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Animator Marv Newland

Words and Pictures
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Mon, 10/30/2006

An American Animator in Canada

Marv Newland burst onto the animation scene nearly 40 years ago with his oddball student film Bambi Meets Godzilla. Since then, his subversive, raunchy, and surrealistic short films have earned him and his studio International Rocketship worldwide notoriety. S.W. Conser catches up with Marv in Vancouver BC, on the final leg of the Words & Pictures road trip. Originally aired October 31st.

31:28 minutes (12.61 MB)



On this month's KBOO Food Show, Bruce, Miriam, Kate and Marliese will present reviews, interviews and a hearty discussion about, Nonna's Noodles, The Festival of Game (ever cooked a pheasant?), School Lunch-- Project FEED , and The People's Pie Eating Contest. Couldn't get your fill during the first broadcast. Listen Online!

38:49 minutes (13.33 MB)

DIY, PORTLAND December 2006

This month, the show is about Music Distribution, including and interview with CD Baby an independent music distribution site, interview with Churck of Girl and Grey Dawn records, music by Girls with Guns, Sounds Like Fun and March of the Grasshoppers by the Vulturines.

28:23 minutes (4.88 MB)

Lives Per Gallon

Marianne Barisonek interviews author Terry Tamminen lastest book, "Lives Per Gallon:The True Cost of our Oil Addiction" addresses the real cost of petroleum use in terms of our health, economics and well being.

How much would you pay for a gallon of gas? $4.00? $10.00? Would you pay with the health of your lungs or with years taken from your lifespan? The infamous "pain at the pump" runs much deeper than our wallets, argues Terry Tamminen, former Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and current Special Advisor to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Petroleum may power our cars and heat our homes, but it also contributes to birth defects and disorders like asthma and emphysema, not to mention cancer. The choice is clear: continuing paying with our health, or kick our addiction and evolve beyond an oil-dependent economy.

27:21 minutes (9.39 MB)

The Food Show November 2006

The November Food Show takes you into the world of unusual foods. Plus, we have a guest from the Oregon Food Bank.

57:23 minutes (19.71 MB)

APA Compass December 2006

Listen online to hear an interview with DJ Kid Koala and "Motel" director Michael Kang.

36:43 minutes (14.71 MB)

Eric Gilliland Interview

Eric Gilliland has been a writer and producer for That 70's Show and Roseanne. Now he's collaborated with Portland animator Bill Plympton, who hosted a local holiday screening of his most outrageous films. Bill and Eric spar with Eric's former high school classmate S.W. Conser in this half-hour live interview.

30:52 minutes (8.83 MB)

KBOO Reports

This month features interviews with Program Director Chris Merrick and programmer Richard Francis on FCC regulations and censorship.

58:00 minutes (19.92 MB)

The History of KBOO

program date: 
Thu, 11/30/2006

Hear the special story about the birth of KBOO Community Radio! This piece was presented by Julie Sabatier, host of KBOO's "DIY, Portland," which currently airs the 3rd Thursday of every month at 10:00 am.

11:12 minutes (10.26 MB)


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