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Seneca the Librarian and the cyber-space frontier


Pat McGuire and her guest, Seneca the Librarian explore the cyber-space frontier: information technology, computing power, and all the knowledge in the universe.

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Galadriel Mozee' speaks of marginalized people and paths to empowerment.

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Thu, 02/21/2008

Leigh Anne Kranz interviews Galadriel Mozee', a community activist who helped establish the Healing Roots Center and is currently working at Sisters of the Road Cafe. Galadriel mentors African American teens about their rights with police and talks of the history of activism in the black community.

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Activist Report for Feb. 25, 2008


Martha Odom's weekly report of news from the activist community and upcoming 'Don't Miss' events.

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Sierra Leone and Portland Filmmakers


We speak with local creators of two documentaries about Sierra Leone: Diamonds, Guns and Rice, and Moving to the Beat.  Jan Haaken talks about Diamonds, Guns and Rice, which focuses on women’s perspectives on war and the peace process in Sierra Leone. She also is one of the Producers of Moving to the Beat. We’ll talk with Abdul Fofana, Moving to the Beat director, local videographer PC Perry and members of the Portland hip hop group, Rebel Soulz about hip hop, war, identity and their experiences making this film


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Margo Tamez


A coalition of Native Americans, border residents, and community groups continue the fight for their lands in the Rio Grande Valley.  The Department of Homeland Security says it will seize Apache and other private lands using eminent domain to build the border wall and militarize the zone.  

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Portland Black Panther Party


We speak with former members of the Portland Chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense: Oscar Johnson, Percy Hampton, Gary Clay, and Kent Ford.

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Native Occupation of Alcatraz


The Native American Occupation of Alcatraz Island began on November 20, 1969. At about 2 a.m., nearly eighty American Indians from more than twenty tribes pulled up to the island's eastern shore in three boats, and the island of Alcatraz was occupied until June 11, 1971. We talk with Robert Free Galvin and Lenny Foster, veterans of the Alcatraz movement, and also hear audio from  Indian Land Radio, and other recordings made during the occupation.


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Art or Racism? Islamic Relations on Danish Comic Reprinting

Evening News


Several newspapers in Denmark reprinted a cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a turban shaped like a bomb yesterday.

The cartoon sparked massive protests when it was originally printed in 2006. The reprinting of the cartoon yesterday occurred a day after three men were arrested for allegedly planning to kill the original artist and publisher of the cartoon.

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Relational Cultural Theory



Relational Cultural Theory is the idea that the goal of development is the ability to participate actively in relationships that foster the well being of everyone involved.

We talk with Karen Hixson and Jenna Goldin about living within a culture of isolation, and how it effects communication both inside and outside activist groups.


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Public Information Event on Genetic Engineering

Evening News

ever wonder what’s actually in the food you buy?KBOO’s Magnus Fleming spoke with the Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineeering about an educational  event they are holding this weekend to help educate and inform the Public on this matter


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