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Gaurd artist Toni Goldengerg-guest on 10/19/12 Listen on "archived shows"" of Tillicum Wawa

Toni Goldberg's Gourd Scenes

On October 19, 2012, Tillicum Wawa interviewed Penny Painter about the East Portland Neighborhood Economic Development Summit and encoraging Natives to attent.

We also had gourd scene artist, Toni Goldenberg (tonigolde

Tillicum Wawa show is promoting a drive for winter coats and boots for children K-12.

KBOO's own Tillicum Wawa show is promoting a drive for winter coats and boots for girls and boys age K-12.

These children live on the snowy Pine Rdige  Reservation. They have been trying to get people to stop selling alcohol near their reservation and it has been fruitless so far. We can help them to keep warm this winter and help their cause to stop alcohol abuse on the reservation.. Listen to our archived show on 8- 30-12. about this problem.

Just drop off your donations to KBOO station at 8th adn Burnside. There is a bin to put them in.

We all thank you, our listeners, for your empathy and encouragement. Wado, Samantha King

Indian Country will be off for the month of August while other shows will be reviewed by KBOO

"Indian Country" has aired every other Friday from 1:30-3:00 pm. It  will be off the air for the month of August until further notice.

KBOO is previewing other shows during this time slot. Hopefully there will be more of a need for Native American program.  Native Americans are very under- represented in this country and around the world, wherever we are. It has been our plight since the European invasion times of old.

Thank you for listening to "Indian Country"!!!


Thank you for enjoying "Indian Country"!!

Thank you so much for the koodoos about the airing of "Indian Country". We try to bring you , our listener, modern, up- to- date info about the Native community and bring you musical guests often. We have been scheduled every-other Fri from 1:30-3:00pm, but we are not sure of the furture at this point.

Indian Country is on every other Fri . from 1:30-3:00pm!

Indian Country is on every other Fri.! IE 7-09-10, 7-23-10, 8-06-10  etc. Indian Country is on from 1:30-3:00pm.

Stay tune and enjoy traditionl and modern Native American music and up to the minute  Native news and event information.

All are welcome!!

We hope you enjoyed your Native American "Indian Country" show on Friday 6-25-10


We hope that you enjoyed our music selection on the Friday 6-25-10 show. We played alot of Charles Littleleaf, who was our guest on the Friday 6-11-10 show. He is a terrific flute player and flute maker. He came all the way from the Warm Springs reservation to visit with us all. His music is truely inspired. It touches your heart and gets it in touch with the earth. Mother earth. It ws a real blessing to have him and his wife Vicky on as our guests. What a gift they gave to us!

We will be back on the air with our show on 7-09-10, the Great One willing. We are on alternating Fridays. We are still being tried out by KBOO along with 3 other programs that are being tried out..

We hope you enjoyed Charlea Littleleaf's flute music heared on Indian Country's 6-11-10 show

KBOO's Native show "Indian Country" was blessed to have Charles Littleleaf, (Piegan Blackfeet Band),  and his wife Vicky, on our show last Fri 6-11-10. He played live  music and we played some selections from his cd album " Ancient Reflections". He also played some tunes from his upcoming cd "Essence of Life". His web site is ""

They are very wonderful people and help keep the culture of the Native American  from dissapearing. We will be very pleased to have them back on  KBOO again soon. We hope you enjoyed listening to them and thank you for all of your good feedback. Which is always appreciated by Indian Country.

Wado/Thank you 


"Indian Country" show will interview musician Charles Littleleaf this Fri 6-11-10 = 1:30-3:00pm !!

 We are excited to announce our guest on this week's episode of "Indian Country", Fri. 6-11-10, will be the great flute player Charles Littleleaf !!!

Oil well drilling and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Cudos to  President Obama for putting a stop on all oil well drilling -on the land,  in shallow waters and in the deep seas.! That means Alaska, who were getting equipment in place for more drilling. We must demand the stop be in place until the day comes if or when the companies  have the technology to NOT have any leaks at all, and in case something happens, they must have the technolgy to fix it NOW!

But more realistically we need to go to other types of fuel. Electric, solar, wind and horse power, and leave the oil in the ground.

We Natives have always lived in balance with our Mother.

We hope you enjoyed the interview with Chief Chad Smith last week- 5-21-10

Thank you for listening to "Indian Country". We know there is a need for Native music and news and event info out there for you, and it's here on KBOO Portland, Oregon.

W hope you enjoyed the "live" interview of Principal Chief of the Cherokee -Tsalagihi Ayeli- from the Cherokee Organization here in Portland last Fri 5-21-10. It was a great opportunity for us.

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