling them King?

Do you want to honor Japanese males by calling them emperor?

Do you want to honor Persian males by calling them Shah?

Tillicum Wawa Pics 11-25-10 With Iokepa and Inette

I, Eugene Johnson, wish to express that this was the best show I have ever helped out in...EVER! THE BEST!

No Genocide Cover-Up Day

I apologize for not having Genocide Cover-Up Day this year. I know many people look forward to it on alleged Thanksgiving Day. I was offered the time twice, but declined. I just didn't feel up to it this year. Others were attempting to get one on the air, but due to what the best I can figure out, there was much mis-communication and mis-understanding. I hope you enjoyed the show we did put on, however. We did touch upon the subject.

Thank Yous

We had no plans to be on the air this Thanksgivin

Announcemens 11-25-10

Iokepa and Inette

Felicia (Eugene's daughter), Iokepa and Inette

Derrick Jensen Interview

Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen

, author of many books such as; "Endgame," "The Culture of Make Believe," "A Language Older than Words," and his latest books, "Songs of the Dead," and "What We Leave Behind," will be interviewed on the


On Thursday, March 25, from 4pm to 8pm, "Mitakuye Oyasin" will be hosting a potluck with our listening community. This will take place at KBOO headquaters, 20 SE 8th, Portland, Oregon. You can't miss that wonderful mural.

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