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Incident at Malheur: An Indigenous perspective on "militia" occupation in Eastern Oregon

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Wed, 01/06/2016
As national and global media turn their attention to the small town of Burns in central-eastern Oregon, we here at KBOO are doing our best to keep up with events. By now you probably know the basic story: a small group of disgruntled Westerners, apparently mostly from Nevada and Arizona, split off from a larger march on Saturday and took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge facility outsid of Burns. 58:50 minutes (80.8 MB)

David Gomberg Interview

Between Us
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Wed, 01/06/2016
David Gomberg is an Oregon democratic legislator running for reelection in House District 10, a slice of Oregon from Tillamook to Yachats and inland 50 miles.  His passions are community, his business and his family.  Don Merrill talked with David Gomberg about earthquake preparedness, the standoff in Eastern Oregon, the shipping situation at Portland's Terminal Six and how refusing to cross a picket line 30 years established his view toward workers today.
29:58 minutes (27.43 MB)

What I Don't Know Won't Hurt You

Ubu Hour
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Mon, 01/04/2016
What I Don't Know Won't Hurt You.... A strange radio drama about waking up and not knowing where you are.. something  mysterous is happening...  ...
originally aired Jan 2016 on the Ubu Hour..   24:14 minutes (33.28 MB)

Hello, Larry

Audio Comix
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Mon, 01/04/2016
The sitcom Hello, Larry, which ran two forgettable seasons on NBC starting in 1979, featured McLean Stevenson as a radio talk show host and single dad raising two teenage daughters in Portland, Oregon. The show was voted one of the worst of all time by TV Guide. Number 12 to be exact. On tonight's Ubu Hour, we present a long-lost episode.
Written and produced by Ken Jones, and featuring Larry, Martin, Demi, Rose Lynn, Grace, David, and radio psychologist Rolf Semprebon.
15:19 minutes (21.05 MB)

Portland's Climate Action Plan, Part 2

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Mon, 01/04/2016
This is Part 2 of Bill Resnick's interview with Mike Houck and Caitlin Lovell about the latest version of the Portland Climate Action Plan, approved earlier this year by the city council. The plan is very comprehensive, dealing with  the many sources of greenhouse gas pollution and what can be done to reduce each. 
The first half (available here), played last week, explored:
- Incenting local sun and wind installations and rid the planet of fossil fuel energy
- Encouraging energy efficiency in all buildings
- Integrating nature into the city to encourage walking and cool the city 17:36 minutes (12.09 MB)

Steve McIntosh, The Presence of the Infinite

Religion For Life
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Sun, 01/03/2016
Steve McIntosh is a leader in the integral philosophy movement and is president of the social policy foundation The Institute for Cultural Evolution. 29:00 minutes (26.55 MB)

Upside Downtrodden - episode 129

Upside Downtrodden
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Fri, 01/01/2016



We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which seek to disparage, undermine, and enslave society. Let Scott Mullin and Sean Namanny help set you free. They'll inspire you to think critically, feel deeply, and ask questions. Turning power inside out never sounded so good!

59:55 minutes (34.29 MB)

The Albina Ministerial Alliance City Hall Press Conference after Frashour Reinstatement Order

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Thu, 12/31/2015
The Albina Ministerial Alliance held a press conference at City Hall this morning to draw attention to the reinstatement of white police officer Ron Frashour.
Mr Frashour was fired in 2010 for shooting and killing an unarmed un-white person.
A state arbitrator, however, ruled that Frashour wasn't out of line for shooting before seeing a weapon, and that Portland owes him his job and six years of back pay.

KBOO’s Joe Meyer was on the scene and filed this report.
8:30 minutes (7.78 MB)

Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights Takes Effect Tomorrow

Evening News
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Tue, 12/22/2015
On January first a law will go into place assigning certain protections and benefits to domestic workers in the State of Oregon, called the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. 
For more KBOO reporter Jared Dancler spoke with Tom Breedlove, an expert on household labor and taxes, and director for Home Pay, a division of the website Care.com. 7:01 minutes (6.43 MB)

Lisa Haynes Fights To Demand Police Accountablity

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Wed, 12/30/2015
A Northeast Portland resident, Lisa Haynes, is urging for community to get involved in holding the city responsible for police accountability. Miss Haynes was inappropriately profiled by Portland police in Southeast Portland on February 17th, 2012 . Miss Haynes insist that two police officers, Greg Baldwin and Jordan Winkle, yelled profanity at Miss Haynes…as well as verbally threatened her, and inappropriately touched her genital areas during a search without reading her rights or explaining what she was being detained for.
10:47 minutes (9.88 MB)
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