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The Digital Divide for June 2015: Open Source Bridge 2015 and Author and Dr. Robert Wachter


We have a great episode for you with an excerpt of an interview with Dr. Robert Wachter, author of 'The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine's Computer Age speaking with independent radio producer and former weekly KBOO host, Andrew Geller.

Brad Smith WebVisions & Bradley Manning Audio from Hearing (the guardian)

Interview with Brad Smith from WebVisions Event



Audio (unconfirmed but listen for yourself) of Bradley Manning speaking at his court-martial hearing on what he did and why he did it. Compelling! Listen for yourself.


Cory Doctorow on The Digital Divide February 8, 2013 KBOO 90.7 FM Portland

Listen in to this great interview with Cory Doctorow and Rabia Yeaman. Cory's newest book Homeland, a sequel to a previous sci-fi best seller, Little Brother is already generating a lot of buzz. Listen in.


Digital Divide: Wade Davis, Juliane Assange Update, Ram Dass

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said his work "will not be cowed," as he promised the whistle-blowing site would release a million more documents.
















Tiny House Ontario Interview and cats on youtube watching cats, yes, on youtube, x infinity.


This month's Digital Divide features an interview with blogger and small house dweller, Laura Moreland, who keeps tinyhouseontario.wordpress.com. The blog features her experiences building and living in 108 sq. feet in Ontario Canada. Listen to the audio here: http://kboo.fm/node/48967.

And check out this fascinating and hilarious Ted Talk about how and why some videos, unexplainable go viral. Believe me, it explains A LOT, and you get some bonus cat clips that will make your howl with laughter. Well, that's the effect they had on me.


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The Digital Divide for August 12, 2011


Today, Dave DeAngelis speaks with scientist and historian Naomi Oreskes about her new book "The Merchants of Doubt,"which describes how organized campaigns undermine the scientific evidence related to important environmental and health issues such as second-hand smoke, acid rain, the ozone hole, and global warming.

New Music in the KBOO Music Library


Big Chief Monk Boudreaux - Won't Bow Down
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John 'Broadway' Tucker - Somebody New
Mt. Hood Jazz Band & Combos, with special guest Curtis Salgado - Ganbei
Catherine MacLellan - Silhouette
Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band - Bluesland
Susan Wylde - In the Light
Judy Wexler - Under a Painted Sky
Joel Mabus - American Anonymous
Donna Ulisse - An Easy Climb
JD Malone & the Experts - Avalon
Tori Sparks - Until Morning/Come out of the Dark
Tim Easton - Beat the Band
Tim Easton - Since 1966: Vol. 1
Ben William - State of Art
Liz Tormes - Limelight
Ursula George - I'm Drivin'
Heavy Tin - Space Cats
Steven Kroon - Without a Doubt (Sin Duda)

New Music in the KBOO Music Library

  1. Various Artists - A Nod to Bob 2: An Artists Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 70th Birthday
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