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La Confessional for February 5, 2011


What fun we have on last programa, with'a so many talented callers (mostly) sharing they thoughts with'a you dearest listeners.

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Call in first Saturday in July for Confessional 2:am Talk with Contessa de la Luna Live

Contessa de la Luna wants to hear from you. How you feeling? How you coping with'a crazy things going on in'a world every day. What'a are you fears for the future? What do you think will be the next catastrophe to happen on world/national/local scale?

Times, they are'a tough all'a over.

kiss kiss

La Contessa de la Luna has'a BookFace, whatever that is

The Contessa doesn't really know what it is, but they call it FaceBook. It seems to be about having friends, and of course a friend is like a warm slipper, or a little tiny bug, or a big fluffy cloud shaped like a little tiny bug. But just don't read about it, read about it on La Contessa's FaceBook.

Do you love'a animal? How?

One reader discusses the merit of'a caring for a pet, particularly a dog, and the wonders of unconditional love from'a that pet.

Yes, people love animals in many ways, and animals love humans in a couple of'a ways. It is'a no shame to feel that animals are more affectionate than'a people. You know that'a your pet has no ulterior motives. The animal feels a bond to you that is'a not motivated by anything more than their appreciation of you, their reliance on you, and you seem to feel the same.

time or money


What do you value more? Time or Money (be honest..and no, we don't expect that to come easily)

It occurs to the Contessa more often than she likes, that it is quite a challenge to organize one's life to suit one's values. In fact, it is'a difficult at times to identify what it is we truly value. Many people do not struggle with this question, and it is they I envy.

Welcome to the Confessional


Each of us has a secret, guilt, shame that we carry with us. These little (and sometimes big) secrets weigh us down, hold us back from reaching our own individual potential. Sometimes we hide these secrets to avoid being judged by others, sometimes we hide them to stay out of prison. The fear of being discovered can lead to highly orchestrated daily activities to avoid being exposed, or it can hold one back from realizing true intimacy with others.


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