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The Dharma Wheel Stops Turning

For the past 20+ years, I have had the privilege and honor of hosting the Dharma Wheel here at KBOO. I hope It has been a musical soundtrack of our times, sharing music that rings with political and spiritual truth. 

It is an amazing and perhaps synchronistic coincidence that I chose to end the show and then Obama wins the election.  The timing couldnt be more perfect. So to all of you who have supported me over the years: listeners who have now become friends,  listeners who contributed during pledge drives, businesses like Precision Glass and Dave who were underwriters for a long time, the amazing listeners who supported me emotionally, spiritually and financially when I was sick a few years ago and finally, all the amazing singers/songwriters and musicians who have appeared live on the show--thank you for sharing in what I tried to create each week thru the air waves. 

I am ending the Dharma Wheel but not leaving KBOO.  I may show up with some music specials during pledge drives and will continue doing interviews on public affairs shows from time to time. The reason is pretty simple in the long run--sometimes you have to let go of something in order for something new to emerge. One door closes and another opens.

My Vote For Song of the Year

This is the song i nominate for best song of 2007.  Sometimes music can change the world....sometimes it can speak truth to power. You might wanna google him and check out the song itself on a variety of sites including You Tube. Have a wonderful new year and thanks for listening!

No, Surrender by Justin Currie

lyrics below:

Big Macs for the fat, lo-cal wraps for the call centre battery hens,

Celebrating the Spirit of Dave Carter

Today's show was about celebrating the life and music of one of my favorite singer songwriters--Dave Carter who died unexpectedly on July  19, 2001.  I was at the Vancouver Folk Festival in Vancouver BC (which had been a 10+ year summer pilgrimage every year, the highlight of my year). In fact, the first time I ever heard a Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer recording, 2 things were instant thoughts in my mind: 

1.  I have to get a copy of the song "The Mountain" to Joan Baez somehow and

2.  these folks HAVE to play the Vancouver Folk Festival.

Is Playing Conscious Music Enough In These Crazy Times???

This morning I was getting more and more frustrated hearing bits and pieces of the Monica Goodling "testimony" filtering thru the corporate media haze while filling up my tank with $40 worth of gas on the way to do the Dharma Wheel .  All during the 15 minute drive a nagging voice kept asking....isnt it totally frivolous to go spend an hour and a half playing music (even music that is a commentary on our times)?  Shouldnt i be working for REAL change instead?

 And then halfway thru the show the phone rings and a listener lets me know he is really in tune with what I am playing and thanks me and I smile and realize that every revolution needs its art and whats that old saying--:if i cant dance, i dont wanna be a part of your revolution?

 So thanks to the artists who keep putting out the music that I am privledged each week to share with all of you and thank all of you for contributing your energy to this community of people who are helping to make change and and a positive future  together while sharing the transformative power of music and community.

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