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The Convenience of Government!

Note that the Earth quake in Haiti happened on Tuesday 12th 2010. 

Its a good thing they were preparing for such a disaster just (1) day before disaster struck.

"On Monday, Jean Demay, DISA's technical manager for the agency's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system. On Wednesday, DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts."



Assimulation: The process whereby a minority group gradually adopts the customs and attitudes of the prevailing culture. Drugs, alcohol, etc. Need there be more said? Act the part we choose while understanding the end result.

Crow Creek Supporters..... Pilamaya! THANK YOU!


 Garry Bunting January 22 at 1:43am Reply

Must see chart. Private vs. Government job growth

Oregonians Against Job Killing Taxes is the Oregon tax referendum petition campaign trying to stop the two massive business and income tax hikes passed by the 2009 Legislature.

by In the news    Tuesday, September 1. 2009

HAARP The next WMD?

Haiti EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2010

Haiti EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2010 Part 2 ( Phil valentine)

Will there ever be and end to this?

Air brushed mystical Hollywood fairytale images to depict the American Indian  but disguised as" Native American"

Philosophical differences between the "Native American New Ager"

There are some very basic philosophical differences between the Native
American New Age belief system and the beliefs of the American Indian and Ancestors

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