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Hate Crime in Greeley, Colorado - Victim referred to as an "it"


Most of the time when a trans woman gets murdered, mainstream media outlets usually call her a man and use male pronouns.  Manytimes, what she was wearing before she was killed or beaten will be descriptively detailed along with underlying insinuations that she deserved it.  To cap that off, the perpetrator will often be made out as the victim. 

The only high point to the story linked below is that the media seemed to get this one "right" (so to speak).  It's not far fetched for me to speculate that the victim being young and pretty probably helped that cause.

As a new KBOO volunteer, let me introduce myself


Hi folks,

I suppose before I start using this blog to promote my filthy agenda of education and tolerance, it's probably appropriate for me to introduce myself.

My name is Rebecca Nay.  I am a 30 something trans woman who has lived in Portland since 2001.  I transitioned to my true and (mostly) female identity right after I moved here from Salt Lake City.  Yes, I have a Mormon background.  No, I don't believe in that stuff anymore.

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