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Operation Homestead: liberating housing in 1990s Seattle

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Mon, 08/03/2015
Desiree Hellegers interviews Seattle housing justice activists Ginger Segel and Bob Kubiniec about their work in the 1980s and 1990s with  Operation Homestead, breaking into and liberating abandoned or unused buildings for people to live in.

image by Dana Schuerholz via Radical Seattle Remembers

11:57 minutes (5.47 MB)

Democracy Rising against Capitalism in Greece

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Mon, 08/03/2015
Recently back from the "Democracy Rising" conference in Athens, Frann Michel and Hyung Nam discuss democracy and its contradictions in Greece.
(Image via GCAS)
Here are links to sources for some of the points they mention:

Democracy Rising conference call for papers 18:42 minutes (8.56 MB)

Dan Handelman of Portland Copwatch on Police Violence & Militarism

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Mon, 08/03/2015
Bill Resnick talks with Dan Handelman of Portland CopWatch. They consider two aspects of police conduct -- their use of violence and shooting, and their militarization -- and the extent to which the police have responded to criticism by community reform groups as well as local and federal investigations of their conduct. Dan suggests that although there is more public attention to police violence, it has neither increased nor diminished in recent years, and discusses the excessive weaponry and the role of various branches including the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Red Squad, and the Gang Enforcement Squad.

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13:52 minutes (6.35 MB)

Century Of Lies for August 2 2015

Century Of Lies
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Sun, 08/02/2015
This week: coverage of the Cannabis Creative Conference held July 28-29 in Portland, Oregon. Host Doug McVay interviews Morgan and Twice Baked In Washington from the Marijuana Business Association and MJBA Women's Alliance, and Aaron Smith, Executive Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Plus we hear some words from Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who opened the conference with a video message. 29:00 minutes (26.56 MB)

Michael G. Long, Peaceful Neighbor: The Countercultural Mister Rogers

Religion For Life
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Sun, 08/02/2015
"Fierce" is not a word one would expect to associate with Mister Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.  But Michael G. 29:00 minutes (26.55 MB)

John Wright

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Fri, 07/31/2015
John Wright 31:53 minutes (29.19 MB)

Kayaktivists and rope-sitters block Shell's icebreaker rig

News In Depth
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Wed, 07/29/2015
Thirteen activists are suspended from ropes hanging from the Saint John’s bridge, more than fourteen hours after they rappelled down from the bridge early this morning.  They are supported by around 150 ‘kayaktivists’, who gathered Tuesday night in Saint Johns’ Cathedral Park to try to block a ship leased by the Shell Oil company from exiting the harbor. 
The ship, the USC Fennica, was in Portland for repairs after a gash was discovered in its hull while en route to the Arctic circle.
Jenka Soderberg has more  12:59 minutes (11.89 MB)

The Old Mole Variety Hour for July 27, 2015

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Mon, 07/27/2015
Tom Becker hosts the show and we learn about how agroecology can help save the planet and feed the people; about the life of early Chinese immigrants to Canada; why socialism, far from being boring, will unleash human creativity; and about the history and politics of parole and parole boards.

To hear the whole show, use the play button below. To hear individual segments, follow the numbered links. You can also keep up with the Mole by liking us on Facebook.

1. Bill Resnick talks with economist Frederick Mousseau about the promise of agroecology.
52:39 minutes (36.15 MB)
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